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Rand Paul On Civil Rights Act of 1964

Kentucky Senate candidate Rand Paul, darling of the Tea Party and libertarians everywhere, explains his qualms about the signature piece of civil rights ...

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More liberal narrow-mindedness. I'm sick of you people distorting what people say. It's simple. Rand is NOT saying that free speech is being infringed upon as of now. He's talking about the principle of it all. If the government can infringe upon your 5th amendment rights for whatever reason, then what fundamental principle is stopping them from infringing upon your 1st amendment rights for whatever reason? The answer? NONE. Do you get the significance of that? The 10 amendments are INALIENABLE.
Restaurants r places of public accommodation. U can ignore the facts if you want to but its still illegal to discriminate against women in them and there is nothing that u can do about it! :D That's the best thing about the Civil Rights Act - bigots and racists cant do a thing about it no matter how much they complain! LMAO BTW - I'm not calling you a bigot or racist. I'm just saying that bigots and racists have less power in this country and we are a better nation for it! God bless America!
Calm down. I was kidding about u hating urself! Govt is not an alien that took over the country. The American people elected our representatives to OUTLAW discrimination against women, Jews, and even YOU! That u think life will be better if discrimination against u is made legal again is the funny part! Discrimination has not disappreared, but it is not a coincidence that women have propered more than ever before when discrimination against them was outlawed. It is a direct results of it! :D
You have been misinformed. It is ILLEGAL for places of public accommodation, like the restaurant you described, to discriminate against you. I know you cant wait for it to be legal for them to discriminate against you and your family, but most hispanics dont hate themselves like you do! There is nothing Ron Paul or his self hating supporters can do about it becuase Americans have already lived in your society and it was HORRIBLE! That is why we OUTLAWED IT! God Bless Hispanics and America!
I know, Ron Paul supporters believe the prosperity experienced by minorities after Civil Rights legislation is just a COINCIDENCE! :D They argue that when u outlaw discrimination against Jews, women, blacks and others, ur actually setting them back! :D Too funny! Well, u can hope for ur great society where its legal for bigots and racists to discriminate against u, but I read about what those days were like and why the American people outlawed it and I say we are a better nation today! :D
ALLOWING PRIVATE BUSINESSES THE RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH =/= RACISM You people really think it's BETTER having 'anti-racism' mandated? Rather than actually say, having 'good people'? Obviously, North America still has remnants/factions of racism on EVERY side, but would allowing businesses/people to CHOOSE FOR THEMSELVES really change that much?.. The racist yesterday's still a racist... Now, would you even WANT to support that racist, yesterday??... Funny, THIS GUY is the racist asshole..
I laughed when u wrote that you're hispanic. I thought to myself, this guy claims to be hispanic and is looking forward to the day when discrimination against HIM will be legal! LMAO That is HILARIOUS! Do me a favor and think about this for a second. Why would women vote for anyone that advocates legalizing discrimination against WOMEN?! The same for Jews, Blacks, Whites, and others. It seems obvious to me that legalizing discrimination is a political loser. Dont you agree?
Which liberties are the libertarians most interested in protecting, the rights of the business owner to refuse service to someone because of his race, or the person who simply wants to purchase a product or a service? Should it be up to each state, county or municipality (or neighborhood) whether or not to allow people of a certain race or races own property? Idiots like this (and his father) want to set the country back about 150 years (at least).
You're a complete moron. You're claiming that a restaurant is a public place. It isn't. It's not a government entity. A restaurant is private property. His point is that the government shouldn't be able to dictate what you can and can't do with your private property. The government shouldn't be able to prevent private racism, nor promote it with any legislation. If you believe they should be able to, then you're a dangerous do gooder.
@UnseenAdict420 your dumb why would a business WANT to lose money? thats just retarded. thats the point to this more businesses that open their stores to both white and black and whatever color would make more money and what to businesses want? thats right more money! and your government fucked that up how? by placing the Jim Crow laws, see government sometimes just gets in the ways of the people.
Paul is exactly right on this issue constitutionally. Discrimination should of course have been ended and it was, by the republicans. But at the same time some rights for others under the first amendment were taken away. Since the constitution is law, then other laws were broken. It's about time there is a candidate running who understands and is willing to protect the constitution.
Ur sympathy for the plight of bigots and racists is sickening. But of course, that is one of the reasons your party loses. The word is out on Rand Paul and his father. That is why the American people rejected Ron in 2012 and will reject Rand in 2016! Mark my words, his Civil Rights stance will come back to bite him in the ass in a general election.
Just curious, should businesses that opt not to hire on the basis of equality have access to public roadways? What about municipal water supplies? Fire and police protection? I don't want my public dollars being spent to protect and serve businesses that promote hiring practices based on race, sex, or other protected class.
Racists are not reasonanable people. They will lose money to discriminate against a group they hate in a heart beat. Just pick up a history book and read about the millions of dollars that racists could have made from the people they discriminated against.
Rachel won the argument, but Rand was a bit spooked. Trying to give a sincere and thoughtful answer to her question, maybe after a moment of cooling off, could increase Rand Pauls small l-liberal credentials and make him somewhat distinct from his daddy.
Do you think the country became a worse place to live when discrimination against YOU was outlawed? Just say it did and then admit that your a Conservative Republican and you will have served your purpose!
@HurricaneDj Uhm, ever hear of William Rehnquist? Chief Justice prior to Roberts? Yeh, uhm.... He was never a judge before the Supreme Court either.... Sorry to pop that bubble.... :\
Just pick up a history book and tell me if the became worse when discrimination against women was outlawed. Just say it became worse and you will have served your purpose! :D
no comments? rand paul is either a closet racist, or a wussy who is running on a platform of "elect me and I won't lift a finger against flagrant injustice" screw rand paul
I'd like to see the media paying this much attention to Alaen Kaigen, a radical that has never been a judge, that is to be handed a Supream Court Chair!!! ?????
Wow, what an assole. Nobody is touching free speech or expression. Just regulating on PAID bigotry in the workplace.
And the Republicans that used the Southern Strategy to get racists to vote for them!
wow, i didnt know it was wrong to not want to force someone to follow your morality
lose money my ass...those racist today...will lose there fucking lives...period..
Doesn't he realize that times are different than they were back in the 1700's?
Allowing private businesses the right to free speech =/= racism.

