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Why was the tea act seen as a threat Videos

Global Islamic Terror Threat - Boko Haran's Bloody War - The Five

Global Islamic Terror Threat - Boko Haran's Bloody War - The Five NY Times: Abduction Of Girls An Act Not Even Al Qaeda Can Condone RPT Hillary Clinton As ...

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PS just an afterthought, How can the UN blame this on Israel do you think?
+CorrosionX4I have to pay that one...and you are absolutely correct!  After all they blame violence against women on Israel! So why not this?
1-Muslims did this2-Muslims hate Israel3-Israel exists4-Therefore muslims did it because of Israel

Ron Paul ∞ Obama Activates NDAA (2/2) Iran's Threat a National Emergency Executive Order

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@talonvi I think it is never as bad as those who promote non-stop fear propaganda say it is, nor is it as good as sheep think it is. Many people are irrational morons who will believe in an octopus that lives in a tree. If people will actually believe that a water living creature lives in a tree on land, they will believe anything.
well i say this , We are all going to be slaves and if you dont fallow there instructions ( giving up all your sovereignty )off the cuba and every other holding spot for ever thanks to the NDAA from obama on new years eave late at night .
@tearsoftechnology after viewing this video everyone left for their bug out locations. ;) On a serious note I can't believe I'm hearing all of this. Like apparently everyone else who has viewed this I'm speechless.
Washington robots of the United States of IsraHell, read those dictates & slam the gavels, your blank expressions speak volume as it all unravels...
@tearsoftechnology wait there is no such thing as a tree octopus? .....shit they tricked me again.
he's accusing Iran of the same thing Wall Street Banks did to the American People
Reading Clerk, y u so bad at reading?
no comments yet?

Rand Paul talks to RT on Tea Party power, Fed threat & Obamacare

As the US reels in the wake of economic downturn, Senate candidate Rand Paul calls for more supervision of the Federal Reserve. The Republican nominee ...

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Rand Paul is a great leader.. Jack Conway I know personally and I will not throw dirt too harsh but will say this-- not one statement he makes is honest. He cut Human and = rights services and vocational training and we have a larger Marshall like police state than we do people in our schools Human services I have spoke and for the ignorant give my state KY a horrid name brainwashed! We have many now it has settled and we are doing well now that our lieing media are showing face. Peace my people
it is real simple alot of americans do not know that 90-95 percent of everything they see on tv is only by 6 corporations so what that means is the top 3-4 news channels are really just propaganda machine for the elite and they use this to brain wash people and anyone that has tried to step up and do a real news story has been fired look it up it will shock u these news stations we have in usa are nothing but entertainment channels focusing on celebs and non issues to usa citizens from the truth
America needs to abolish all the corrupt political parties and hold straightforward/honest popular votes to fill positions. It is the special interest political parties that ensures that the American political system will stay corrupt and rotten to the core. An example, is what both parties are doing right now to give the super rich a huge tax winfall. There isn't a dimes worth of difference in either party or their sleazzy politicians. Working American citizens always continue to get screwed.
@phantomspellchecker So you admit public schools are failing. We can agree on that at least. The economic collapse was created by our Keynesian economic policy.The government has been trying to "stimulate" the economy by printing money & lowering interest rates to encourage spending.It works over a short time but eventually the market reacts & figures out they can't buy as much with the dollar & are broke on top of that.As for BP,they just need to pay 100% of the damages.No regulation needed
@wdhoctor Learn about our two party system, the false left-right paradigm. The corporations fund them both. America is a corporatocracy. Its not "Republicans are for the rich", "Democrats are for the poor", its a system by the corporations, and for the corporations. Republicans will let the corporations crash the economy. The Democrats will bail them out. Is there something wrong with this picture? They rely on you to stay in the paradigm and fail to see the bigger picture.
The libertarians and tag baggers want the government to stay out of corporations and businesses. WAIT, isn't this current big ass mess on our economy the result of no regulations and oversight? Why would anyone want to vote the people who will make laws that are conducive to another big crash? This idea of capitalism running wild without being monitored in any way is dangerous! The rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer if people like Rand Paul get elected.
@phantomspellchecker No, he takes issue with Title X of the Civil Rights Act that prohibits a private business from discrimination. The other titles within the act deal with public entities. He raises the question on whether the federal government, or government in general, has the authority to mandate actions by private individuals and businesses? The answer is technically no, but we've allowed this belief to proceed in some areas and refused it in others. Take care.
I don't know if I like Rand. I love his father, Ron Paul, but Rand's philosophy seems to be different than Ron's. Father and Son aren't one in the same, they are individuals with different views and experiences that forge their own ideas and personalities through separate lives. You would have to be a fool to think Ron = Rand. However there are plenty of good merits to Rand, and I hope he wins his race and proves that he's made of the same stuff his old man is.
The Living-constitution preamble: We the Oligarchy of the US, in Order to form a more perfect central government, establish only criminal Justice, insure controlling Tranquility, provide for the common redistribution, promote social Welfare, and secure Liberty only to the Oligarchy and their Posterity, do establish this erratic unpublished constitution for the US. As for the people, they are on the road to serfdom. Tea Party, bring back our Constitution!
Nice guy. He stands by and watched a young girl get stomped on. The guy is an absolute clueless loser full of hot gas. All talk with no ideas when pinned down. I can't wait to see what a failure these freaks will be. Yeah sure, socialized medicine.....interesting that Mitt Romney is #1 in polls for nomination in 2012 and Obama's health plan was closely modeled after the Mass plan Romney implemented in his administration.
@TheTruthNow000 Damn, THAR SHE BLOWS!!! That stinky old cave is a callin loud and proud. Me my family and family tree?? Damn here I was thinking a broom stick would suffice that dungeon. Chill Dorthy. Im sure you can find another tree somewhere else. Whats this about 1965? You have a time machine now? And what did your therapist say about your racist fantasies? No. wait, dont tell me, I dont want to pollute my mind.
@hodoprime So, what do you want? Zero regulations? Ya, I'm sure that will work really well. /sarcasm/. We gotta regulate the greedy bastards, period! Lack of regulation is what caused the economic collapse and the BP oil spill. Evolution and guns aren't the reason behind our failing schools, it is under qualified teachers and the fact that most school funding goes to buy football equipment, instead of science labs.
@TheTruthNow000 Why are you projecting all of your problems on to other people? I bet you whack off at the thought that Rand is a closet homo you pervert. And is the accusation of racism just standard protocol for freaks like you to feel superior to people, or do you actually think the public will believe it if you say it enough? Just click your heels together three times Dorthy, maybe you'll escape fantasyland.
@Lobotomick Actually it is a system of 3/4 republicans and 1/3 democrats are controlled by the corporations, or something close to that. The problem being democrats seems to be the lesser of the two evils. I really think it is time for an atheist progressive government which is not swayed by the fringe religious nut and focus on getting things done instead of all the lobbying.

