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Universal lpg cooker Videos

Universal Cooker Hose

New Universal Cooker Hoses. Suitable for both 1st, 2nd & 3rd Family Gases. Contact Intergas UK Ltd for further information. www.intergasuk.co.uk.

Κουζίνα αερίου επιτραπέζια Kw 22,5 διαστ. 80x29x20 cm - 3 Burner LPG Gas Boiling Top

// www.oleonidas.gr - [email protected] - Tel: 0030 2103472270 Top Gas Ranges with 3 burners (22,5 Kw) dim. 80x29x20 cm h(Code KRCS-EOG ...

Φλόγιστρο διπλό Αερίου Υγραερίου με πιλότο - 2 Burners LPG or Gas Boiling Top 11 kW

//www.oleonidas.gr - email: [email protected] Tel: 0030 2103472270 - SKU# PNR290 2 Burners LPG or Gas Boiling Top (11 kW) ext. dim. 48x80x22 cm ...

Τριπλή επαγγελματική κουζίνα αερίου επιτραπέζια - 3 Burners LPG or Gas Boiling Top Kw 19,5

Save LPG - My India My Pride

For Saving LPG Gas use Cooker in proper way while cooking. Steps: 1. When Cooker's Whistle is just about to below, lower the flame/ switch off it. 2. Do not ...

How to change a gas jet on a cookers hob (Indesit K341 G)

A step by step guide on how to change a gas jet on a cookers hob //www.yourspares.co.uk/cooker-sp... For further common faults on Ovens & Cookers see ...

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Just wanted to say thanks for this. One of the jets on my gas hob has been out of order for ages so today I finally hit google, found your video and fixed it (it was just blocked). Thanks,

Hotpoint cooker Sability chain not fixed Video1.MOV

Need a stabilty chain for the freee standing cookers accrding to the gas regs. The stabilty chain was fitted after see video: //youtu.be/cabC3e1XD0E.

Kovea LPG adapter evaluation & test, part 2

This video shows testing of the Kovea LPG adapter, a device designed to adapt the use of 1 pound or larger propane bottles to backpacking type devices such ...

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Many thanks and appreciation for your kind words on the video(s) and taking the time to post them. I think YouTube is a great tool and has almost literally countless uses and benefits. From an educational/informative standpoint, it's really (at times) hard to beat. I believe that some time before my doing the video I DID in fact go to some web sites (the Zen one comes to mind) but I don't recall seeing anything at that time on the Kovea adapter. Once again, thank you for your comment.
I could say "I can't see why not" but that's not to say I KNOW that this would be OK. Part of why I say that is that I don't know what the mechanical principles are behind the Kovea adapter compared to a standard regulator. If the LPG takeoff for EACH Kovea adapter arises directly from the 11kg cylinder, it SHOULD function like being attached directly to a 1# cylinder. However, a "T" (or multiple "T") branch off of ONE Kovea adapter I doubt would work effectively.
You are very kind to be so positive re this video! It's amazing how receiving such a positive comment like that can make me feel that the effort put into this video was worthwhile. As added info, I DO keep my propane cylinder/adapter connected to a small Brunton Vesta but if you do that, be sure connections are snug to avoid slow leaks that run down the propane supply! Also, be mindful of the jet sizes (propane burns leaner than butane). Thanks again!
You and I have noticed the same thing -- it's that safety valve. Connecting a stove FIRST to the adapter before connecting the adapter to the propane SOMETIMES works IF the pin depressing the valve is able to reach the screw and still have extra travel to push the valve in (and of course there is no propane pressure opposing this action as well). The modifications I made work regardless of the order in which you attach things. And, 100% of the time.
You are very kind. I'm actually surprised that anyone views my videos because I think they're not as flashy as others on YouTube. My primary interest however IS in the technical details, and for those who have a similar interest, I think my videos fill that niche. Again, thanks for thinking positively about the video, and for going the extra mile to comment to that effect.
Thank you for taking time to do this video. I have a question, do you think it would be alright to plug the adapter directly to a 11 kgs LPG tank? I'm planning on using 4 kovea spider burners at the same time (restaurant purposes) using a single source LPG. Do you think there will be any trouble in doing this? Thanks!
Excellent videos. Very thorough. You sound like an engineer. You covered about every aspect one could think of. 5 stars

How to replace the oven grill burner on an Indesit cooker.

A step by step guide on how to change the oven grill burner on a cooker Indesit K341G //www.yourspares.co.uk/cooker-spares For further common faults on ...

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Thanks--it was really helpful
Thanks for the guidance. 
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