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D.C.- Tea Party Protest March on Washington

How Many Nickels Would Josh Earnest Need To Stop Being A Jackass?

Here's what he said: “In reading some of the coverage today, you know, people have suggested that a two-year suspension of the cadillac tax would somehow ... //

Welcome to the Tea Party

Step up. step up! Witness the Fear, the Hate, the Paranoia that is the Tea Party! Tell your friends, tell your loved ones! and please...COMMENT, RATE ...

User Comments
Brahaha!!!.. so stupid I bet there all on welfare
+frank magadan "they're"
last day of the year watching some teabagger vids ! hell yea!!
These idiots don't even know what Socialism means
Because we lumped it in with communism for far too long now and it's been beat into their brains with no chance of getting it drilled out
the tea baggers is nothing more than a bunch of yahoooo rednecks happy to get out the sheds..grab a banjo and fuck a relative idiots!! they want their country back!! the indians want their country back, too!!! you going to give it back to them?
+7000ironmanAbout what?
+Richard Rodriguez get a drug test!! you're confused!
+David SmithThen what was he saying?
+Richard Rodriguez This guy did not say anything about Obama or his rights...wrong comment thread and fucked up?
+David SmithNo. Are you?
+7000ironman Okay. Then what are you bitching about?
+Richard Rodriguez are you that dense?
+Richard Rodriguezwtf are you talking about??  who said anything about obama?  i'm talking teabaggers!!   wtf are you talking about?  show me where i was bitching about obama!  are you smoking something??
+7000ironmanI meant what rights have you lost since Obama has been president. You're on the internet bitching about him, so you didn't lose your right to free speech.
+Richard Rodriguez wtf r u talking about???
+7000ironman What rights have you lost? If they had a brain, they would take it out and play with it.

Reviewing the Property Tax Independence Act, Answering Questions

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