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iPhone Programming - Load a UIWebview

A Tutorial teaching you how to implement a UIWebview and load a website using the viewDidLoad method. Main Code Used: - (void)viewDidLoad { [webView ...

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@gkl698 I am not sure either. You might have loaded the wrong simulator selected. In one of the lie menus for the simulator you can select the version. Try and find the version you have been using and that's where the apps should be. Another reason could be that if you are launching it from Xcode whislt trying to install an app it could be that your app is causing the simulator to crash. Check your viewDidLoad method or awakeFromNib methods to find out what may be crashing it. Hope this helps :D
Great! Is it possible in xcode to have a UITextField search bar in one view that connects to a UIWebView in a second view controller? I can get it to search if the search bar and the webView are in the same view controller. But when I have the webview in a separate view controller the webview connection wont connect in storyboard. For examples sake: Just like the Google homepage. The main page only has a search bar. Once you search, it takes you to a separate page showing the results. Thanks
@elasticunderpants I learnt from experimentation, looking at the Apple Documentation and more experimentation. Then looking on the internet for help. The Apple forums are a good place as is stackoverflow . com. There are also a few books out there for iOS Development. Try looking on amazon and searching for some. I know it's annoying when people say just practice but there is no fast track ;D. Milmer.
@hinkson03003 I woulnd't know how to store your searches into a database but I do know how to search the web. I have made a video on it called "Making a searchbar" or "URL bar" or something. It is in the UIWebView series. Maybe that will give you a head start. You can always ask on the Apple Developer Forums or on websites like stackoverflow. Hope this helps and sorry I couldn't complete your request.
@ChaseFunVids Glad my videos are helping. I am not entirely sure what you mean by it not highlighting. Do you mean in the code or in IB? If it's in the code then it could be a spelling mistake but if it's in IB then it's usually because you haven't saved or you haven't included an IBOutlet. If you still have problems the just send me a PM and I will try and help you further.
@redefyne Yes. Apple says that you need to let the user know if they can't connect to the internet. I have posted a video on checking for internet connections in the UIWebView playlist if you want to have a look. Apart from that thats all you need to do to be allowed into the app store for using UIWebViews or any other thing that connects to the internet.
when i enter *webView; into xcode it doesn't highlight it like your tutorial shows. I am thinking that this is the reason File's Owner does not have a webView outlet that I can link to the UIWebView. Please respond as soon as you can. Sorry I am very new to this whole thing. Oh by the way your videos are great, they are exactly what i need.
@STARSKY1313 All code is the same. The only difference with Xcode 4 is that it helps you alot more and it has a different UI. If you watch my Xcode 4 tutorials you should find your way easily to the coding files and it's very similar to Xcode 3. All tutorials from now on will be in Xcode 4.
Hey, I am brand new at developing but feel that I am starting to get the hang of things a little. I am looking for a way to search for information on the web and pull it to store in a database on the iDevice. How would I go about doing that?
@twopairphotography Hey, sorry for the delay in replying but I know how to fix your problem but it will take a while for me to explain and I don't have enough characters in a reply so if you PM me I will answer if that's ok.
@tjzscz526 In interface builder, select your webView and go to the attributes tab. There will be a check box that says "Scale to fit page". This will scale the web page to fit the iPhone screen. Hope this helps :D.
@MilmersXcode i understand theres no easy way there but I've visited tons of sites and all the books are outdated and I've been doing that for 5 months now. i can't figure anything out.
I am embarrassed to say even after several trials, my iPhone or iPad simulator screens come up blank. Is there a way to change that? Thanks for the informative tutorials.
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