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British Tea Party: Verbal Act

Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith confirmed as stars of British pop

The ceremony, known formally as the Brit Awards 2015 with MasterCard, was held at the O2 Arena in London. Smith was named British breakthrough act and ...


Emergency Alert System PRANK Use on your friends, family and others! You are recommended to use it if you live in UK but not in London (Not racist or ...

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Anyone else notice that "Capital" was misspelled? You missed the "P".
I know. I realised XD
Give me this instead of the zombie apocalypse eas
+Nicholas Nicholas BTW I recommend for u to check out my new channel: WaterSpace MOVIES
+Nicholas Nicholas thanks for that then! did u know that this could actually happen? the large hadron collider could create a black hole! fun fact XD Thanks though
This is way better then the zombie apocalypse eas but just as creepy
u want me to make u one for a zombie apocalypse? if so I don't think I'm able to. I'm too busy eight now but I might do it when I have time. thanks!

We the People Chat #27: Step Up Or Step Off

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Catching up with the show +theadjustedamerican you snapped a little after an hour lol. And nice legs +Pippi GlockenCake
+Maurice Townsend Thanks!
+Maurice TownsendI was joking, brother.I was making light of the fact that when it comes to her... my awareness level is set to "Oh shit, watch the fuck out!"
She changed her name?
+Maurice Townsend Just smacking mosquitoes.Who's +Pippi GlockenCake ?
The level of dishonestly shown by some on this is not surprising. It's interesting how far they will go to avoid the actual subjects at hand. +Snowy Blinger keep running your mouth about not having an opportunity to address all this properly. You could've come on the panel at any time and said your piece... but you made the choice to bitch out... while rapid firing a certain female with PM's about me... and then pathetically asked to speak off air. You pulled your shit with me in front of the CWW... no dice on damage control behind closed doors. "I witnessed an entire community of people be put on the blast." ~ +Snowy Blinger Oh, really? Care to back that up... with an actual quote of mine, Yankee? You have the nerve to accuse me being like TYM and The Dragon... yet here you are... being the one carrying yourself exactly like them. Thanks for letting folks know your fragile ego is more important than the moral integrity of the CWW leadership. *** +mrxmanrules, I called you out back in your days of being a blind follower of The Green Dragon, always incapable of walking your talk, and lying your ass off about me. You never stepped up and owned any of that. You've been hanging out in the chat windows of chats I host since.... and I let you be... until you started being yourself again... like now. "it's not right to blast people out off a panel" ~ mrxmanrules. Feel free to validate your claim and continue being a poster boy for Big Pharma. Funny how you pick and choose with your value system, btw. Your unibomberish posts can 'entertaining' though... keep putting such a good face on the CWW. (to the cowards throwing the 22 thumbs down so far... thanks for further proving my points)
+Snowy BlingerProject much... ?
+Snowy BlingerLong story short, you don't respect yourself enough to respect others.Got it.
+Snowy BlingerNice job dodging responsibility for your own actions and trying to pin your failures on me.Dodge this one more time:""I witnessed an entire community of people be put on the blast." ~ +Snowy BlingerQuote any statement of mine to validate your thus far baseless claim.Perhaps contacting TYM or The Dragon for advice will help you...
+Snowy Blinger I started all this, right?You can validate "I witnessed an entire community of people be put on the blast."... right? (Notice how I'm not the only one who knows you're full of shit on that?)Keep lying your ass off and pretending there aren't things going on in the background... that led you to choose this path.
+Snowy BlingerKeep digging that hole.
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