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TEAS Test Version 5 Reading Study Guide

TEAS Study Guide: // TEAS Flashcards: // All of our TEAS V Reading Videos combined into a ...

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thank u
+Brooke Simms You're welcome! Be sure to check out our other TEAS study materials at!
14:55 I busted out laughing when she said this
+Jonatan Diaz i have yet to find the humor in her words.
I get so confused with inductive and deductive reasoning and more specifically with deductive reasoning because sometimes in Deductive reasoning the statements look like a bunch of general conclusions sort of the the same with inductive reasoning. Sometimes I can't tell which is fact and conclusion because the facts look as if they are conclusions as well. I think I may be looking at things all wrong or missing some signal in this type of reading that keeps me from being able to answer these type of questions with more confidence and ease.
+Mometrix Test Preparation so which book is recommended to study from?
+Christopher Thomas Don't give up, this is often a hard concept to conquer. Just keep practicing and looking at examples and you will get it. Be sue to check out our study materials for the TEAS on our website also. We wish you the best of luck!
I'm looking for a study material to improve the word knowledge of TEAS test Reading and English part... What is your recommendation?
Thank you very much
+Roya Mehrabi In addition to the study materials available on our website, be sure to watch all of the Reading and English TEAS videos on the Mometrix Academy youtube channel. We wish you best of luck on your exam.
Really thanks for sharing this video
I will check it out. Yesterday I ordered Memotrix TEAS V secrets and in the futur I will order more study materials from Memotrix publication. Thanks a lot
+Roya MehrabiWe're glad the video was helpful! Be sure to check out our website for our other TEAS study materials!
will this really prepare me for the teas v? I'm looking to ace it. lol
+Erica Griffin We often get questions regarding a student’s particular situation, and whether our product will help them or not. While we can’t know the exact details of everyone’s situation, we have often been amazed at how effective our products are in a variety of situations. There is no better time to start studying than now. Some students can study for a short time period and do well on their exam, while others need more time to prepare. We believe that the more you study the more confident and knowledgeable you will be on test day, which will result in higher scores. No matter how far away the test day is, there is no substitute for being well prepared!

How to Study for the TEAS: READING

Video #1 of my Study for the TEAS Series: // Video #2 of my Study for the TEAS Series: // TEAS SCIENCE: ...

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Smh. I can pass every section but this one. I may just have to find another major. (Yes, I am at that fed up point!)
+jimmy nguyen I passed! Thanks!!
No dont give up, you can do it
I like you thought that I would find the reading part easy. Once I went through the TEAS study guide I realized it was a whole different ball game. For some reason the reading part of the TEAS is all that is required of me, which means I really have to get this reading part down. Can you tell me if there are any online practice tests? Are they on the ATI website? Thanks! great info.
+Joe LThe actual test isn't as hard or as poorly done as the test prep book, ironically. I scored in the top 1%  with about...maybe 10 hours of studying the week before.
+Dennis LePorte Did you take it? Was it like he said?
Well that sort of blows ! LOL. The reading test as I may of mentioned is the only part I have to take. 48 questions in 58 minutes. Not much room for screwing up!
+Dennis LePorte Thats because the reading section of the test is full of terrible, subjective and imprecise questions. I have a degree in English and I still only get in the mid 80's on that part of the practice tests. Often for the worst possible reasons. I honestly think I know too much and thats tripping me up. One of the example questions asks you to draw a "Logical" conclusion based on a excerpt for a clearly biased article about alien abductions. One of the answers was "This magazine is saying this happened, but because we know there's no evidence of UFO abductions, there is probably a more mundane answer." While another answer was "Aliens are abducting people". Which is the logical answer? According to the book, it's the second one. The one where you throw all prior knowledge and logic out the window and blindly follow what the article says. Worse yet, they do the exact same question AGAIN directly under that one, where they ask you to make a logical conclusion and then throw all logic out the window. And if that was just 2 questions out of a 100, it wouldn't be so bad, but there's only 40 odd questions here. 2 points is 5%.
Thank you ! I'll definitely investigate it!
+Dennis LePorte ATI does sell two online practice tests, form A and B. I am not sure how much they cost individually, but they helped me tremendously in terms of gauging my weak points; once you've completed the test, you are provided with an itemized list of the categories/concept areas of questions that you missed, which makes for easy, targeted studying! The ATI practice tests were also a very accurate indicator of how I would score on the actual TEAS examination! Best of luck to you!
Hey Rachel! I am so glad you made this video. I am planning on taking the TEAs test tomorrow morning. I need all the luck I could get. And your video is helping me with the reading part. I thought reading was going to be the easiest one, but I found out that its not my strongest subject.
I haven't taken the TEAS yet. probably within next two months. you can only study the reading for so long before it gets redundant. it's the only part of the test I have to take. but I don't know if that's a good thing or bad thing.
Hey Rachel! I'm in the process of taking my teas test, and I scheduled my reading portion of the teas 10 days ago and on the same day I ran across your video. I must say you have helped me a ton!! I took it today & scored an 82%!! I also watched your video on how to relax and that helped as well! Thank you so much for sharing. I only have 3 more to go so I'll be watching those videos too. :)
This is so great! Congrats on all of your hard work paying off, Jazmyn! :-)
Hi Rachel! Just want you to know that you are so awesome for sharing your success with everyone else who is striving to do the same. Your time and enthusiasm is so much appreciated. All the best to you!
Thanks so much for this sweet comment! Best of luck to you! :-)

ATI TEAS V Test | How to Pass TEAS Exam Science, Reading, Math & English

ATI TEAS V Test on Science, Reading, Math, English: This video explains how to study for the ATI TEAS V exam, what study guides to use (ATI Study Manual) ...

