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Sonic making weird noise and plays tea party

What Sonic does as he waits to battle Eggman in episode 48 of Sonic Boom Sonic Boom belongs to Sega and OuiDo! Productions. All rights reserved. I do not ...

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I'm not surprised with the sounds Sonic made in this scene. Roger Craig Smith is quite the professional VA. He's pretty much the next Rob Paulsen.
+hmcvirgo92 Ohhhhhh I'd rather have a game that resembles what '06 should have been with appropriate fixing, rather then another boring ass nostalgia trip with "BALDIE MCNOESHAIR" like 2011.
Just hope it isn't like the '06 fiasco. (Shudder)
+hmcvirgo92 Yep. The last time Sonic was that cool again was in Black Knight. But now......Nope, SEGA wants to pander to whiny fanboys who complain about "2EDGY4ME" by making this retardation.......Plus Sonic Colors and Lost World trying hard to be Mario and being Boom's predecessor in terms of writing.I seriously expect the worst for the 25th anniversary......
That's true. Sonic Adventure 2 FTW! (My favorite Sonic game, btw)
+hmcvirgo92 I happen to be a Sonic fan, but this pile of horse manure is far from enjoyable. It's basically a poorman Family Guy or Seinfeld with furries. Who the hell would watch this shit ?Besides, Sonic was Always better as an action adventure, not a sitcom for manbabies.
Actually, while I do enjoy the show, I honestly wouldn't call myself a fan of it.
That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard from a Boom fan.You DO NOT compare this overrated depressed dad sounding hack to a real professional like Rob Paulsen. Ever again.
What if you heard those sounds in the middle of the night??
+SkyLee55 . . . Welp.
+Missy Grinch I would fangirl, cuz i would think it was sonic.
UWAA~! So... HEATS!!!
qack qack qack uwaa uwaa
+CTDS "pece of crap" Three you missed out quack quack quack
kapowwa kapowwa anaznaananananananananananan pop pop pop click click click MORE TEA MRS. ROCKBOTTOM?
Yeah...that for some reason made me laugh
+CTDSThree is sicky :( He wasn't invited to the tea party?
Eggman never showed up and you know why?
+CTDSThree is sicky :( Huh? Oh I sat here my own shift
+CTDSThree is sicky :( DON'T MIND IF I DO, MR. BOULDER!

Squire's Top 5 Epic Plays #23

Tally-ho there! Welcome to episode 23 of War Thunder's Top 5 series! Ah yes, the five most epic replays from the last few weeks, splendid. Sorry about the gap in ...

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I hate the OP Russian forces in this game.
+Mr Gecko -_- you people are just noobs, you sould leave the game...
Gajiin is a Russian company, what did you expect?
The last one was epicBut how did a t34 1940 beat 3 to 4 m4 shermans
Russian bias/Gajiin being assholes
Why do Japanese aircraft get set on fire so easily?
Try didint have resealing fuel tanks
+Eric Kuo lol ok thanks
+Kyle Harden Perhapt it's because they are made by the awsome good smelling Japanese's lumber, yeeeea~ (Squire fan don't kill me please~)
What song is playing at 6:30?
+Guy Webb yes it says in the description
red alert 3 Soviet theme isn't it?
No 1. gotta show em a little trick i lerned
+Sean Lewis LOL red tails
#2 is a great example of russian bias
Yeah 1v1 they do but 5v1 nah
+Kappa nah, shermans suck

2 Chainz Interview- Darling, this is Chamomile Tea

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That was hella rude for her to say this nigga can't afford her pussy.
+im100percentg Fuck dat hat.

Jura Margulis plays Melody from the Opera Orpeus und Euridice.

Christoph Willibald Gluck (transcribed by Giovanni Sgambati) Played by Jura Margulis. Melody from the Opera Orpeus und Euridice. n Gluck's 1774 expanded ...

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It is very nice performance, Jura.
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