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Best Review Octa Core Android 4.4 Phablet Buy cheap 2016

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ZTE Blade S6 - Be MOVED by the Smart Sense (Got it from ...)

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esto es de coña ... verdad?
envios a colombia?

Exclusive UMI X3 First look&Hands On!!!Octa Core MTK6592 2GB/32GB 7.9mm ultra-thin 16.0MP OTG&NFC (Click here to buy ...)

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Is Google Play store installed in all X3's? Thanks
Of course sir, and Umi x3 IS On sale .you can buy it right now
Does the Umi X3 come in black color?
sorry sir ,there is no news about the Umi X3,and if i get the new messages  i will told you.--jody
Hi. The 3g gonna work un Panamá?? Se use 850/1900
Hi beauty,the Frequency: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz WCDMA 2100MHz.. so sorry maybe don't suport it ,
it´s a great mobile for sure, but it´s unibody , and this means you cant change the battery or add sd card, i think ioceanx7s, zoppo zp998 are better and you can get those for the same price
yeah,my friend ,UMI X3 has three versions:16/32/64 GB,You can choose whcih suit yourself,and such as iphone ,also can‘t replace batteries.Perhaps in a certain extent can not convenient
Xaiomi Mi3 or Umi x3?
Hi ,this one is  Umi x3
Hi, Worldwide Free Shipping
what about nenamark test how many fps?
Hi,is 47.98fps
Will this phone get a android 4.3 update?
+HackingDutchman my friend,Will  be update in the future
+Jody Antelife Will there be an update in the future or is that uncertain at the moment?
Hi,there is no 4.3 update at present.

Flosmall - STAR N3+ Mtk6592 Octa core 5.7 Inches HD Screen

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Hello , one question: How much internal capacity has the phone? I see in the technical specifications 16GB, but in the video i see 1'14 GB. Thanks
+Javier AS search the media dumbass
Can you put a case that is for galaxy note 3 on this phone? PLEASE answer!
+Sos SahakianI read on some website it can take 64GB but this may be just some models, I have personally got it with 32GB working and it is listed as 32GB in most places. If you already have the phone and you are looking to buy an SD card for it mabye you could find a friend of yours that has a 64GB SD card and see if it works. I dont know anyone with a 64GB SD card so I cant test it :(To play it safe though it is probably up to 32GB. You can get a 32GB SD card off ebay for about £10, but look out for fakes.
how much external storage can i instert the most?
You can put on the rubber cases for this phone cus they can stretch but as the N3+ is like 1milliimeter taller than the note 3 for some weird reason so a like metal case will just about not fit
+Sos Sahakian Dear friend , about the phone detail between star N3+ and galaxy note 3, please read our reveiw ://
can a case that suits galaxy note 3 suit in that phone?
Hello sos, thank you for your questions, you means that the phone need to a case which is suitable for  galaxy note 3 ? Is it that meaning ?Wait for your more explain.more detail :// 

Lenovo A850+ OctaCore Smartphone MTK6592 5.5inch First Look

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does it support 4g lte?
+obs.dong_expander [MLG] Wow so sorry ,my friend ,this phone don';t support 4g network,Can you tell me your budget??
does skype call work properly here....thx
Hi of course it can work on this phone ,there is no doubt ,and you can save 2$ with coupon code:youtube .
Wht kind of race games u play?can gift me the link?
yeah , i know bout last month it molded with Chinese language tanks anyway.
I am pretty sure the race game he showed was "Need for Speed".
+Keroll Unwarwow  sorry , i have no idea about it ,maybe you can find it in the other website
+Jody Antelife cant find it,tq anyway...
Ill try search for it.tanks sir
+Keroll Unwar Need for Speed 17:Most Wanted
But it seem ur games has been mod ,so can i download that version?please tell me i searching it for some times now.
Hi,game:need for speed ,you can download it from goole play store.
are this phone support 3g video call
Of course sir .haha
thanks for the review. from your experience 1) that battery life especially for browsing? 2) is it better or s660
+T.A. AbdulQadir So which one do you like ?
+Jody Antelife on the one hand  i like s660s more powerful battery on the other hand i prefer the screen size of a850plus which  is much bigger
Hi, bettery life  According to your usage,and A850+ better than s660,A850 powered by MTK6592 OctaCore cpuWhich one do you like  ?

Ttmalls - STAR N3+ Mtk6592 Octa Core Ram 2GB Rom 16GB 5.7 Inches HD Screen

Star N3+ Buy the bset price: White: // Pink: // CPU: MTK6592 Octa core, ...

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What version of Rank 1 - Airwave is this
bom o aparelho

Panasonic Eluga Arc features & specs

The biggest highlight of the Eluga Arc is it features 4G LTE as well as voice over LTE (VoLTE), which means it should allow voice calls via mobile data on ...

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this not full futures update full

Energy Harvesting BonsaiLight, wireless light switch, no batteries needed

Dr. Eri Takahashi is founder and CEO of EcoHarvester, green-technology startup, winner of the 2008 UC Berkeley Venture Lab Prize and 2009 NASA Innovation ...

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Interesting not sure why I think I've seen something similar before switch powered by user motion. Charbax if you read this can you check my last video is a 2 minute video that I prepared for Kicstarter about my product Solar BMS it uses an ARM cortex M0. You can copy that an have on your channel if you want. I can not offer you anything financial since I do not have planed any spending on advertising but is a nice 3D render video that maybe will get you a few $ worth of addsense revenue.
+Nicolas CharbonnierThanks Nicolas.I changed the license to creative commons and I added the text that you can use in the video description.Is basically a replacement for the solar charge controllers that people use to charge batteries from solar panels just that instead of Lead Acid what 99.9% of the people use now it can use any type of Lithium batteries.Most people are not realizing that is less expensive to store energy in Lithium batteries than Lead Acid i will need to do a video soon explaining that.But it can be used anywhere where 3 up to 8 lithium cells need to be charged from solar panels or a constant current power supply that you connect to mains power.So electric bicycle or scooters can use this or portable solar power packs.If there will be enough interest I will probably even open source the hardware and software so people can modify the unit that is unless a company makes me a good offer to buy the design and build this.The price will be 175 CAD that is about 157 USD and the price include free international shipping.If I can help you with anything just let me know. In one of my next videos I will mention your channel even if I do not have that many subscribers now.
Looks cool, if you can switch the licence to creative commons I can copy it over using YouTube editor directly. And also send me some good text that I can use when publishing it. Describing really what it does.

How to Use Electronic Text-Magnifying Newspaper Reader

// ] Electronic Text-Magnifying Newspaper ...

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zoooom in and reading the text easily
very nice..and interesting..
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