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2014 kia optima commercial cello music Videos

Previs - Car on Bridge 1 Bridge Commercial - FS Digital

Previs 1 of a car on a bridge by FS Digital. Software.

Thunder Road Violinist Steven Vance

Finally, a tribute to Bruce Springsteen. Steve plays this lyrical but powerful song accompanied by a backing track. #PittsburghWeddingMusic #StevenVance ...

Acura Car Comercial sheet music

I know a lot of you guys wanted this so here you go. I made the sheet music on finale, then took a screen print and put it on Microsoft paint.....really ghetto I know ...

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@KING3407 well for bass cleft, the spaces are (ACEG) (all cows eat grass is how i remember it) and it goes in alphabetical order so a note on the bottom space is A, and the note on the next line is B and a note on the line below the space is a G. you can probably figure out the notes from there. # means sharp and b means flat. and the # or b is written before the note its changing. For example, the first note of the third messure, its on the line for F and there is a # in front of it so its F#.
@TheMaybelater2 Yeah i was trying to do that when i first made this, but i didn't really understand how to change keys and all that (it was my first day playing with the demo...and i was procrastinating studying for a test haha). It is technically in the key of F# though
@som1112 correct me if I'm wrong but wouldn't it be easier if you just made it so the key signature is F sharp and just put a natural sign by the F in the 5th measure?
this is awesome I wish there was more, i really hope someone will make this a full song if it isn't already... I need it in my iTunes!
awwww y should make a link for guitar pro or make a video with the notes or a video for ppl who dont know how to read sheet music :P
@som1112 but thanks a bunch for making this. I've been wanting to play this since I first saw the commercial.
Is they made this song specific for the commercial, then how come I heard it in the movie, the hangover 2
@rnoffsinger1 It was composed specifically for the commercial so I think Acura is the closest we can get.
omg i love you fir the rest of my life. you saved me the trouble of trying to play it by ear
@Ge0vone, I'm pretty sure the music from the hangover 2 was Bach's cello suite no. 1.
Oh wow I can't believe i did that. Sorry your'e right. Thanks a lot!
You'll be able to see it better if you go full screen

CSS | cvvL app beast by Oekiee

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lol, record at 1600x900 en encoded in 1280x720 dus als het was uitgestrekt was quality echt niet zo hoor =]
wat een noob die cvvL xD 80 schoten voor 10 kills w9w, waren ook nog is eco ^_^ maar mooie edit oekzel
lol you faced bad kids there ^^ the 3rd guy should of got you :D nice edit and kills
nice oek

Emerson String Quartet: Shostakovich, Op. 133 No. 12 in D flat major (1968)

Dmitri Dmitriyevich Shostakovich (25 September 1906 - 9 August 1975) //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shostakovich //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/String_Quartet_No.

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Most of the 1st movement expressiveness is squeezed out by the excessive speed :(
used this on kia omptima commercial

[KIA SORENTO] - Kia Sorento: Đẳng cấp doanh nhân

Kia Sorento là sự kết hợp hoàn hảo giữa 3 yếu tố: sự mạnh mẽ dòng SUV, tính tiện nghi sang trọng dòng Sedan cao cấp và sự an toàn tuyệt đối tiêu chuẩn...

Crystal Glasses V3 from BOLDER Sounds

Video demo of the Version 3 Crystal Glasses sample library from Bolder Sounds for NI Kontakt 4 and higher.

River Flows in you Yruma piano cover by Leonardo Franchi Francesco

Il bello della musica sta nel fatto che si può interpretare in mille modi diversi infatti la stessa melodia suonata da mille persone diverse sarà diversa tutte le volte ...

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Si Leo,sei il meglio dei meglio e si sa❤✌
Ma ssssh secondo me sei molto meglio ❤
Grazie paola <3 ma non sono meglio di tanti altri che conosco anzi la strada è ancora lunga e in salita

Arthur Minasyan -- You (Official Video)

"You" Composer: Arthur Minasyan Album: Symphony of the Future ©2013 Rising Sheen Media. All Rights Reserved iTunes: ...

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This is Amazing!!! Music I can listen to 10000 times and not get tired of it.
ya i ne somnevalas........tak derjat Artur,bravo......
2:58 is my favorite part of the video!
Awesome job Arthur Minasyan
Great job my brother!
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