Mitt Romney Tea Party Sick Sad Sober Disgusted Busted After Wrecking The GOP Mepac For Obama.wmv

Ron Paul - Against Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Hardball Interview)

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I am sorry your is a mull that work for the new world order,you is a trader against human kind Ron.
He's a traitor working for the NWO? Because he wants to minimize government and get them out of your lives? Someone who works for the NWO through the United Nations wouldn't want to PROTECT PROPERTY RIGHTS as much as Ron Paul so this statement you made is completely factitious!
It is interesting the presuppositions at play here, that the only way you can morally disagree with something is if you want it illegal.
+Christopher Johnson people have the right to be accommodated. I don't care about conscience. Discrimination of an arbitrary nature is a clearly understandable standard. And that's more important than personal conscience. Because anyone can hate black people. But if they own a business it is their job to serve the public.
+Jeremy Einbinder People have the right not to be forced to act against their conscience, yes. You are correct.
+Christopher Johnson not really. I don't care how not racist Paul is. People have rights.
+Jeremy Einbinder Watch the interview. The presupposition that immorality should mean illegality is displayed throughout.
+Christopher Johnson It doesn't matter that Paul is personally opposed to racial discrimination. Human rights matters.
I bet this fool also thinks that a black restaurant owner has no right to refuse a Klan member on his property either.
+ozzy9691 Oh i'm sorry i misinterpreted your comment i thought you were talking about Ron Paul, not Matthews.
+The Moral Crusader Lmao did you watch this video? He just said "the idea of total freedom doesn't work". He's literally arguing against people being allowed to exclude others from their property. Therefore he doesn't respect everyone's right to their property. Property rights entails that the owner can choose who he wants on it.
+ozzy9691 Not true. He respects everyone's right to their property. You're the only fool here.
+Brad Wilson The constitution says nothing about preventing discrimination.
+Brad Wilson No, the issue is that on private property, the government may not coerce you into any interaction (sales) that a property owner does not want to take part it. I don't care what type of discrimination is taking place. Property rights shouldn't cease to exist.