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Thank you for making this video I take my test in July and I want to past on the first try
+Katrina Ducree Great! Just study that book and do practice problems and you are set to go :)
+RegisteredNurseRN thank you and I have the ati test book
+Katrina Ducree You're very welcome! I wish you the best on the exam in July :) You will do great!
I take my teas test March 22nd and I've been studying off and on since January and I've recently purchased the online practice tests. I work full time and I study at night or even if I'm not busy at work I study there too low but I'm just so nervous... I want to get in the LPN program so bad. But your video is very very helpful
+Carla Hinton Thank you so much for your comment, Carla! I wish you the absolute best on the exam and I think you are going to do awesome, especially if you have been studying since January. I would take the online practice tests and see how you do and then brush up on the areas you are weak. Then retake them again to see how you improved. Go into thinking positive and knowing you have done everything to prepare. Please let me know how it goes :)
Does any one know what are the exact changes to the new version of the TEAS? I looked on ATI's site and it didn't really say.
+dollface919209 I'm not 100% sure, but the test hasn't been updated in a couple of they are probably changing certain test areas to concentrate on new concepts. I would email them and ask. Here is their contact info: wish you the best on the exam :)
how much would you recommend to study for achapter I have class Tuesdays and Thursdays. lets say, Tuesday I have chapter 20 and I don't finish with reading it when I go Thursday and I have another chapter 21. I feel so crowded. :( wait. it's Anatomy.
Thanks. I will see if this helps,. :D
+Faith Great question! Does your teacher upload powerpoints so you can print them before class? If so, prior to class (so on Mondays and Wednesdays...since your class is Tuesdays and Thursdays) I would skim the sections that are covered in the powerpoints and just read those areas the day before class. It is impossible to read a whole chapter word-by-word and understand it (the brain can only process so much material). If your teacher doesn't upload powerpoints, I would skim the chapter and pay attention to the objectives (which is listed at the being of the chapter) and read those sections. Then at the end read the chapter summary. Also, pay attention to charts and diagrams. Try skim the chapter prior to class so you know what the teacher is talking about in class and this will help with note taking (because you will know what is important to write down since you have already reviewed it). I hope that helps :)
Ah, thanks so much!
+Kidblinks You're very welcome. Thanks for your comment!
Sarah, once again you have hit the nail on the head concerning the entrance exams for nursing. I applied last month to a nursing program and they require the HESI A2 entrance exam. However, the TEAS V, HESI A2, and the PAX are all along the same line of testing. The required parts for the HESI A2 were anatomy, biology, reading, English, math, and vocabulary. Each section ranging 33-50 questions each. I utilized the same study tips, resources for that particular test, and prepared at least 2 months (studying every or every other day). The required score was 70% I made an 86.33% I am so excited about my score. I am totally agreement concerning this is the major factor upon getting into nursing school; along with the importance of the anatomy lecture and lab grades. Thanks for anyone having to take any of these entrance exams...your tips are tried and the results are VERY solid and true!!!
+Nurse CW Thanks so much for your comment, Nurse CW. That was an awesome score! Congrats! You'll be working as a nurse before you know it. I wish you the very best of blessings in nursing school.

ACCUPLACER Reading Comprehension

This is the 5th video in the ACCUPLACER Seminar Series. In this video you will learn more about the ACCUPLACER Reading section of the test, as well as see ...

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hello, I have sever issues with reading and mostly understanding the main idea of a sentence and paragraph , your method and presentation felt very helpful. Would you be kind enough to email me some reading practice similar to yours and include the answer in a separate paper? your any help would be mean a lot to continue my studies.
This is a GREAT explanation of comprehension. Do you have other comprehension that you can email to me? Thanks!
best explanation ever
thanks for the help

Reading Comprehension Strategies - 4 EASY steps to ACE comprehensions!

Reading Comprehension Strategies - // - how to ACE comprehensions! Do you find yourself ...

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This isn't helpful it's just fuckin weird
dumn fuck?
Thanks that really helped me without you I would fail
+ashley Wishing you all the best!
Yes!! your videos are really useful!!! XD
Marvellous! Keep practicing and your results will improve.
Thank you, but all methods don't seem to work for me. The only problem is that what should we write. When I wrote an answer for one question, I got it wrong but when my class went through the answers, the correct answer was almost the same as mine. This is something I don't understand.
The best person to answer your query would be the teacher who marked your paper. Often, students find the right information from the passage, but don't answer TO the question. I talk about this in my podcast //
Your English pronunciation is very good
Thank you. I hope you found this video useful.
Thanks for this video it was very helpful
Thank you for watching! Please share this video with anyone who needs help with comprehensions.
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