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Selma and the Voting Rights Act

Selma and the Voting Rights Act Rev. Al Sharpton explains how the news about GOP refusing to push legislation strengthening the Voting Rights Act of 1965 ...

DOJ Plans To Ask Court For Renewed Authority Over Texas Voting Laws - Voting Rights Act "Flawed"?

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fuck off Holder,keep your nose out of our business.

50 Years After Freedom Summer, U.S. Faces Greatest Curbs on Voting Rights Since Reconstruction

// - In a week marking the 50th anniversary of Freedom Summer, Mississippi was in the news when African-American voters crossed ...

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Parasite kikes and fellow third worlders newscasts (keep in mind jews only steal nations; not able to invent)((requires hard work to build)). According to the bell curve and test scores you will become even more dumb than you were before you watched this if you listen to these people. Factor in their bullshit and manipulation and you have yourself the most braindead people alive who would buy into this shit. Aka mostly jews and fellow third worlders like the nation destroyers trying to brainwash lesser intellectual people the constituional republic is a democracy
The man stated it was "a society at fault." Any man, or woman thinking otherwise... let it be thoughts like such, that starts the fire of a fascist nation. And stray not your sight... for it is burning under your fucking feet right now. That's right... under your feet. The fucking land you cursed with murder; breeds its cowards with a fools contentment. A white mans calm. Patient is your manipulation... yet your children's children rush by in suffering. Suffering forever your hate white man. Forever.
Andy, you are a Reich winger idiot! Itself the Reich wingers who are taking away minorities rights to vote! You don't have any proof to back up that lie you told! Its a fact that the fascist KKKonservatives in the supreme court have gutted the two main clause in the Voting Rights Act. Clause 4 & 5 that protects minorities. They given the racist red states thats known of its racism the green light to hurt minorities. Plus poll intimidation and other why the Reich wingers are cheating!
I don't care if this gov never sign the voting right act the civil rights or any of them African Americans condition continues to worsen

50 Years After Freedom Summer, US Faces Greatest Curbs on Voting Rights Since Reconstruction

In a week marking the 50th anniversary of Freedom Summer, Mississippi was in the news when African-American voters crossed party lines to help Republican ...

obamawama Keep the Tea Party Going! The fight is not over!

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Can Professor Rep. Carney explain why it was necessary to pass the 18th Amendment baning the manufactures,sale and transportation of intoxicating liquors? If the Government can constitutionally use the the concept of promoting our "General Welfare" to force us to purchase health insurance,with the threat of fines and jail why did previous elected officials feel the 18th amendment was even necessary? Answer that Prof. Carney!
@josephdupont Feel sorry for yourself - You are the one with the money addiction. An addiction that kills very VERY slowly in horribly disfiguring ways. I do not feel sorry for your self - imposed misery. I thought Conservatives were supposed to have it made - HA ha ha!!!! Fuck off
Rep. Chris Carney boasts about hailing from Iowa. He is so full of himself. I would suggest that any student at Penn State Worthington in Scranton, who was taught by Associate Professor Chris Carney, ask for their money back. ObamaCare is Unconstitutional and Carney Voted for it!
The Tae Party has fizzled, farted its last fart, and died. They turned out to be... "SURPRISE" - spoiled rotten, diaper-soiling Republican assholes - all 18% of them.
@josephdupont If you wish to compare Galileo pointing out to the ignorant that the world is indeed round to Cancer be my guest, but you are still doomed.
@josephdupont Blow it out your ass - Liberalism will ALWAYS prevail in the end and ignorance will be further demonized - ALWAYS.
home to garabge

GOP to Blow Up the Voting Rights Act?

So if you're a Republican lawmaker - and you still want to keep blacks and minorities from voting - what's your next move? To get rid of the Voting Rights Act!

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The republicans have no principles they will go to great lengths to cheat. And stop Americans from voting we must stand together to protect our rights. They cheated with Bush in 2000 we must stop them this corporate run mentality that seeks to cheat people out of their rights.
Just when I think the GOP can't get any more draconian they turn around and prove me wrong.
It's so sad the best news in the United States comes from Russia. :(
you have got to have a I D to cash a welfare check
Wow dumb Ass..the Jim Crowe laws came from democrats
alabama man!!!!

Civil Rights Movement- Voting Rights Act of 1965

Don't forget to vote. 1965 Voting Rights Act. Don't take voting for granted. Olletta Adams sings a beautiful spiritual "Beams of Heaven", which I dedicated to the ...

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We would like to use your production in a series we are doing on why people should vote with your permission thanks

Trump makes American hate

Trump in Valdosta, Georgia- Staring Mr Orange hair . The favorite sons modern GOP like Donald Trump and Reagan and tea party The Southern strategy refers ...

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You should complain about being forced to watch it.
Agreed. The person who posted this is a retard.
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