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D.A.T.E. Sneakers // MOVIE #3 Autumn Winter 2014-15 // Pierre & Machete and their Hipster Style

D.A.T.E. Premium Sneakers Fall Winter 2014-15 Collection is presented by Pierre, indie music manager. Mini - Movie #3; IN MY D.A.T.E. SHOES PROJECT ...

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Taylor Swift & Harry Styles 2nd Sleepover Date Night!

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noooo I hate taylor swift yuk iww
+Yvonie Duncil its romantic what if somebody said this to your face youve been hurt and also your feelings
Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I hate this couple I mean it!!!!
+A random YouTuber its awesome you know
I missed haylor
+safae douali but harry and kendall is reunited. I guess haylor is over huhu
Guys he gay. He loves louis. #larry is real
I grat Harry styles louis Tomlinson is and love with each other
No it's not retard
Love Haz hate Tay
I love Harry I love taylor I love them together
Love Tay hate you.
Why was Taylor carring a baby girl
The baby is harry's hair stylist's daughter

Really Sexy Date Makeup​​​ | MissJessicaHarlow​​​

For more beauty videos: // S U B S C R I B E → // ↓ READ THIS ↓ PRODUCTS USED + PHOTOS ...

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Or you could not be fake and be yourself without all that shit
Please, bother someone else with your rude comments...She looks gourgeous!! Well, now how about you make your video on this? Se who is fake or who is being "yourself" ?? 

DaBoki's Bad Date : MapleStory Horntail Solo

Happy Valentines day you lovely potatoes. I thought in the spirit of love, I would tell you guys about a bad date I have been on... I feel like there are many more to ...

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who was watching the kid when you went on a date?
+TheDaBoki i see i see. and dam. i miss killing horntail back when it took like 35-50 minutes. best times ever~ i got some old videos on my channel xP check em out aha
+mSeXpErT I'm actually not sure. I think he was playing with the neighbor boys.
When I was a lot younger I watched your videos a lot and i love how each video is a life lesson
Definitely ;)
+Atticus Hale Aw thanks for watching. I hope it helped you out a little bit here and there.
the moment u said "oh its my son" i was thinking this is just typical daboki. Always have a tale to tell
+이다빈 Haha.. I want more "normal" dates XD
Umm DaBoki Since This Is Your Latest Video I Would Like To Comment A Suggestion Which Is That You Should Make A Video Based On How To Get On To Maple Story 2 If You'd Please That Would Be Mighty Kind Of You
+Khalil Lewis It's either you know a friend, or you go through a third party site to get an account D:
lol will that's awkward... well at least you weren't rejected 3 times by girls you asked XD now atm I'm just waiting for the right pretty lady to come by and the right time. I usually wait to long before actually asking a girl out and when I actually do it it's too late T___T feelsbadman
+AdvancedSoda Aww hang in there.. The time will come :)
It really bothers me that the video cuts off right before the drop. Love you Daboki
+BbDeeN I'm sorry! D: I'll try not to play with your heart next time
I tried doing horn tail solo in my level 150 something buccaneer on reboot, only had to get the tail and I accidentally touched it and it one hit me.
+UltimateZ oh wow @_@

Be My Date: Kevin wins a date with Mariam

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ok what the heck is this NTV!!!!! hahahahahaha!!!! Am glad u guys do the news great...
+Muhire Clement hi, please do you know the song at the end of the show?
First... if u Ugandan dising n this production u are so frkn stupid.. did u stand n then crawled??? 0 u first did crawl then stood later on..?? Talking about *TAKE ME OUT* some of us've watched all editions from USA UK, Ireland down to south Africa so pliz we knw NTV copied that n not perfectly buh we still enjoyed it.. So knock yo solves out n stop buttheading u solves.. NTV pliz upload more for us to keep up dated that's if it's still on..
+mutc joshua hi, please do you know the song at the end of the show?
Shoot me now! That is less painful (&%&^(*
+LilTrueflo I am genuinely considering putting in my application to be on this show
+falvalisious Don't you worry I was able to look away from this train wreck
+LilTrueflo I can't look stop watching it!
The producer and the whole crew were high on something!! This is the worst Tv production i have ever watched. NKT
Ahahahaha send someone to send me a bullet too!!
send an extra bullet my way for clicking on this
that guy is not Kenyan...... we are not like that..its a lie...... copy pasted Kenyan show...
+ruba kamya hi, please do you know the song at the end of the show?
+falvalisious hi, please do you know the song at the end of the show?
+huddy oj racist
+huddy oj FYI Kenya copied and pasted a UK show ''take me out''.So take no credit,BTW the Kenyan show is just as crappy.

Get Ready With Me: Date Night | Makeup, Hair & Outfit

"Let all that you do be done in love" - 1 Corinthians 16:14 ❤ EXPAND ME FOR MORE GOODNESS :) ❤ ❤ Can we get this video to 5000 likes?! ❤ HEY YOU❤ ...

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whats it's the name of the song??
Barre d'information.
first date :wear as much make-up as possible to cover up what you actually look like
you look so beautiful in that dress and yes without makeup you are still pretty when I get older I will where a little bit of makeup cause I am dark skin so do wanna look the color I am not ☺ and loved video God bless you beautiful
even if she didn't wear makeup she still looks beautiful !
+Lisa Marie Whitty oh it isn't my first date! I met my partner 5 and a half years ago :)
Can someone give any ideas on any good foundations that have good coverage?
+a.m videos Thankyou x
Nars all day luminous ,
Brasil❤, sou brasileira e amo seus videos
eu também <3
she is offically going to make her date shit nervous
I love you!
+Yasmine Lazzara I would love for you to check out my Youtube Channel
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