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What will it really take to transition from oil and coal to the energies of tomorrow? SWITCH goes where no film has before, deep into the world's most restricted ...

Pt 5 low oil light on 08 powerstroke. Oil pressure switch replacement.

Speed Painting a horse in oil & acrylic paint - Time Lapse Demo by Lachri

In this time lapse painting demonstration, I walk you through the steps I used in painting a horse in oil over acrylic paint on a Fredrix blue label ultra smooth ...

User Comments
Great work! I love equestrian art.
+Karynosaurus Rex Thanks!! :D
How long have you been painting? You re AMAZING
+Samantha Leavitt Thanks :) About 20 years.
That is very beautiful you are such an amazing artist
+Lachri Fine Art you are so very welcome!
+Nicole VanTassell Thank you :)
+Sue K. Thanks :D
Wow! So amazing! You are so diligent and practiced, wonderful discipline.
+Scot Campbell Thanks :)
hi i love your videos i am a self taught painter i dont class myself as an artist i just picked up a brush and went for it can i ask what colours you use to get the chesnut colour of the horse please
+susan morgan I don't remember. I mix several colors for everything. I likely used a mixture of burnt umber with black and bits of unbleached titanium white. Not positive though.
I couldn't agree with you more about the rushed areas taking away from the entire piece. I saw it very often in the fine arts class I was taking, students would spend all of their time on the face of their portraits, and then leave the hair ... flat and stringy and much softer in comparison to the detail of the face. Same thing with the clothes, the fabric would have no texture and it looked so weird putting all that focus on the face. I'm glad to see this was not an unfounded observation.
+Taegra Its something I see ALL the time :)
I'm really fan of your work *-*
+ken jason jason chung how hing Thank you :) 

S pumps, ranges 50-54 - Grundfos Service Video

S pumps, ranges 50-54 Table of contents: Dismantling: 00:00 Removing the pump housing 00:44 Removing the impeller 01:04 Oil draining 01:41 Removing the ...

Speed Painting Child portrait in oil paint - Time Lapse Demo by Lachri

In this time lapse painting demonstration, I show you how I painted a childs portrait by glazing layers of translucent oil paint on a Fredrix oil primed linen canvas ...

User Comments
it is very awesome if you paint slowly is very helpful
+Mary Do Thats what Patreon is for :) //
I wonder if you'll ever do a portrait on a much bigger canvas and how you'd adjust your technique to it. Your style is not really like Chuck Close, you like jumping all over the place and he likes to go one square at a time... at least in his photorealistic portraits... You also also like having interesting backgrounds, etc.. Would be cool to see!
+phryxolydian When I've painted large, my technique and the way that I layer is exactly the same. My mind just can't see it broken down inch by inch like some artists do. Not that one way is better than the other, it's just a matter of how our mind works when we paint :D
This is one of my favorites :)
Thank you :D
I literally love all of your works! you are such a talented artist in whatever you seem to do!.
Thanks =D
Lisa, I watched this painting again. Question ?? If you had used an acrylic primed canvas would you have painted the monochrome under painting in acrylic and then build up the layers in oil. I enjoyed watching the full oil painting, but in many of your other paintings, you used acrylic and then enhanced the painting with oil layers. Was there a lot of time between layers with the oil? Again, Thanks so much,
+Lachri Fine Art Lisa, Thank you so much for the information. Again, we all thank you so much for the information you share. :) :)
Honestly, It depends on what mood I'm in. That is one of the fun things with painting, there is no single right way to do something. You can get to nearly the same end goal 20 different ways. Sometimes I go straight oil, sometimes an acrylic underpainting. If I did an underpainting for an oil portrait I would only do it in monochrome and do the upper layers in color because the blending is SO much easier to do in oil. Acrylic just dries too fast for me to get the look I want in people's skin tones. Not that it can't be done, its just a lot easier with oils.  Each layer of oil needs to dry for 12-15 hours before I can glaze the next layer. I  did around 5 layers on this one :)
Lisa, this is another example of your great work. I enjoy watching your videos each week. Your work is very consistent with what you have suggested in the critiques on Tuesday. I enjoyed looking at how you work the lighting and add the correct highlights in the eyes. You are an excellent artist in all aspects.
Thank you so much! :D
Ok I found my art stuff, I'll practice hard. By the way, what kind of music you listen while painting? because honestly I can't draw or paint if I'm listening something like instrumental music or so, the japanese figure skater you saw on my channel was drawn while I was listening really REALLY heavy stuff: Behemoth - L.A.M. (Satanica) many people told me that you CAN'T consentrate with this kind of music but I really can, in fact I think I'm even MORE focused that way, in the other hand if I'm listening something smooth and slow I either fall asleep or I begin to despair, I've tried another genres and sub-genres of music but apparently heavy stuff (most metal sub-genres and dubstep) do the trick for me. Am I doing something wrong? what kind of music you listen?.
Added to my list. Thanks.
My absolute favorite are the Chronicles of Elantra by Michelle Sagara. I've listened to that whole series around 10 times.  The Iron Druid Chronicles are really good too. The narrators for both of those sets are awesome. :D
audio books!? ok, that is kinda weird I can't argue with the results though... but I think it's the good ol' death metal, beheading goats and drinking the blood for me. Now that you mention it; any good book to read/listen?.
I listen to anything I'm in the mood for. If music it can range from classical to new age to techno, emo, or alternative. Normally I listen to audio books though :) 