Supreme Court threatens another civil rights achievement / Republicans, SCOTUS, Civil Rights

Supreme Court threatens another civil rights achievement Rachel Maddow reports on the Supreme Court taking up the Fair Housing Act, making civil rights ...

Are Tea Partiers the Same People Who Fought Civil Rights?

"In an interview with the Daily Beast published Friday, Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) suggested Tea Partiers are the "same group" who fought for segregation ...

User Comments
Let me answer that: OF COURRRRRSE, Tea Partiers are the same people who fought Civil Rights! Look. I was raised southern, fundamentalist, Christian and Republican. My sister is a Tea Partier. I love her but she's definitely racist; always has been. Enough playing coy. These are bad people and we need to start fighting this shit (I started about 5 years ago by banning my sister from ever coming to my home again).
+Mikevdog That's what sick people do! :P
+Thomas Cervasio oh barf
Once again, I couldn't agree with you more. And you know that more and more gloves are coming off. They have to. It's strictly & relentlessly RETURN TO SENDER, DELIVERY REFUSED from henceforth-- right back at all these batshit sociopathically toxic guano dust-devils.
+Thomas CervasioNice! Keep it up. Look, educated people are also educated in the art of keeping everybody appeased. It's a great skill to have but it's time to flush the last vestiges of American fascism down the toilet where it belongs!
... Heard THAT. You're seriously globally CORRECT. I've had my own gloves off for some time now, using everything in my power as a social psychologist, therapist and multimedia fine artist to fight back with razor wit and trenchant truncheon.
We need to learn 'tough love'; that we can love our friends, family and coworkers... enough to set them straight. We smart people are too nice. :)
+The Hermit The Human Race needs about 5 billion more just like you. Seriously. :)))
Crackers......Wheres my cheese.
+spaveevo ... Are you circumcised, or ...??? :P
The people who fought the civil rights movement were DEMOCRATS!
+Brian VealHe was... and so are you, though I suspect there are a few layers of illusion yet to be pulled back for you. Keep your eyes, your heard and your mind open. God bless you too. :)
+The Hermit Ok, I'm gonna be serious here. I disagree with you politically... Probably always will. But I shouldn't have made it personal. I apologize for making a sick comment about your late father. You didn't deserve that & I was wrong to type that. If You'd care to have an intelligent debate sometime, I'll oblige you... And I won't attack you personally or say anything ugly again. Have a great day & May your Pops rest in peace. From the little bit you've said about him, he sounds like he was a very good & decent man. God Bless.
+Brian VealThis is what Brian Veal says when told about your Dad... whom you just lost to cancer a year ago..."Go blow your Dad, Asshat."Honestly, you are better off dead than living... like most so-called 'conservatives', 'Confederates', 'rednecks' and other name for hateful, ignorant vermin. Your time is over. Enjoy your illusions while they last.You know how the Bible says 'the meek shall inherit the Earth'? Well, it turns out it's true! But not all of us on the side of the Earth and the meek, are meek. Fuck you, asshole. If you ever crossed paths with me, you'd regret the day.
+Brian Veal, my Dad's the one who taught me Christianity, Republicanism and to blame liberals for all the world's problems. But he was a good man doing the best he could and I take after him in many other ways. He was NOT a racist (though I fault him somewhat for not having taken a better stand against racism... by seeing through the Reagan revolution). He never owned a gun of his own but BOUGHT ME ONE when I asked for it around age 10.
+The Hermit Go blow your Dad, Asshat. And have a great weekend!
+Brian VealOne only needs too look at your words to know you're unfit for a civilized world. Either assimilate or go back to... wherever it is douchebags come from. And since no such place exists, what are we going to do with all the sociopathic retards who simply refuse to get along with anyone outside their culture? You tell me, bonehead!
+The Hermit Fuck you, LOSER. You don't know SHIT & You are, at best... A keyboard commando. Go do us all a favor & play with your Dad's gun, PUSSY. You're a little smart-mouth fag libtard. Don't ever compare yourself with Republicans again. You never were one of us & you never will be. Get a life, BITCH.
+Brian Veal I'm from the South. I'm white, male and Christian and was Raised republican from the day Ronald Reagan went to bed with the Christians ('Washington for Jesus', they called it!). And I'm disgusted by YOU... and anyone else who dares continue with the lie that Republicans are not 'the party of racism'. Nobody is going to give a damn about anything you (or any other former 'Republican') say... ever again. You've lost the war. Now die already.
+GuyVelella You can NOT be that stupid... so let me just inform you that this kind of 'logic' no longer passes muster. As has been pointed out already, the modern Republican Party is basically the result of the Democrats abandoning racism. FUCK.WIT!
+John T. Campbell So it is racist to want less government, fewer regulations, less handouts, more personal responsibility. Put down that pipe and wipe the white stuff off you nose you fool. How much better off are we now that our divine 0bama has been inc hanrge for 8-1/2 years. We are worst off. Things are much worse for everyone. Everyone!
+Holli Wood I don't have any political affiliation. I just have history to collect facts from. And to me, it just seems that the ideas that Re-Pubs stand behind are stupid, bad ideas. They take allegiance with their political party over everything. And it doesn't matter if the parties flipped or not (they did). The Republicans in DC are racist-ass mother effers. You can see that, right?
+Holli Wood Awesome! Not only are you smart... You're also BEAUTIFUL! Have a great day & God Bless. ☺
+John T. Campbell You are some kinda fool boy. The last member of the KKK in the Senate was a Democrat. The Senator that sponsored putting the Confederate flag on the SC State flag was a Democrat. You are no doubt a Democrat spreading your lies. Get off your drugs and start using your brain again you pathetic excuse.
+John T. Campbell Only ONE DIXIECRAT (Strom Thurmond) went to the Republican Party. The rest went back to being Democrats. I don't care what some on the Left might tell you. They're just disgusted by their own racist history. That's all.
+GuyVelella Yea. That's what caused all the racists to switch to the GOP. lol

