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Freezing breast milk destroy antibodies Videos

Stop Powdery Mildew on Cannabis

PM sucks, I've seen a few local grows destroyed and this is my recommendation to stop it from spreading.. along with clean everywhere that is relevant, ...

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Be careful with milk it can increase the growth of gray mold (or fake mildew as it's sometimes called). A mix of garlic and Equisetum arvense (Common horsetail) and a little heat during the day (a 1000W R7s outdoor lamp in my case) always worked for me. Just before you harvest spray it with plenty of distilled water to get any leftovers off and dry the water off before you cut the plant off. The mix will smell bad and get worse the older it is but that normal. Equisetum arvense is a good leaf feeder to make the leafs stronger.
That's a good point, forgot to mention that. I advice to never use anything during the day or in full sunlight because even the droplets can burn the plant by focusing the sunlight. My experience is that the mold mostly spreads during the more humid night time anyway.
What ratios of each ingredient? 

New Drug Combination Shrinks Breast Cancer Tumors

Researchers in England report a two-drug combination given to patients ahead of shrank breast cancer tumors significantly in only 11 days. After being given ...

Can Plants Smell?

The Cuscuta plant is a parasite that attaches itself to a host and steals its nutrients. Scientists believe that an almost human sense of smell helps it identify its ...

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Yes, but if it has a sense of smell, why didn't that first shoot head straight for the other plant instead of wavering around when it first sprouted?
+WWZenaDo The "waving" is possibly part of the mechanism to determine the scents strength vector, in which direction the smell gets stronger and weaker and thus where it is situated.
+Said Garcia Hm.  Well, in the first frames of the video, the parasite didn't immediately go directly for the real (tomato?) plant; it circled around for a while before detecting (by smell?) the presence of the host plant. 
The scent was artificial, maybe it "confused" it.
A nose is just a sensor with no way to compute the data without a processor or brain.
You don't necessary need a brain process smell. All you need to have is a stimulus-response mechanism.

Pill harnassing all the goodness of dark chocolate goes on trial

Chocolate is something many people find hard to resist. But when it comes to being healthy, it's something we're all told to eat in moderation. Now though, trials ... https://zlumi.com/de/reviews/2366-mhlbachstberl/

White Whale Gives Birth for the First Time

Belugas are also called white whales, and their unusual color makes them one of the most familiar and easily distinguishable of all the whales. Calves are born ...

WORLD'S 1ST & ONLY Baby Bottle Water Cooler - Cool Twister by nip

COOLS BOILING WATER IN 80 SECONDS!!!) When your baby is hungry, you need to move very, very fast. The Cool Twister from nip provides the solution.

Haiti Earthquake: WHO provides essential medicine supplies

United Nations, New York, 22 January 2010 - The World Health Organization (WHO) reported that despite difficulties in coordinating the delivery of aid and ...
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