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Witchfinder General - Death Penalty (Full Vinyl LP Album) [1982]

If you don't want this video on YouTube, pls contact me and I'll remove it so I don't get copyright strikes. Thx in advance. 2010 Back On Black Ltd. Ed. RM ...

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Came for the music, stayed for the tits.
+Thuggin McNuggets You are a tit.
AVGN brought me here
+Arthas Menethil I had actually heard of this band back in high school, it was compared to one of my favorite bands Black Sabbath, but then when James mentioned them in his video I decided to look into them again thankfully.
thanks james XD
+Kyle Thomas gah that cover looks so metal too.Omg
you and me both lol
i heard megaman loves this stuff!
lol.. word..
+wildcardsniper AVGN!
+War Duke Same here partially. I heard of this band back in high school. It was told to me as a comparison of Black Sabbath. The AVGN video made me look into them again though.
+War Duke Yes.
Church Lady? Is that you?
+War Duke Well aren't you special. :P
I'm here of my own volition without being goaded by anyone in particular.
here we go
+Diencephalic Laughter it might be fun to look at it.
+wildcardsniper I also heard megaman likes POOOORRNN!
+Tom Hazelton This makes me glad I subscribed to him. :D
+Tom Hazelton He is using his celebrity for good!
also here because of James Rolfe

A.Taiwan.Story 2 Act 3.2

Scrapp Holds A Family Meeting Before Serving His Sentence ‘Sneak Peek' | Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

Scrapp gathers Sas, KK, Stevie J, and Tommie for a heartbreaking family meeting to discuss his upcoming five-year sentence. Subscribe to VH1: ...

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Tommie & sas are actually dating in real life. But for tv Tommie and scrap are "dating". Scrap really has a wife and child.
+Beauty Secret wow
I did not know that
scrap and stevie do kinda look alike. that could really be his daddy. lol
it is!
These reality shows has broken the respect line for mothers and children. I would be slapped at 26 years old calling my mother by her first name.... KK boys calls her KK when speaking of her and them MaryMary sisters calls their mother Honey when speaking of her.. Ummmmm no booboo it MY MOTHER.. SMH
+Diamone Fowler I'm so glad somebody is on the same page. Ppl encourage this disrespectful, ratchet behavior and take it seriously.
+Tineka Palmore OMG.... But you are right tho
It depends on the person, in my family we always have called my grandma by her nickname her children did all their lives as well. It's just the name she preferred.
+Beauty Secret ... Lol I thought I was the only who felt KK was just not up to part. But MaryMary do the same thing to their mother when talking to us viewers. Of course LHHATL and MaryMary are two different shows but same story line just a bunch of drama confusion and disrespect.
+Diamone Fowler I'm with u. I couldn't imagine allowing my man or my friends cussing around my mom. KK is a horrible person and a horrible excuse for a mom
+MelaninBeauty ...
+Diamone Fowler lmao. Right.
+MelaninBeauty ...... I would have told the writers look Im saying Mama.. lol... lol lol
+Diamone Fowler I know you gone be like this show is not professional, it's ratchet lol but at the end of the day it's still a job.
+Diamone Fowler I'm old school too girl but this is scripted so I'm sure he's doing it for the viewers so we can know who he's talking about. It's really not professional to say "mama" on a reality show, or all the time at least. That's my opinion though.
+Beauty Secret ... Maybe Im old school... I cant do. it reality show or not... Im scared of my mama.. lol
You're absolutely right lady.
I think he's just doing that for the viewers. I'm sure he don't call her that just to be calling her that plus that's her nickname, so who cares!
+Grace Ntihinyuka I understand. But calling your mother by her first name is disrespectful to some parents but obviously not all. Girl I would be terrified calling my mother by her first name.. Lol
Yeah, I noticed that. Any one who calls their parent by name, I can only assume they really can not be close or have a good bond. Scrap and his mom may be portrayed that way but hmmm....

A.Taiwan.Story 2 Act I

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