Lawrence O'Donnell Educates Ron Paul on Civil Rights Act

"The Civil Rights Act of 1964 did not improve race relations of enhance freedom" -Ron Paul.

User Comments
I don't even know why I'm gonna take the time to write this, but just the way that evil bastard O'Donnell smiled churned my stomach. He was purposely mis-representing Ron Paul's view on the issue. Ron Paul didn't do a good job explaining his POV, so let me just explain it. Slavery, Jim Crow, military segregation = bad because its the government forcing people to not interact with each other. Like if a white bus driver told a black man he could sit at the front of the bus, the white man would be arrested. The racism was not cultural racism, it was GOVERNMENT enforced racism onto everybody, no matter how they felt. This is obviously absolutely against what a libertarian believes in. So I'm sure Ron Paul wanted to end government enforced racism. What he is saying is that after the racist laws are removed, implementing laws that go to the opposite end of the spectrum and have the government force integration, is also just as wrong. The government has no right to tell anyone who they can't (Jim crow laws) interact with, and at the same time they have no right to tell anyone who they have to (Civil rights act) interact with. Its not really that hard to understand. I truly don't get how anyone with a brain cannot understand Ron Paul's position.
+Reich-Wing Watch Do you not realize that the government was the once forcing segregation in the south? A white man could be punished if he didn't have a segregated company. Any private company, should be able to do whatever they want as long as its not aggressing on someone else. If a company started lynching blacks, they need to be arrested for murder. If a company doesn't want to serve a black a hotdog, they are perfectly within there rights to do so. I personally would find that person a racist pig, and I would not use there service, but I realize the government also has no right to point a gun at someones head and tell them who they have to interact with. This is such a non-issue really today anyway. It would be very hard to even run a white only, or black only, or straight only company. There would be massive protests and boycotting, so much so the owner would most likely not be able to keep his company afloat.
+Denim Ticken - When restaurants (private institutions) were putting up "WHITES ONLY" signs, that was the "big bad" governments fault? We all know Paul is opposed to public segregation (at least he says he is). The question was about PRIVATE segregation enforced by individuals against other individuals.We understand Paul's position well. He believes in "WHITES ONLY" restaurants which were all over the place in the Jim Crow era that plagued the racist south. And yes, there is a distinction between "private property" intended for PUBLIC use and a homestead intended for PRIVATE use.
O'Donnell has a face that begs to be kicked.
+TheJrv2damac - No, that would be douche face Ted Cruz.
I'm Hispanic. If I was certain that there was a private business owner who hated Hispanics, why the Fuck would I want to support his business? Discriminate against me all you want, I don't care lol. It's a stupid business decision but that's on them when they go out of business.
It's not a business decision, our society is not the totality of business relations
who did O'Donnell educate? he's advocating that it takes government to make people be friends. government made segergation, and we must destroy it as a free people. big gov helps nearly no, if any situation.
+sasquach 5191 great point
Totally Agree With Ron Paul here..
+Jonathon Denesi You are a very disingenuous person. "Yes, as you literally stated above, you said that the $500 donation from a KKK Klansman was possibly part of a larger picture or pattern"See, now you're changing your argument. This is what you said previously: "Just because David Duke is a racist and a KKK member and donated to Ron Paul, does not mean, Paul receives money from Duke or the KKK, therefore he is racist. That is a fallacious argument."Again, this is never an argument I made. This is getting outright silly."I don't believe Hillary one bit, I don't like Hillary one bit, and I do find it hard to believe things politicians say. Yet this is what makes Paul so appealing. He is not a conventional politician."Nice. We actually agree on something. Hillary is a dishonest politician. Now you just need to stop being so blind on Ron Paul simply because you agree with him ideologically. Paul lied when he said