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Audi Night Vision Assistant

New Audi Q7 with Night Vision technology: the road like you’ve never seen it.

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Alguem sabe o nome da musica
+Marcela Carvalho ;) ;) :) :-):-):-) ;-) ★★
+Marcela Carvalho Obrigado Marcela ;(
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musica daoraa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! me viciei *_*
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qual é a musica
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maroon 5 animals
muzica da hora qual eo nome

Jak działa asystent wydajnosci w Audi (nowe A4 i nowe Q7)

Jak działa asystent wydajnosci w Audi (nowe A4 i nowe Q7) Drivemotion - organizacja imprez z zakresu doskonalenia techniki jazdy samochodem. Zapraszamy ...

audi a4 night acm

De nieuwe Audi A4 revealed.

Vangold VG880IPC 2.0 Megapixel Night Vision Test

Like this: // ...

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You should try pointing it away from the street light instead of directly at it. The camera probably just auto-adjusted for brightness and with a big bright street light in the picture it adjusted accordingly...
Yes, of course - it makes the white areas even whiter and the dark areas stay the same - I've also given remote access to Vangold (the supposed manufacturer), they said nothing can be done and it's "normal".
I tried, it makes absolutely no difference at all - the street light also comes on quite late, it shows an even worse/darker image before the street light comes on.
Do they have a way to adjust the brightness in the provided software?...
so basically it sucks
Rip off!
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