Left Wing Group Threaten To Target DC With Largest Civil Disobedience - Hannity

Left Wing Group Threaten To Target DC With Largest Civil Disobedience - Hannity =========================================== **Please Click Below ...

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Civil disobedience for what? What do they want again? lol
They want Germany 1942
+Jojo Gun Fang NICE!

Darina Allen on TTIP: "The greatest threat to democracy that I have encountered"

Darina Allen discusses her concern over the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment partnership. Darina explains how TTIP aims to remove barriers to trade but in ...

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People need to talk about it every opportunity that they can, it's important that the dangers are conveyed to people, and that we unify and fight back. We do not agree to TTIP and here's proof that Enda is going to sign it in, even though he is blind to what it's about... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVc2UGRhchU
+Self4422 Thanks for the video. You might also be interested in this Google search of the Fine Gael website which shows what the majority government party thinks about TTIP. Some of the links also show what Fine Gael think of others who have a different view on TTIP.https://www.google.ie/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=site%3Afinegael.ie%20ttip
Important to note that our government MEP's have been voting in favour of TTIP in Europe. It's an absolute scandal.
+mojorisin71 Good point.
TTIP is fraught with difficulties that seek to lower food safety, employment and environmental standards so the multinationals can make ever more profits with less impedance. Also, that the EU is pressing for the removal of the PRECAUTIONARY PRINCIPLE is extremely worrying.
+Stuart Williams Darina is really passionate about this subject. Although her main interest maybe from a food perspective, she told me that TTIP concerned her on other levels too.

Judge Jeanine Pirro - The ISIS Threat & ISIS In America

Judge Jeanine Pirro - The ISIS Threat & ISIS In America =========================================== **Please Click Below to SUBSCRIBE for More ...

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Can someone please tell me why I should care about ISIS. I think that the CIA is drumming up another war, just incase the last one didn't cost enough! "War is a Racket"! Obama is a Bankster puppet!
You are right. ISIL is another Langley operation to scare the Middle East into saying 'Yes sir' to the United States Petrodollar, which the world is sick of as it is volatile and running off a printing press and leaving it means the country gets bombed.
Didn't Obama once wear a turban?
turbine sounds good
with a pig!
but wait lets see if this can hurt employment in the usa
You people need to just realize Obama is a Muslim and he is sympathetic towards their cause... He's downplayed the whole terror issue and put the radicals in power through his "mistakes"..in at least three countries. . Why are the Saudis not being called out..??? Why ????? 
Amen Bro well said.

Judge Jeanine Pirro - Obama The Threat From Terrorism Is Real, But We Will Overcome It - Coco Soodek

Judge Jeanine Pirro - Pres Obama The Threat From Terrorism Is Real, But We Will Overcome It - Coco Soodek ...

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Christianity in its purest form has not declared war. Islamic fundamentalism has...when Peter struck the ear of the soldier with a sword and cut it off as they were taking Jesus as a captive Jesus put the ear back on the man and healed him. Islam in its purest form is about living by the sword - conquer territory and people by the sword if necessary. The spin that this Co Co person makes is total nonsense.
Nobody blamed Bush? I heard practically EVERYBODY blaming Bush lol I still hear people blaming Bush. Obama can shut down the government because the ACA wasn't in the budget and people blame Bush
I've never understood why Coco agrees to carry on doing these shows. She always looses the debate and really comes across as an idiot
Really? Now we're calling it "ISIL"? They call themselves "ISIS", the ONLY person who called them "ISIL" is Obama
Coco soodek is a dumb ass, true Christian do not kill they follow the bible, to a Christian killing is wrong!
Terrorist(s) from christianity? WTH is that? Does she mean a terrorist (singular)?
Why isnt the Judge askng about WTF a no-fly list is?
Coco is as dumb as Nancy grace
coco is stupid
Cookoo who?
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