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Universal lpg and oil ltd Videos

Waste Oil and Propane Burner

Waste Oil and Propane Burner. Burner upgrades!

Gas Safe demo in english Universal gas Safety call , 9035467100

L.P.G Awareness Programme with Demonstration Dear Sir, We are very much pleased to inform you that we conducting free L.P.G. Awareness Programme with ...

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Good Explaination. I can't see you were my junior back in school a lot of improvement. Thank you very much for the Videos! safety is fore most what products developers look for.


If a salesman knocks at your door canvassing for a safety device for your LPG cooking stove, think twice. Hindustan Petroleum, one of India's top oil company ...

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Is that Canadian accent? 

Propane Tank Installation

This video shows Tevis Propane installing a residential propane tank.

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Who takes the readings for the anode and how often do you check the tank in case the anode break down to fast in corrosive soil
+michael hane Our own propane technicians check the anodes on our customers' tanks, but most propane professionals will be able to provide this service for you in your particular area. The frequency depends on the composition of the soil.  In our area (Maryland), we check the anodes 6 months after installation and annually thereafter.  Thanks for the great question!

Vexxol 10W40 UNL 20l.

Tutorial: Australian POL to ACME refill lpg bottles

See more on //www.lpgadapter.com Adapter with one way safety valve to refill lpg bottles in Australia and West European countries. Refill bottle easily.

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Vexxol 10W40 UNL Plus 5l.

Vexxol 10W40 UNL Plus 1l.

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