that he didn't write the newsletters in both 2012 and 2008. How do I know? Paul admitted to writing the racist/fascist newsletters in 1996 to the Dallas Morning News, claiming they were being taken out of context. How would you describe that other than a politician changing his message after he became a national phenomenon?"though he did state that he has written articles, just not the racist ones as you would say"This is a flat-out LIE. Again, you are being lazy and making me do your research for you. Paul DEFENDED the racist statements claiming they were being taken out of context. PLEASE watch my documentary HERE:"Not to mention the numerous campaign staff that came out stating that Paul had a ghost writer"So what you consider evidence are the statements of slimy politicians and their own staff? You are WAY to quick to believe politicians you agree with. Notice how you didn't even try to defend Hillary Clinton when I accused her of being a racist? Hillary and her staff claim she isn't racist. Why isn't that enough "evidence" for you when it comes to Hillary, but it's enough "evidence" for you when it comes to Paul? You have a different standard for those you agree with. Just admit it."and numerous accounts of journalists confirming that notion."Ummm, no. There was a "journalist" named Ben Swanson who attempted to debunk the claims, by revealing that a separate newsletter called the "Ron Paul Strategy Guide" which didn't contain any blatant racism was written by an employee of Paul. We are not talking about the "Ron Paul Strategy Guide" though, we are talking about the blatantly RACIST Ron Paul Political Report, which Ron Paul ADMITTED to writing in 1996, and is written in first person from Ron Paul's perspective. I don't think you understand how comprehensive my research was when I was making this documentary. I listened to arguments from all sides before presenting my evidence."However, I didnt see that information in your video, you must be vehemently trying to push a racist anti-Paul narrative without considering the full spectrum of facts first."You didn't even watch my video, because you were unaware that Ron Paul ADMITTED to writing the Ron Paul newsletter. And are you saying I should include information that isn't relevant from shoddy reporters? FYI, in my documentary is said that Ron Paul and his staff deny he wrote the newsletters. You are a smear artist and a very disingenuous person. Please DO NOT respond without doing further research. If you respond within the next half hour I'll know you're just trolling at this point.
+Reich-Wing Watch Yes, as you literally stated above, you said that the $500 donation from a KKK Klansman was possibly part of a larger picture or pattern. It's not disingenuous or uncalled for, it's a direct response to you. It is a 100% bonafide fact that it is a fallacious argument, and was certainly not a misrepresentation of your views. And while it may not be a argument you directly made, you certainly beg the question if he is a racist, which is also fallacious.I don't believe Hillary one bit, I don't like Hillary one bit, and I do find it hard to believe things politicians say. Yet this is what makes Paul so appealing. He is not a conventional politician.And is that a joke? that I don't do my own research or that I'm lazy? couldn't be further from, I was really starting to wonder about you, or if you are just selective. On numerous occasions, Paul has stated that he didn't write what is being pivoted against him, though he did state that he has written articles, just not the racist ones as you would say. Not to mention the numerous campaign staff that came out stating that Paul had a ghost writer, and numerous accounts of journalists confirming that notion. However, I didnt see that information in your video, you must be vehemently trying to push a racist anti-Paul narrative without considering the full spectrum of facts first. As probably the most controversial thing of Paul's political career, I would at least expect you to have a good understanding of the other argument, that is, unless you are hiding it. I mean wow, how lazy, that speaks volumes of your integrity.
