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MOMMY GADGETS: Easy To Go Baby Formula Dispenser

Get yours here : // Welcome to my new series called Mommy Gadgets! I will be trying out different things that help moms and ...

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You have a 9 yr old too? Wow that's cool. You should talk about him. I have a 2 yr old little boy, he's an awesome little man.
+LikeWowLala Well either way thats still pretty cool :)
I did not give birth to our 9 year old but I do talk about him in previous videos
I did not give birth to our 9 year old but I do talk about him in previous videos
I'm really happy for you that you have a beautiful baby and I realise your whole life changes when you become a Mum but I wish you would still make time to film a video or two like you used to before Caleb. All there is now is sponsored product videos and to those of us with grown children or others with no children they're just not interesting
I'm very sorry about this. having a baby tales up time as well as taking care of our 9 year old. at the old house I had limited time and space to film so it made it difficult. but now I am closer to family and in a bigger house that is away from town noises so I have more time and space. I will be filming more like the way I use to once everything is settled in the new house. I'm sorry and appreciate the people that have stuck by me through all of it.
They do have a larger one too, so if you wanted one that carried more powder.
For like just at home use
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