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Tea act qatar Videos

Mr. X ties Syrian intervention to a Qatar pipeline

After noting that the US public appears to be resisting the growing calls for military aggression against Syria, our Washington insider, Mr. X, lays out the real aim ...

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X is spot on again!
Mr X is the best.

Sen Rubio Calls For Bring Back Patriot Act - Judge Andrew Napolitano - America's Newsroom

Sen Rubio Calls For Bring Back Patriot Act - Judge Andrew Napolitano - America's Newsroom =========================================== **Please ...

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Classic mainstream talking head bullshit. Bring down the towers via an inside job. Use this as a battle cry to destabilize the middle east and pass legislation to take away freedoms guaranteed us by the U.S. constitution. All for the bullshit lie of protectimg the American people. Brilliant.
Even if we did capitulate and let America become a police state, what would that make us? We would no longer be a society that upholds individual liberty above all, but instead a nation of fear and indifference. What happened to "land of the free and home of the brave?"
Judge nap rocks

Tea with Jules - MasterChef judge George Calombaris chats to Jules Sebastian

In this episode of Tea with Jules, Jules Sebastian sits down with MasterChef judge and restauranteur, George Calombaris. George talks business, MasterChef ... https://zlumi.com/de/reviews/2366-mhlbachstberl/

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Another great interview - thanks Jules xx
Thanks Jules. Great interview.

House Of Saud & Qatari Government Funding ISIS Invasion Of Iraq

Air Date: June 16th, 2014 This video may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for educational purposes only. This constitutes a 'fair ...

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MAYBE the IMF should fess up to their part in funding these terrorists in Syria and Ukraine...at any rate we need to quit shedding blood over illegal rich peoples manipulations.They obviously have given them massive amounts of firepower to take us down and you have your new labor forces being bused into the US...all you have to do is lock up the legal rich into FEMA camps right>?
Where they get money from? Where 90% of evil in this world is getting it from... Rothschild Zionists.
no qatar saudia all of them wared them and we won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He who has the gold makes the rules.... 
Do they pay more than minimum wage? ;P

Asian Game 2006 (Doha, Qatar) Opening Ceremony

Live from Thai TV Asian Game 2006 (Doha, Qatar) Opening Ceremony.

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Man this point was the point Qatar held it's breath. This guy is d bom. He was gonna fall at a point cos the horse was trying to stop,but he pulled the stunt off. Big up to Qatar and the Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-thani. He was looking so pround, n he desreves to be proud.
ليش تغلطين على الكويت يا بنت الحرام تفو عليج وعلى اهلج الي ما عرفوا يربونج عمرج 15 وهذا كلامج باين تربيه خدم يا منحطه خرا بشكلج
The equestrian athlete who died was a korean athlete (May he rest in peace). There's no other athletes died in the Games. The other 7 people who died during the games were the staffs (May they rest in peace).
Read all about it and other behind-the-scene stories in my book, SECRETS OF THE OLYMPIC CEREMONIES. Available in both eBook and softcover (latest 2013-14 edition out in paperback) on amazon.com. 
1st of all Qatar is a country that's located in the arabian gulf , and btw the Olympics has won a prize of the best orginization ever . so don't say it has failed :D jealous ppl
oooooooh who actually went there?? did u see the horse when it was about to fall..wow..amazing the way he controlled it. the horse wasnt arabian by the way, it was australian.
he is really amazing ... hes not fat hes good ... it was raining and the slope was wet and he was holding the torch and the strapes btw is very hard to control good job
just so you all know in that day it was raining and the floor was slippery. that's why it was hard for the horse but they both did it the horse and the prince!
Heart breaking. I'm not Qatari, but the prince and his horse are the symbol of both the Arabian horse and the people. It shows the courage, bravery and pride.
Hey Mr. onoro do you have anything about muslims? come speak to me ;(. I think the Doha Asian games is the best in the Olympics history,no doubt about that.
Qatar did the unforgettable moment for this Asian games opening ceremony and your Sheikh did the amazing job!!! Truly congratulates from Thailand!!!
i live in qatar and i saw opening ceremony and closing ceremony all live in handover ceremony to Guangzhou,china nobody was clapping for china lol

Expatriates and Bahrain - Tea Talk-(50) Part-2

ബഹ്റൈനും പ്രവാസികളും..
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