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2016 SXSW Kehlani x Niggas x Tea Table Tv

2016 SXSW Takeover as Kehlani Perform Niggas At Austin Music Hall x Hottest News & Entertainment.

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PGSM Summaries Act 13

Usagi and Mamorou go on a romantic adventure, and OH NO NOT MR. TURTLE! // (...sorry, Natalie refused ...

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hay que lindo babyyy c;
de nada :)

ONE OK ROCK - Suddenly (Guitar Playthrough Cover By Guitar Junkie TV) HD

ONE OK ROCK - Suddenly (Guitar Playthrough Cover By Guitar Junkie TV) HD Tuning: Standard Watch in High Definition 1080p when available for best ...

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Epic play as always ! I love watching your videos every day :D that PRS is just gorgeous ! :D
+Peter Petersen thanks man! :)
Awesome!! I always hear good sound played you. What kind of effects pedals do you use? Please tell me...
+guitaren I'm using the axe fx 2
Awesome as always
+Akash Ramaswamy thanks!
Perfect as always!!! :)
+Kayzelle Gutierrez thanks!
You are just perfect bro!!!
+Eu Jun Seow thanks!
Again, a perfect cover !
+Enzo Tison thanks!
I love your videos!!! I always use them to help me figure out all the things in their songs I can't figure out, I even used your decision cover to tab it out so me and my band can play it live. Thank you (: I think you should play smiling down by One ok rock because it's a really good song and has a really cool solo in the end that is really fun to play.
+Guitar Junkie TV Of course! Keep doing what your doing!
+Mikey Sikovsek thanks for the support!

Ring of Fire On Free Speech TV | Episode 43 - Dysfunctional FDA in Big Pharma's Pocket

"WINTER IS NOT MY CUP OF TEA..." - COD: Ghosts Live Comm - #8 (Gameplay/Commentary)

Follow me on Twitter! ▻ Get Partnered! NO CONTRACT ▻ // ...

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subbed and liked
<3 You're awesome! Thank you!
Falls the best not to cold but not to hot
That's true.. I like not having to worry about being too hot or too cold :)
mines winter haha don't know why
Haha, if I had a snowmobile or something then I might enjoy it more. :p Right now I love summer though!

[PART 3] OCARINA OF TIME (♥♥♥) ⍟ Eggtastic Raids

After obtaining the Emerald Pebble (or something like that), we are told to go hang with royalty. So what better place to go than Hyrule Castle? Unfortunately, the ...
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