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Brand Baja Bharath | Can Vizag Turn as Brand Smart City ? | Special Story | HMTV

Watch special story on situations and chances of Vizag to qualify for the construction of Branded smart city, opportunities and advantages if Vizag become ...

BREAKING NEWS: How to Turn a Tv Into a Smart Tv 2015 [NEWS]

CLICK HERE TO GET YOURS: // BREAKING NEWS: How to Turn a Tv Into a Smart Tv 2015 [NEWS] ...

Adidas miCoach Smart Ball - TURN ON Spezial

Der Adidas miCoach Smart Ball ist kein gewöhnlicher Fußball, sondern vollgestopft mit moderner Sensortechnik. Was das Sportler-Gadget drauf hat, haben wir ...

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Wo gibt's den?
+TURN ON danke für die Info...
+TEC Test Natürlich bei Saturn :)
Habe ich schon im MediaMarkt gesehen.
Braucht man sowas wirklich?
+Veitel HD​​ und der Ball unterstützt das Training und ist ebenfalls ein Unterhaltungsmedium. Die Miniaturfliegerei hilft dem Verständnis der aerodynamic, trainiert die Hand Augen Koordination und die feinmotorik.Alles hat irgendwo seine Gründe. Sonst gäbs die Sachen ja nicht.
+Carsten Koch mit Musikinstrumente und Spiele hast du unrecht. Da das wichtige Therapiehilfsmittel sind und die helfen können etwas zu Heilen. Außerdem dient das zu Unterhaltung und das ist auch ein wesentlicher faktor.
+Veitel HD Nein.Genau so wenig wie Miniatur Fahr/Flugerräte, spiele im Allgemeinen und/oder Musikinstrumente. Aber wem's gefällt...
Warum steht da mi drauf? Ist der von Xiaomi?
"Adidas miCoach"
Ich würde sowas nie kaufen , weil ich immer so im hintergrund den gedanken habe , das ich ja ein stück Technik trete/schlage/haue und andere Würter , denn es kann ja immer etwas schrott gehen.
such einmal unter zB. Adidas Smart ball open, da siehst du wie der aussieht ist nicht sehr viel technik
+David Alabaklar aber technik die wahrsheinlich noch teuer ist ist da auch drin
+Jens K Die Profiligen würden niemals Smartbälle benutzen
+Jens K ich glaube kaum das Profis mit dem Ball spielen.
+ZombieMann12 die angst musst du nichz haben was glaubst du was alles in den Bällen ist in denen ihn den Profiliegen gespielt? Stichwort Technik usw.

Which Countries Already Have Climate Change Refugees?

Why Do People Still Deny Climate Change? // Who Should We Blame For Rising Sea Levels? // Subscribe!

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People act like climate change isn't natural. They sold people this global warming hoax ish to create the energy sector. Climate change is natural, and I'm not saying we as humans can't do our part to not destroy the earth. But enough of this Global Warming/ Climate Changing BS
+222222e So you are saying that climate change is caused by human?
+KiwiDelta I there a reason why you have a reading disability? I never said humans weren't the cause of anything. I just stated what anyone with common sense, and who wasn't a paid off scientist would know.
+222222e There is no evidence to suggest that we arent the problem. There is a reason that everyone with a major in ecological science disagrees with you.The chances that a natural heating event corresponds exactly to the oil and car boom is 1 in a trillion when you take into account the vast time scales of the Earth's climate.The chances of a natural warming cycle falling on the oil boom within a margin of error of less than 50 years is similar to the chances of a coin landing on its edge.
I'm surprised the comment section hasn't turned into a shit show. I guess since its climate Refugees the xenophobes haven't shown up.
No, we just have lives to live and attractive girls in our beds. Always have. Hey, I'm sure that whole feeling enlightened and superior to the masses thing is working for you. Way to go.
shit, we're fucked. (Western Netherlands)
+Wight Knight Nice refference. xD
+Rezz Atrana And make the climate change pay for it? ;)
+VuurwerkFanaten Nah man. We'll just build bigger walls. As we've always done. xD
dammit this makes me sad, i have many friend there, and indonesia, especially east indonesia where there is many small island with many inhabitant, where will they live if the island sunk?
maldives faces a dangerous situation as well
Climate change = the new excuse to destroy Europe with rapefugees!
Please consider suicide.
+Daniel Johnson American
Build massive desalination plants and start pumping water into the desserts
+Nobody From Nowhere Then the whole world needs to change to solar as the equipment needed for the plants uses energy and most of the world runs on fossil fuels.This leads me to my point climate change is the result of fossil fuels they they are proportional so why not reduce fossil fuel use then we dont need to build  a plant.p.s i like your creativity though.
+Mohamed Yusuf solar power plants
+Mohamed Yusuf that's if you run it on fossil fuels Soviets build desalination plants running of nuclear energy in 80s in Western Kazakhstan I was thinking more along those lines plus dollar plants.
+Nobody From Nowhere Although Your cause is nobel its in no way effective.If you start Pumping Water you increase the energy input needed to acquire that energy you need money which is gained from the economy which runs on fossil fuels hence causing more fuel to be used and this releases more green house gases to the atmosphere , effectiveley destroying all your gains.
+Mohamed Yusuf but it is money spent well besides I always see big construction as construction of pyramids it actually makes nations wealthy as it increases money rotation. Question is how do we get greedy bastards understand that.
+Nobody From Nowhere The net change willl use more power to transfer the water than the energy made from pumping it out. So yes its hella expensive.
Yes indeed
+MNGamerKnight 30 maybe if the idea will reach DOD they at least acknowledge that climate change is biggest threat to the country.
+MNGamerKnight 30 desalination and pumping will consume more energy it is possible we have technological capacity to do so but it is way to costly especially with mindset people have today they think accumulation of wealth is what makes you wealthy rather rotation.
+Nobody From Nowhere That is not acuatlly a problem because they could build hydroelectricity plants around the area. Hydroelectricity + Water in dry countries= savings from electricity and green renewable energy.Everybody wins!
+MNGamerKnight 30 it's expensive and requires a a lot of effort and no direct money gain from it, it always boils down to money.
+Nobody From Nowhere That is fucking genius! Why not try sending your idea to the UN? If not, post it on the social media until it becomes viral and makes its way to the US government or some country willing to do it.Seriously,many people in the internet have very creative and awesome ideas but are not promoted.
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