+Jonathon Denesi So the only "evidence" you have against the facts I present in the documentary you never watched are the statements of a politician who is known to lie? Do you take everything Hillary Clinton says at face value as well? She says she has been fighting for blacks her whole life, yet she was a pro-segregation Goldwater Girl, called blacks "superpredators," and celebrated the Confederacy as first lady of Arkansas. But Hillary says she is THE GREATEST advocate for blacks, so that erases her entire history right?"Just because David Duke is a racist and a KKK member and donated to Ron Paul, does not mean, Paul receives money from Duke or the KKK, therefore he is racist. That is a fallacious argument."It's also not an argument I ever made. lol. I actually made the opposite argument. Now you're just being dishonest. I said you can't single out 1% of the evidence and conclude Ron Paul is racist. You have to look at 100% of the evidence. If you are incapable of representing my views accurately, that says a lot about your motivations."Even if I were to agree with you that Ron Paul wrote the newsletters, which I don't, but certainly people could change."What's to disagree with? He admitted to writing them and incorrectly claimed they were being taken out of context. If you would have watched my documentary I wouldn't have to write a novel trying to educate you on the facts. But apparently you're a very lazy person and have no interest in learning information on your own."There are also numerous interviews where both Ron and Rand have talked about voting down the civil rights act, and none of the reasons were due to a forthright racist belief"Yeah, because it's totally good politically strategy to say "I'm for against the civil rights act because I hate n***ers." Do you believe everything slimy politicians tell you? I can't believe this is what you consider as "hard proof" that Ron Paul is not racist. You must not have lived through the Lewinsky scandal...
+Reich-Wing Watch I never said I don't believe the facts just because I disagree with them, I wish it were that simple. But as you know, there are two sides to every story, there are reports, and there are rebuttals, there are studies that say obesity can cause cancer, and there are studies that state that being overweight can sometimes lead to a lower prevalence of cancer. I don't distrust the evidence because I disagree with it, I too have researched these topics and have found just as much evidence disputing your evidence. Naturally he may be against drug laws, but he also thoroughly defended the black community and stated how they were victimized by the effects of the war on drugs. For a Republican he has stated in numerous interviews that minorities are unjustly harmed by big government policies or actions, and it is relatively selective to state that because of a newsletter, it can be proven he is a racist. And then we get into the debate if he actually wrote the newsletters, or if he had a surrogate write them. It is all very unclear, however I will grant you, that on the surface I can understand why you are skeptical about the Ron Paul newsletters. I think candidates may receive support from people or groups they disagree with or despise, and people will give to candidates that are the closest representation of what they want in government. For example, David Duke could contribute a large sum of money to the campaign of Paul, this doesn't mean Paul is a racist, but it could mean that Ron Paul's policies are to the liking of David Duke, it could have nothing to do with race or racism. But I think the fact that he viciously defends minorities should be a relatively decent indicator about his character. Even if I were to agree with you that Ron Paul wrote the newsletters, which I don't, but certainly people could change. Irregardless of all of what I just said, some of your arguments are rife with fallacies. Just because David Duke is a racist and a KKK member and donated to Ron Paul, does not mean, Paul receives money from Duke or the KKK, therefore he is racist. That is a fallacious argument. It isn't true, people vote and donate to the closest and most similar candidate, and that could be on policy alone, as I have said. This is true even if he received donations from numerous KKK members. And if I believe correctly, Paul had one of the largest popular votes received from US servicemen, Blacks and minorities as a Republican, that does not prove he is not racist, but it highlights the judgment of many voters. There are also numerous interviews where both Ron and Rand have talked about voting down the civil rights act, and none of the reasons were due to a forthright racist belief. In the interviews they talk about the libertarian ideology, civil and property rights as to why they voted it down, and expressed explicitly that they believe in equality for everyone, they just don't think the civil rights act was the best option. All in all, usually there are rational explanation to explain why they believed this way instead of calling them racists. There are certainly logical explanations for most if not all of the points here.
