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Freezing breast milk destroys Videos

Scientists find 12,000-year-old mother's breast milk in frozen lion cubs

Scientists find 12000-year-old mother's breast milk in frozen lion cubs Russian scientists believe two ancient lion cubs dug from the Siberian permafrost are ...

Moms donating extra breast milk to help babies in need

The demand for donor breast milk is growing, and a Newton-based milk bank is making sure it has enough to help fragile babies who need it. Subscribe to ... //buymagazines.org/de/reviews/2263-tangerine-beach-hotel/

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Got milk?

Man Caught Pretending to be David to Meet Women

A man gets caught pretending to be David Pakman to meet women at a bar. --On the Bonus Show: Breast milk lollipops, frozen berries linked to Hepatitis C, fecal ...

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Does Google need the entire population of China to sift through every page of data it checks on the internet and give you a list of the best matches it can find? Now, if you were researching cryptography, explosives devices, or the chemistry of illicit substances, this can be noticed by anyone who can possibly find that out. They could also find out about any resistance movements you form. It's not whether it tries to prevent you from doing this, it's that it isn't good to give them power to.
Although I do agree with the government keeping an eye on Muslim radicals running around the country with bombs, I think most of the American people don't deserve to be treated like we are in a prison. If it were radical Islamist that they were spying on, we would of prevented the Boston Bombing wouldn't you agree? But it isn't radical Islamists they are looking at. It's guys like you and me. And are you aware that in prisons they read and listen to every letter/phone call prisoners make?
Your Govt, bought by big capital. Your far-right drivel is straight out of ALEC. 800 new laws.. PaleoConservative scams, all for the 1%. & all enforced by the police; state. Alan Greenspan (Fed) was an "inner circle" friend of Ayn Rand. 'libertarian' deregulated, soaring inequality. 1% capitalists sold industry for more 'profitable' forcing ppl into debt & living off the interest, AKA GDP. See J. Stiglitz & "rent seeking" Even Rumsfeld propaganda junkonomics in Mil. watch?v=cZ7LzE3u7Bw
because radicals are exclusively Muslim... Who wouldn't spread hate and anonymity among Muslims -supposedly born radicals, who don't need a straw to break the camel's back? If your xenophobia didn't fuel hatred for the US, they were always going to kill, you're as good as dead anyway. All you need is a Holy Grail, comrade. Islam will always be guilty until proven innocent on American soil. And when you're rallying for more radicalisation yourself, your mind is always two steps behind.
Will you all chill out about my little crack at a someone who came here for the sole purpose of posting irritating comments? I KNOW THEY DON'T HAVE PEOPLE READING IT! THAT WAS THE POINT! The guy I was responding to said that they were "reading every word we write", which seemed to mean he thought that they had billions of attendants reading every inane YouTube comment. It seems I have more to fear for making a misplaced remark from angry YouTube commenters than the government...
So I guess you're going to Washington D.C. protesting in the national mall, starting petitions, testifying before Congress, and organizing an opposition front against the government, right? Oh, right, no you're not. You're sitting here watching YouTube videos. Try not to call the kettle black, pot. Also, how is the government managing to listen to every phone call and read every inane online comment? Did they somehow employ the entire population of China to sift through data?
What do you mean you conservatives. First off I am an independent you stupid liberal. And you guys only cared because it was MUSLIM terrorists that the patriot act was targeting who you guys love more than your parents. If it were white conservatives it was targeting you wouldn't give a rats ass. So please liberal explain how your man Obama stopped the Boston Bombing when he was spying on all of us? Go on liberal, tell us. Yeah sucks to be binded to a party doesn't it?
I dunno - I kind of agree with him. I never how to take this show or TYT - one minute they're rallying and outraged about life-and-death political stuff, and the next, they're chit-chatting about people in bars. I know they're going for broad market appeal, but it does undermine their credibility when they then tell us how vital it is to have independent media, and please donate $22,500 dollars to help us do more of this stuff.
I swear ever time I read comments in this or tyt channel, the conservative nutfucks are sinking lower & lower. Conservative are upset the gov. Is spying, but they were all in when Bushy introduced the new law. I dont get it, do you conservative cuntfucks really have that short of memory? That's why people look down on you & won't take you seriously. You can't have it both ways ya fucks.
So we have the government spying on our every phone call and reading every word we type online and you guys are talking about going to a bar. Glad to know you liberals feel safe and warm under such a tyrannical government. Hopefully it doesn't turn on you guys one day. Who knows maybe your sycophantic personalities will pay off.
You think I'm not concerned? Of course I am! Who told you that liberals are head-over-heals in love with the US government? I want the Patriot Act abolished just as much as you probably do. Maybe a lot more would get accomplished in the United States if Liberals and Conservatives realized that they agree on more than they think.
Don't try and marginalize me Mr. liberal. I am not going to say what I am going to do for fear of your tyrannical government you love so much. But believe me I am a proud veteran and I am not going to sit here and let this happen without speaking my mind in some way. No I am not a push over like you. Dirty thug liberal
I never said anything like that, why are you putting words in my mouth I wonder? 1) How does the government know they're a radical and define one? 2) Is this a regular threat, or an erratic one? 3) Why does this threat justify nullifying the fourth amendment and due process for all people of the country?

Hot milk without destroying nutrient from microwave

Using baby bottle warmer to heat up your milk.
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