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Marvel vs DC Counterparts Round 2

catwoman vs black cat dr fate vs doctor strange hawkman vs angel teen titans vs young avengers captain boomerang vs boomerang two face vs red skull HIVE ...

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Shazam would reck thor yes thor is a God how ever shazam has the power of six gods each letter of shazams name resembles a God zeus is one of them
+hillsidecomixinc1 and shazam has almost reckt superman....and superman would destroy thor btw
yea but shazams is stronger and faster and more durable than thor and thor without his hammer is kinda pittaful against shazam and shazam can get around thor faster than he will even notice he's been there
I give this one to Thor over his skills (he has hundreds of years experience, whereas Billy is just a child) and he is easily strong enough to go up against Hercules and brave enough to go against Achilles
Wrong black cat beats cat woman
catwomans capable of beating batman , something black cat cant do
Nightwing beats Winter Soldier?!?!? BULL CRAP!!!!
+ShaHeim Rose Round 4 is here!
It's in the works
+hillsidecomixinc1 can you do part 4 of these
It was a tough choice since they're so equally matched but I went with Nightwing because he's been trained by the mother fucking Batman

Dr.Fate (DC Comics) Vs Doctor Strange (Marvel Comics) - Batalhas Épicas #7

Olá "Tuxma" ! Sejam Bem Vindo a mais um vídeo. Essa Batalha Épica entre Dr.Fate/Senhor Destino da DC Comics versus Doctor Strange/Doutor Estranho da ...

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Era pro Destino ter ganhado

Marvel & DC Equivalents.


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thanos was not a copy cat of dark side thanos was a copy cat of a nother guy from dc who sits in a chair but the marvel cumperny made him fater
Even the guy who made thanos said it was a copy of darkseid
I think black panther is a better matchup to batman. While thor is a better matchup to superman
+Kalashnikov both black panther and moon knight
+Flimpeen Flarmpoon get out you can't understand
Hey guys if you like this vid mine is a top 10 version of this
Sup hero thanks so much dude for checking it out
deathstroke wins, green arrow wins, atom wins,
+IceeyWaffle okay okay deadpool MIGHT win- but green arrow definitely wins.
+Azure Drake opinion not a fact
+IceeyWaffle Its true tho
we got a DC fan
how come marvel and dc are copying each others super hero or is it just one of them
+Jason Pham I am comepletey ignoring what I said because its hardly even important I said something wrong that's it
+OMGitzGalaxy So you are just going to completely ignore what you said about Stan Lee then? And also my comment on that?P/s: That's what you call a strawman argument. Look it up, dumbfuck.
+Jason Pham can you be anymore unintelligent? by saying dumbfuck all the time is all you know what to say you stupid shithead? can't you can't say I'm wrong and move on you just have to try and insult me
+OMGitzGalaxy "When was i making things up dumb fuck?" The part when you said Stan Lee made DC. That's when you were making things up.Dumbfuck.
+Jason Pham When was i making things up dumb fuck? i was simply saying what i thought was true can i not have a opinion? or say anything for that matter?
+OMGitzGalaxy Stan Lee has nothing to do with DC except for one short-lived non canon title. Stop making things up dumbfuck.
Stan Lee pretty much made marvel and DC so ya lol

CAPTAIN AMERICA'S Japanese Counterpart!? (Captain America: Civil War)

Because of the release of Captain America Civil War, Starring Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr. Scarlett Johansson, Sebastian Stan Anthony Mackie, Don ...

Production Pipeline - D.C. Universe VS Marvel Counterparts

Project for Graphics in Visual Communication class. No copyright intended. Song - Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down.

Análisis express del Blitz Trailer de Suicide Squad

Hoy os traemos esta nueva sección en la que analizamos los tráilers en menos de 1 min. VIDEOS MUY INTERESANTES: -Video reacción Teaser Tráiler de Dr.

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dejo mi likke compañero un gran saludo !!
+ConsejoDeSabios :)
+Sasha y Misha Gracias cracks :D
Olé olé olé, mas batman, mas consejo! Para cuando Civil war :P
Suuu! La semana que viene jeje :D
ueeeeee CIVIL WAAAAR! hay que verla consejillo :D
+Ratious Zone Mmmm.. puede que hagamos la semana que viene algún especial Civil War, ya se verá.. :D
muy bueno amigo ^^
que crack os estoy promocionando por todos los sitios
+PiTu Erreape Muchas gracias amigaso ^^ Saludos :D
epico final eso deberia ser la intro
+DeepTV Dedicado pa' ti
Like crack suscribete a mi canal tienes nuevo sub y hago intros 3d gratis por si te interesa :)
+Julian Gamer Vale muchas gracias!! Suscritos también. Saludos :D
muy bueno amigo!!! :-)
+ARCANGAMER Gracias crack ;)

marvel vs dc nemesis

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It's not stretching man it's plastic man but good job
well done
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