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Wd laptop internal hard disk price Videos

Western Digital 160GB SATA II Internal Hard Disk Drive 3.5"

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Western Digital 1500GB SATA II Internal Hard Disk Drive 3.5"

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Best WD 1TB 3 5 inch Internal Hard Drive Reviews

Best WD 1TB 3 5 inch Internal Hard Drive Reviews WD Green Capacity Storage Desktop Hard Drive Cool, quiet operation with massive capacity. WD Green ...

Avermedia Game Capture HD Internal Hard Drive

How to Install a 2.5" Internal Hard Drive on your AverMedia Game Capture HD device. -Rocketfish 2.5" HDD Enclosure -1TB Western Digital 2.5" Internal Laptop ...

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The other day i decided to update my firmware on my avermedia from 1.7.6. to the newest firmware 3.0.6 after i updated my avermedia it started to boot up normally but its stuck in that process. My game capture blinks constantly and its unresponsive to any thing i try to do. The only way to turn it off is to manually turn it off. Can somebody please help me ! i tried contacting customer support but they didnt get back to me D:
Internal Hard Drive gives this product quite a grip over the other devices out there I currently use a Toshiba DVD Recorder to capture footage.. i have purchased this product along with a 2.5 HDD but I had no idea i would need an Enclosure for the HDD to stream the files to my PC... perhaps I should have bought an external HDD or ill just buy an Enclosure I guess... great ViD ;)
nice vid, subbed! Do you ever experience any recording issues, for me I've tried 2 internal hdd, 1 was a 60gb hdd and the other 160gb hdd and I still get random recording issues where I would record a 17min clip for example and when i go to check the menu its not there, other times it records fine. Do you think its just an issue of the hdd or the avermedia gamecapture?
yeh apparently you need to have the latest hdd but in the menu, if you go into disk information under settings, the current hdd has a green tick next to it meaning recording errors should not occur and they don't but i still get random recordings not being saved, can you recommend a hdd to get because I don't want to end up wasting money if it doesn't work
@TREBLEBOOSTER65 The MyBook series of externals do not work with the aVerMedia due to the MyBook going into an auto "sleep" mode because it obtains its power from a plug in and not the USB connection. My suggestion is an internal HDD and an enclosure to transfer files when needed. Or an external that uses the USB Connection to power it. "Passport" series.
@HDGeNz yes you can hotswap the 2.5 Internal HDD from the aVerMedia to your Tower (if you have that capability) otherwise external HDD's and Flash Drives are the only way. I still like the route i choose in the video. Extremely easy to swap the internal HDD from the aVerMedia to the Rocketfish Enclosure.
@tarik041989 the hard drive in this video I literally bought from best buy an hour before the video. n3 Toolarmy came over and we put the HDD through its paces. Only thing I might do is drill holes on the base plate for ventilation because the drive does get warm!
HELP PLEASE. I got the Avermedia and I have a 16gb flashdrive that has 172 minutes left or recording time but the problem is It'll randomly stop recording at different times. Like sometimes itll stop at 2 second 1min, etc. HELP PLEASE?
A flashdrive to connect to the avermedia or a flashdrive to put in it? And I dont have that kind of money right now so should I just get a 32gb flashdrive? because I have 16gb from a cheap brand maybe I should get a sandisk?
Cat not Included. The 1TB Western Digital coated around $80 after tax, plus another $30 for the Rocketfish USB3.0/2.0 enclosure but BestBuy had a sale and I got it for FREE! And More info Videos on this Capture Card to Come!
i use a 500GB western digital external hard drive and i have formatted it to NTFS atleast 4 times but it doesn't seem to get detected by the avermedia? do you know what the problem is?
When you buy the hardrive and put it in. But do you plug a flashdrive in with it? And also does that internal hardrive plug into you computer or does a little flashdrive? PLZ ANSWER
I need help.....I have a AVerMedia Game Capture HD and i was wanting to know if i could like live stream to twitch with it...if i bought a internal hard drive, thanks
yep ive tried a load of different things but still same problem, i'm starting to think its either the hdds not having the required write speed or the avermedia itself
you connect usb pendrive and transfer it from hardrive to USB pendrive and then you connect usb pendrive to your pc and from usb pendrive to your pc's harddrive
@xISOmaniac Thanks and the small fall back of needing an enclosure is a small price to pay for the relative freedom it gives and easy install of internal HDD.
@prince170591 are you attempting to play the video you recoded directly from the flashdrive or do you transfer the video to your computer then try to play it?
I'm having problems trying to get my AverMedia to detect my 500GB Seagate external drive. i tried to format it and everything and nothing isn't working
OMG!!! He said my name!!! Does the cat come with it ?? How much was it? Are going to do an update a week later after you have done some videos??
I just got an Avermedia hd and i can't get it to detect my flash drive or hard drive. Anything specific to help me find one for a low price?

Western Digital 1000GB SATA II Internal Hard Disk Drive 3.5"

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2 TB Western Digital Internal Hard Disk Unpacking

If you are planning to buy new internal hard disk which provides better performance, low power consumption, and lot of storage capacity.. Western Digital ...

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tell me about external hard disk, what is the diff between internal and external hard disks internal structure ?
dear sridhar sir, please give info about newly arrived external hard disks....
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