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In Search Of Carolyn McCarthy Again

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Picking on staff members isn't impressive.
the staffer was passively dominant
Picking on an intern, not cool.

Cirque du Soleil Premiere: TOTEM

My favorite acts from Cirque du Soleil's new show, TOTEM + little Vox Pop to find out what the crowd thinks. Wanna know what else is happening in Montreal?

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@Wk4VcSqF I know what you mean. Most of these people stay with this show for years and perform the exact same thing over and over. I'm sure they change small stuff in the routine sometimes to make it fresh. I know that Alegria's Power Track has changed over the years. I wouldn't mind doing the same stuff over and over because the audiences' applause would feed me to make me want to keep doing it. I'm sure it's worth it to them because they get to go to all these beautiful places and perform.
Hello, I'm writing from Germany and I hope so much that this show will come to Europe. I've seen Quidam, Saltimbanco, Dralion and Varekai live and I have tickets for Alegria in September 2011, seats direct in front of the stage. I'm just counting the days!
I saw this in Baltimore, and I have to say I didn't know what to expect. This show captured my imagination, and it dazzled me beyond belief. I will be forever glad that I went, and I can't wait to see another Cirque Du Soleil show eventually.
Yes I also saw this show in Baltimore! Was completely amazed! It was so good that I actually went 2 go see it twice! I can't wait untile the next show comes 2 this area! My favorite act was the 5 women that were on the tall unicycles!
i felt exactly like her after i watched it... i even added the accent to the title and tried to dance around my living room and had the songs stuck in my head...darn you totem..why must you be so kick ass and awesome
i was thinking that is this not boring for the people who perform because, they do this show the whole year and is is every time the same.. i saw this show yesterday and is was sooo awsome :)
I was there today dec 9th in amsterdam, The Netherlands. The part with the bicycles where the best although they had 2 mistakes in this act, but still they were the best act of the show.
A reviewer said that the roller skating act was SO beautiful that he started to tear up near the end.....Wow! The Unicycle act looks really good too! I'd love to see this show :D
My Daughter works on Varekai, I was blown away, Her mum went to see Totem last Friday, and was blown away too,, the whole concept of Cirque is amazing.
It's SO INCREDIBLE! And I, too, am proud that it's Canadian :) It's proof that we're pretty freaking awesome.
Someone should tell the gentleman in the opening that Cirque was inspired by a trip to New Orleans.
@sunnydale22 in fact it is québécois , so we are a bit different because here we speak french...
i saw the show about 2 or 3 weeks ago i want to see it again and i could see it again and again
@ExtremelyConditioned and of course since youre retarded..you cant tell time either
how do you know him i thought he was so funny and i loved the trackers act :D
hey what if someone dropped a thing ? they get off and pick it up .. srsly?
was just there yesterday in san fransisco saw the show it was amazing :D
watching this in febuary!! cant wait! hopefully its as good as la nouba!
Omg so cool i saw it today at montreal !!!! Omg it was fantastiic !!
I know right same I was there to but it nz it was amazing 
Was there tonight!!! It was Amazing!!! I love Totem!!!!!!!!!
that was my favourite act to !! with the bycicles :)
I'm going to be working for them one day!! :D
@nickfighterwgg I wanted to go SO BAD....>.
its really a great show. saw it twice lol
My sisters and I doing the dishes!! 1:57
saw it in pittsburg today! it was great
Whats the name of the song at the end?

Gov. Deval Patrick defends choice of Sheriff Steve Tompkins on Greater Boston

Earthling " You are the one" Live in New York, 1981

Earthling.. Jon and Yoko live in New York City 1981. @ywamusic. //larevue.top/reviews/484-munkimix-alliage-genuine-leather-vritable-bracelet.html

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This was on of the first new wave Japanese bands to come to NYC. They were great and recorded a cool lp. Must find a copy...


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@EliahWhite Thanks for u tip !!!!I always listen to a good idea !!! Who are you exactely?
Seriously beter zo! :-)

"Dodging Bulletpoints" - CTM #8, Visual Aids

Speech #8 from the CTM manual, Visual Aids. 5/2/07. Yep. That about sums up how I feel about Powerpoint. Lay off it kids, it rots your brain. Funny that in a ...

Underwater "Face Plant"

Matthew attempts a "hand-stand" in the pool... whoops... face plant! :)

Blueberry pH indicator

blueberry ph indicator.

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lol searching 4 references
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