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Il Volo - Concerto a Roma (Descrizione.)

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nie video mio padre ha scritto
il mio video non è stato fatto
per la figuraccia in svizzera farebbero meglio a ritirarsi questi straccioni
non meriti risposta
Visto che é stato smentito tutto forse sarebbe meglio che ti ritiri tu e soprattutto che eviti di scrivere certe cose dato che non li conosci.
I love all 3 of them....but Piero's voice is a DREAM !! Love him the most. Natural talents....some have to study for YEARS to get these voices! THANK YOU, lovely Italia, for sharing these " 3 Gems ".
Piero e' il mio preferito in assoluto
what is the name of the second song? (5.50)
Io che non vivo. You don't have to say You love me
Grazie mmille. I have recently become an Il Volo fan. They are great! No rap. Yippee.
+Marie Waring hahahaha true
do they sing maria?
Nombre de la canción del minuto 5:51 porfaa (?)
Gracias! :D
+evelyn navarro Io che non vivo
Bravo!!!!! Belissimooooooo!!!!
+Ary Costa Belissimo Il Volvo. Me Piace
+Enzo Cerfagli belissimo Il Volvo
Che Gioia :D

Ignazio Boschetto - Caruso

IVMO les presenta: Porta a Porta - Solo - 4 de Julio Espectacular interpretación de este clásico del cantautor italiano Lucio Dalla. Disfrútenlo!! Visítanos en ...

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Es idea mía o Ignazio con este look tiene un gran parecido con el gran Ernesto "Che" Guevara, héroe de la Revolución cubana ? Será porque soy argentina y he visto muchas fotos de sus campañas en Cuba...
Por Dios!!! No comparar a mi bello Ignazio con un personaje tan nefasto como ese!!! Heroe de la revolucion??????..... El Che Gevara????? ....... miseria, pobreza y destrucion es lo que ha dejado su mal llamada Revolucion..... baahhhhh
iGNAZIO BOSCHETTO is great. and all his firends IL VOLO they are GREAT THREE TENORS!!!
+‫דיאנה נדלר‬‎ -- Il Volo is actually one baritone (Gianluca) and two tenors.
Inascoltabile ! Per carita lascia stare!
+Anna Rossi ahahah.....brava !...questa mi è piaciuta ! ;-)È come la TV....basta prendere il telecomando in mano e si cambia canale . Mica si è obbligati a... "farsi del male" .
+Carla Lissoni cambia canale e risolvi il problemaaaaaaaaaaaa
Madonna mia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+Ameju Amejuba you said it !
Me haces llorar cuando cantas esta canción. Amelia Argentina
a mi tambien aunque no se q significa ja
LOL ........... Now I feel old because when I saw the name Caruso I was thinking of someone totally different. One of the greatest Italian Operatic Tenors in history, Enrico Caruso. I suppose no one has heard of him. Ah well. The Italian language simply tears at my heart. It is so beautiful. And so is Ignazio.
+Bernard DuffyThank you so much for the information.And yes I agree with your sentiments of these 3 fine young singers although I confess a certain partiality, special admiration and delight in the voice and aspect of Ignazio. Also because he is a fellow Libra as myself.
+globalman The song is a tribute to Caruso; so, everyone who comes here to listen to it will understand how great he was. This song was composed by Lucio Dalla while he was staying in the same room of the hotel where Caruso died in Sorrento. Dallo was from Bologna but Naples was his second home. He was a great artist in his own right but he loved Neapolitan music and the city of Naples. So many singers have covered this song, but Ignazio performed it as one of his solos in il Volo concerts and always did it full justice. Now, all three singers in il Volo sing it together. This was a magical moment because Ignazio never gives less than 100% when he sings anything; and neither do Piero or Gianluca. That is why we all adore listening or seeing them perform - as soloists, in duets or all three together.
it seems he tells us a story, it's a great pleasure to listen to him, looking at him anyone can see how deeply he feels the song....I'm speechless
+Lilit Dovlatyan I agree- he is wonderful
I don't understand any single wordd of this song but Oh My God he just made me feel the words...his emotions killed me.....He is amazing, perfect, I couldn't shut my mouth, kept smiling while watching this video..Listening to him is a great pleasure... his Emotions and feelings are on the highest level... I'm really impressed. I've also heard the version where their group sing but this one is just perfectness
+Luis Cardona why should I listen to him when I have wonderful Ignazio - go away !!!!
+Lilit Dovlatyan This song is about Enrico Caruso,a tenor who died in Sorrento (Surriento in the song) in the same hotel where Lucio Dalla,the composer of this song,had to stay for some days.It's a tribute for him.Here where the sea shinesand the wind is strongon an old terraceinfront of the Gulf of Surrientoa man hugsa girlafter he has criedAfterwards he clears his voiceand begins again to singI care too much for u(Te voglio bene assaje)but, u know, a great dealat his point it has become a chain(e' una catena ormai)that melts the blood in theveins u knowHe saw the lights in the middle of the seahe thought of the nights in Americabut they where only the lights from the boatsand the white trace of a propellerHe felt the pain of musicgot up from the pianoBut when he saw the moonthat was coming out from behind a cloudhe thought that even death was sweeterHe looked into the eyes of the girlthose eyes green like the seathen suddenly a tear came outand he believed he was soffocatingI care too much for u(Te voglio bene assaje)but, u know, a great dealat his point it has become a chain(e' una catena ormai)that melts the blood in theveins u knowForce of the lirica whereevery drama is a false(ogni drama e' un falso)which with a little bit of make-up(che con un po' di trucco)and with the art of mimicu can become someone elsebut 2 eyes that are watching u(ma due occhi che di guardano)so close and different(eyes of different people)(cosi' vicini e vari)they make you forget the words(ti fan scordare le parole)i get mixed upso everything becomes smalleven the nights there in Americau turn and see your own life(ti volti e vedi la tua vita)like the trace of a propellerbut its the life that endsBut he didn't think that muchthe opposite he was feeling already happyand started again to singI care too much for u(Te voglio bene assaje)but, u know, a great dealat his point it has become a chain(e' una catena ormai)that melts the blood in theveins u know
I saw, but this guy is still 20 I don't thing it's right to compare them
You should see Lara Fabian perform this song, it's out of this world.

Il Volo to perform with Barbara Streisand at Chica

Il Volo to perform with Barbara Streisand at Chicago's United Center on ABC7. October 26, 2012 . Credits/Créditos: ABC7 News Local Chicago. Don`t Forget ...

Ignazio Boschetto (Il Volo) singing "Unchained Melody" on Telesud

Ignazio Boschetto from Il Volo sings part of the beautiful song "Unchained Melody" in an interview for Telesud - 7/1, 2015.

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Thanks for Posting this! Igny can Play the Piano too!
I think he can do about anything he puts his to do!!
Donna, I think I saw him playing the spoons on a video earlier today!!! LOL
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