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FIRST STS RAGE! (NO HIGH-SCORES) (+STS2 News) - Stack the States

If you saw this video, you saw my rage of not getting any new high scores, especially on the game Pile Up! Oh dear, did I freak out? Yes, I did. Just a little.

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very cool game bro I like congrats on putting the states togethor puzzler completed :)
+The Masterov Why thank you! I will always be the king! :D
+HyettsTheGamer GG you are the king of states/countries
+Gamer Mario :D
+HyettsTheGamer awesome bro I like that King of geography cheers to you King HyettsTheGamer
+Gamer Mario Thank you, but I've done so much better before. If you did not know, I am the KING of geography. Thank though!

TEA Professional Development Requirements & Quality Audit

This webinar provides an overview of the second phase of the Texas Education Agency Professional Development Audit. Learning Forward associates covered ...

On the tea trail with Baichung Bhutia in Darjeeling

Follow The Star travels on the winding road of Darjeeling to sample the local tea, and that too at the world's oldest tea factory. Breathe in the fresh air and ...

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i feel sorry for ....definitely your mercedez benz...well come to hell cart road....
Thanks ND TV to visit my place. ...
nice video thanks ndtv india
Too Much Advertising
nice inreview madam
missing Darjeling

@TeaSpilling #TATTWT 20150710 Tidal Prices, Nas' Baby Mama, 50 Cent to pay AND MORE

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Welcome home my westside brotha! Great video!
+Alisa Clark I really appreciate the warm welcome and I am glad you enjoyed the vidoe
Oh so you back in the states???? Welcome back Yarell.
Umma hit you up tomorrow so you have my stateside phone number
It's ok we aren't going anywhere so take your time, defiantly looking forward to the next instalment. You review all shows I watch online and it's great to get a mans perspective.
I love It all, i love all of the links to vids as I'm not on any social media. Keep it up
Thank you so much. I still have links to work out though.


SUPPORT THE PUBCAST: Soundcloud version: ...

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What is the movie called that they are speaking of towards the end?
+Zeternius equilibrium
With all respect Sty I think you just sucked at this C&C campaign. I tried to play alongside you and stay one mission ahead without getting spoiled, and honestly once the game hits you for the first time with its difficulty and inconveniences you shouldn't take too long to figure out what to do and adapt. It's an ancient game and not that complex in terms of units and buildings, and everyone who played recent C&C game should be familiar with the basics. It probably had to do with the fact that you sped up the game to make it less boring for the viewers, but the game wasn't designed to play at that speed and things would spiral out of your control quickly. You also didn't take enough time to think it out and just threw your soldiers at random
Euuuh yeah you got a point
+Yasser Dammak Sure, now try and provide constant commentary while your playing. It's a whole different ball game.
I do YouTube stuff just as hobby, can imagine in the current climate to actually make money streaming is the way forward
I know, well I hope my Patreon money helps keep you going
+TrevimusPrime Yeah it is. Which kinda is a shame. But things change and in this industry you have to be adaptable to stay afloat.

PGSM Summaries Act 33

Rei and Ami get caught by a police officer and struggle with family issues... it's funnier than it sounds.

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Is that... a talking plush cat?

Stimulus Opponents Sought Money After Law Passed

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If they are going to try to steal money from all of us.. and give it to friends.. YES I'd be after some of it to scavange as well. If you leave the dam tax dollars alone... and allow companies that HAVE the ability to compete instead of giving hand out to friends, you'd have solid job growth. Seriously do you have to flunk out of econ. 101 to be considered a democrat? It sure seems that way!
If someone stuck a gun to your head and took your money, wouldn't you try to get some of it back?
there suppossed to appropriate the money hello
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