Speed Painting Giraffe,Butterflies and clouds in oil over acrylic - Time Lapse Demo by Lachri

In this time lapse painting demonstration, I show you how I painted a realistic giraffe with monarch butterflies and clouds in oil over acrylic on a Fredrix Blue ...

User Comments
how much does one of your pieces usually sell for or do you keep them for yourself?
+Knight Esparza She has purchasing information (including prices) on her website.
Hi I love your art pieces! I was just wondering if I could use your sky from this giraffe piece!?
+Sampath Bade Go for it :)
Hi love your work...just a quick question...can you get beautiful finished blends with acrylic or do you have to go to oils for that?...what about flow improvers etc...any good?
+Pat Tracey You can get the same look with acrylics only, its just a bit harder because of the dry time. If you're using an airbrush to mist water though you can keep the paint wet as long as you like. I don't like any of the extenders or mediums for acrylic because they make the consistency of the paint off.
It should be illegal to color that well and not be me :D
+TheTwistedGrizzly LOL
When you're doing the wet into wet blending, how do you avoid getting brush strokes shown with your mop brush? When I blend with the mop brush I barely touch the canvas but still get the brush strokes. I think maybe my brush is picking up too much colour but I don't know how to avoid this.
+Emma Paplinski The mop brush needs to be perfectly clean and dry, and barely barely touch the canvas in order to work. If any one of those things is not happening, then it will create brush strokes instead of removing them. It takes some practice for sure.
Lisa, I have always painted in acrylics for the most part and am still a bit new with oils. Do you have any tips on preventing a muddy look with oil paints but still keep he vibrancy of the color? I think the mistake I made on my last painting with oils was at kept adding too much white while trying to lighten the color. Is there a certain order you should follow when painting with oils if you have brighter lighter colors?
+Ashley Yates The main thing that usually causes muddiness in oils is not letting your paint dry between layers. If you keep adding wet paint on top of wet paint, no matter what colors you're using, they are likely to end up muddy. :)
Gorgeous artwork... totally enjoyed watching you create this. Could you tell me the name of the violin piece you were playing. It was so pretty!
Lol... thats okay. Maybe when you get the time you will be able to put all your violin work together on a cd. I would certainly like to get a copy...I love violin and your pieces always have such a sweetness to them. :)
That was just me playing improv, I've not named most of the stuff I record for these videos. Helpful aren't I? haha
Who cares where Monarch Butterflies live!?!? They live in my heart now! This is beautiful.
Thanks :D 

Speed painting - How to paint a Lion - Time Lapse tutorial oil and acrylic by Lachri

In this time lapse painting tutorial, I show you how to paint a lion and clouds in oil over acrylic paint an an 11x14" Fredrix Blue Label Ultra Smooth canvas. I made ...

User Comments
Do you sale dvds? If yes let me know how i can buy it...thx
+Rosana Roberts Not yet. I will hopefully have a colored pencil one up later this year, but for now I have weekly 1-2 hour long versions of my videos (the newer ones) over on //
How long did it take to paint the lion in real time
+Nada Smith Probably about a week, I don't remember.
So many layers!!
Watching this after watching your other videos makes me lmao. You were so uncomfortable and your voice lol. Love your work though glad you got more comfortable. Hope you think I'm not picking on you. : )
+NoblesseObliged LOL yeah it's pretty hard for me to watch these older ones. I laugh too haha!
wao amazing....can u paint a white one too?
+Chelly Lopez No, because of how and why white lions and tigers are bred, and the health problems that are a result of these breedings, along with how many have to be euthanized I won't paint or draw them. The whole business is just too sad to me.
I will be attempting this soon! What all colors did you use? I heard burnt sienna, but what about the others? Like mixtures to get the darker parts of the lion and clouds. Thanks!
+Megan Nicks black and white for the clouds, but this painting is old enough that I have no idea about the rest :)
I liked the tutorial
+kasab syariah Thanks :)
I love your work. Can you please tell me what you are using to outline on the canvas? Thanks!
Thanks a lot !:)
+Li Z A graphite pencil :)
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