+Jonathon Denesi - I have a shit-ton of evidence in my documentary on Ron Paul. But you've just stated you don't trust the facts I present because you disagree with my opinions. Kind of a silly way to look at the world if you ask me. Facts are stubborn things. It's even hard for me to accept inconvenient truths. I wish Hillary Clinton were a liberal, because it's quite likely she will be the next president. Though her voting record and past suggest she's both a corporatist and a militarist. I wish Bernie Sanders was a socialist and not a "compassionate capitalist" as I like to call him. "so go figure you wouldn't add the debate segment from 2008 where he swims against current trying to stop the drug laws that directly impact predominantly black communities." Why mention irrelevant information? Ron Paul opposes all forms of "big government," so naturally he's going to oppose the drug laws. Are you aware David Duke the former KKK leader also opposed drug laws and supported Ron Paul? Yes, it's true my videos are presented as arguments. But I DO NOT takes quotes out of context or use unconfirmed or misleading information. This is the beauty of a democratic society. I make my case, and you make yours. If you would like see my Ron Paul documentary, it is available here:"If Hillary Clinton received a $500 donation from someone charged with selling OxyContin to 12 year old kids... I certainly wouldn't call her a drug dealer." And I wouldn't call Paul a racist if it were that simple. If Paul had only received $500 dollars from a white supremacist it would be no big deal. Unfortunately for Paul, that makes up only 1% of the evidence that he is a racist. If Hillary had written newsletters about how it's awesome to sell drugs to kids, has held meetings with drug dealers, had praised drug dealers, had voted against a holiday celebrating an anti-drug advocate, and was endorsed by dozens of well-known drug dealers, you're telling me you wouldn't see that $500 dollar donation as part of a larger pattern? Please tell me that you are smarter than this.
+Reich-Wing Watch If Hillary Clinton received a $500 donation from someone charged with selling OxyContin to 12 year old kids, chances are she doesn't personally review the donation receipts, or chances are the person who is reviewing the receipts doesn't know all the people donating, but I certainly wouldn't call her a drug dealer. But I guess you can say that about a donation Ron Paul receives, cause, I mean, it is only right to have double standards as long as you think you are right, right?
+Reich-Wing Watch Ron Paul never agreed with the KKK, I would like to see some legitimate evidence other than his newsletter, which is highly disputed and would not have any legitimacy in true objective reporting or even studies for that matter. It is quite a big leap and assumption to say that Ron Paul supports the KKK. For that matter, I have seen many interviews and quotes where he viciously defends the black community and tears apart the policies that negatively affect them. But I know you wouldn't want any objectivity on your channel, so go figure you wouldn't add the debate segment from 2008 where he swims against current trying to stop the drug laws that directly impact predominantly black communities. I love your impartial videos, it is so fresh to see. You make a strong case with your selective and misleading quotes, God-forbid you would ever represent the other side of the story, but meh, I guess you have your integrity to look out for.
+Benny Ryan On economics, yes. Hillary and Republicans are definitely two sides of the same coin though.
+EmilijaIX Started* being the key phrase there. 95% of blacks also used to vote Republican. Now it's the Republi-Klan party and 95% of blacks vote democrat. Keep studying buddy. You're getting there. Just less right-wing blogs and you'll be A okay. :)
Democrats and republicans two sides of the same coin.
+EmilijaIX ya but the democratic party was COMPLETELY different then. It changed in the 60s when JFK and Johnson supported Civil rights, then racists left the democratic party for the republican party like strom thurmond
+Reich-Wing Watch You mean the KKK started by the Democrats? Kill yourself you fucking loser. Brainwashed fucktard.
+Reich-Wing Watch lol wow
+Benny Ryan And Ron Paul totally agrees with the KKK. What does that make you?
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