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How to Hand Express Breast Milk for storage so your baby can eat later. วีดีโอนี้ เป็นวีดีโอเกี่ยวกับการบีบนมด้วยม...

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i will like to tast mama pyjam boobs milk
+Mama Pyjama ☆ Breastfeeding Chan
+Narry Maharaj only for baby na ka
mama pyjam boob looj real suckable
+Mama Pyjama ☆ Breastfeeding Channel yes
hi I love you
+Narry Maharaj - what?? not nice talk to lady like this.. would you say like this to your mother? only for baby na ka
nic video
+RK&UK Thank you for say nice video :-) I click thumb up
+Sonix The Huge Hog thank you for the comment. Why omg?
i would love to suck those nipples
+Marcel Klaas what what?? Only for baby to eat na ka
great tits want to suck
+Antonio Suárezxxxww
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Breastmilk jewellery - Day 38 - Daily Vlog

This is a daily vlog about me, my family and our lives. Cast and Crew: Kate (mum), Jon (papa or dad), Avaleigh (first born), Fergus(son) (second born), Bentley ...

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Hey I love your videos I have a quick question ? How do you start something like that up do you know how to make it I've been trying so hard and wish I could figure it out !
+Elizabeth buttrey are you talking about making breast milk jewellery. If so there are quite a few kits out there depending where you are from.


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You guys are so freakin adorable! Can I please ask that you pray with my husband and I that we'll be blessed with our very own baby without going for IVF? 5 1/2 Years of infertility, but I know that God is alive! Our hope and faith is in Him knowing that He can deliver. I'd truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart, 2016 will be our year. Lots of love to you, B and E and your furries!! Xoxoxo
+RegNEl2010 OF COURSE!!! NO doubt will continue to pray hard for you and your husband! God is good and I know he has a plan. Your such a strong woman !!! We love you! Wish you lived closer! God bless yo hand I hope 2016 will be your year! xoox
Such a beautiful girl, love your vlogs.
+Laura Oliver Thank you Laura!!! :) xxoo


Yesterdays Vlog - Today I told Kane whatever haircut he wanted I would get the same. we got the streamy award and got a sweet ...

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not to be mean to kane but roman wears it better only because roman has darker hair
just out of curiosity, is noah britneys son?
You are really cool parents
It's not bad thing buy stuff and spend time do funny things if you can bring up your children properly. And I think they look like a good kids.
Not amazing because he kinda spoils his kids
#roman and brit are the best parents ever
that so good I hope I could be you
i like zeus :) hes so cute :D
+Kaikea Kaui haha but he is cute :D ZEUUUUUSS :D
Zeus.... Is dog.... And dog.... Is mammal.
Is Zeus a purebred german shepherd?
+James Gabbitus I knew it!!!
a chicken... I think?
+Elise Warnicke okay 'nigga' then what is he? lol
naw nigga

VLOGMAS - Breast milk & Birthday Cake! Part 2 of Daily Vlog #166 | After the party chit chat!

Hi everyone! We're a family from Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania sharing our everyday life with you by making daily vlogs! Please join us on this exciting journey ...

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One of my friends made pancakes with left over breastmilk, it's a weird idea because its so unusual but it's pretty smart :) I used to make healthy cakes with coconut/cocoa powder/avocado mixture, there are a lot of recipes. It tastes good but it tastes pretty 'healthy' too... :)
Boobie pancakes! Haha. I've never done that though it's a great idea for a baby! I did use in Kitana Oatmeal when she was little but she also drank from a sippy cup unlike Lucas. I'm going to search some recipes! I think the Avocado & Cacao sounds great!! Ive done "ice cream" like that in the past. Thank you for the idea!
Save by the bell
Ahhh! YES! Thank you! Haha. You've made my day!

Boys Don't Breastfeed

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is taking care of a baby allot of work?
+Shamsa327 Yes, it is, but a gratifying work it is)
Lincoln is cute
how old is Olivia? how old is Boston? how old is Kody ? how old is Lincoln? when is Olivia's birthday when are your kids birthday.
You can teach your children they can be ambidextrous.
+Kenna Bean ???
+Baby blue eyes ovctx gtg
+Ruby Kilts that's lovely I've twins too they've just turned 9, girl/boy. It's hard work but well worth it!
At least boston can read tootsie roll i mean olivia cant even read that
it was Cody that said Titsey roll not Boston
Uh was Cody saying " titsy roll
I spelled that wrong
I heard Boston go Ding Ding with his nose and cracked up.
At 6:56
I melted when Cody smelled and kissed his baby brother
right how cute
+20Unbelievable06 and when Boston helped you burp him <3

Manually express breast milk using Hands || Daily Breastfeeding Tutorials

This video expalins to manually express your breast milk using Hands || Daily Breastfeeding Tutorials.
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