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How to improve rapping Videos

How to Improve Rap Delivery (Emotion)

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good advice emotion is important
Very help full video.
This was dope Dono
awesome tips man
Great vid

How to Rap Drill/Tutorial: Improve Your Rhyming

Watch if you have these problems: cannot think of rhymes when freestyling or you rhyme the same words and sounds. (The importance of rhyme) rhyming for ...

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Do you have any exercises or tips on how to create metaphors, similes, wordplay when you're freestyling? i keep tryin and messing up... not sure if i'm just trying to hard...
+Emcee Mind Ah sweet!! Can't wait for it
+Jaga Jonez I have some written exercises for wordplay, metaphors, and so on. Once I figure out the best way to make them into videos I'll make an episode about it. Maybe in the next series of videos.
ima give advice so listen up here, you wanna dictate your words very clear, so that your voice projects far and near, to a little place called our ear.
+swinky dinks wow thats really good!!!!
I do this almost everyday and it actually works. Another technique I used is to freestyle everytime when you hear a word
+Darious Stewart Yup, anytime I heard a word I like I would freestyle with it instantly. Its good for adding layers of context to use the meaning and the rhyme properly.
There's many ways to improve your rhymes, The first of which I'd recommend to do's unwind, Reduce the size of the pressure for perfection, Just let it flow, it'll turn out better than expected
+Emcee Mind Eminem is a genius at rhyming words that wouldn't rhyme if it wasn't rap :)
+morgen williams That's the beauty of slant rhymes.
+HunterRaps nice! when spitting it you can actually rhyme perfection with expected :)

How To Rap - Improve Rap Delivery (Memorize)

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Thanks bro

How To Rap Better - How To Write Rap Music - How To Improve Your Rap Skills & Start a Rap Career!

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mind those lips Anthony your beard ain't an object understanding a rating comes to me more than your mom wet, i bet you still live as the basement hero like caias colligula or emporer nero. pushing open your ear lobe just to find out your ignorant like jacking off twelve guys just because she's impotent telling more YouTube viewers than canned beef and stewards i panic at this its like being bored mid kiss "how you gonna breast feed me ma you ain't got no tits"
@iMDBeats Yes...My little lonely friend...you can teach a person to spell...as a matter of fact...when you are young you go to school for it...but eventually...you grow up and realize...i'm not gonna die if i say "yu" instead of "you" its just to express how the person may be talking or something....but to make this long paragraph short...EVERYBODY DOESN'T WASTE THEIR TIME PRAISING THEMSELVES ON THEIR SPELLING ABILITY...I MEAN...get da fuk outta hea.!
????? a school 4 mcin' for those that wanna be in, my field of thought.. then again on second thought... they'll have mc's coming out sounding so similar, its quite confusing 4 u to remember tha.. originator & boy do i hate a... purpitrator,,
@infamszslick thats only cause he was good at a point, and he knew the right people, and then he went on the money side and basicly started writing shit songs etc, its called selling out
im with strictlybuisness7131 on this 1 im gonna upload a rap in a couple days so everyone can listen to it i might not be the best but im ok at rapping :)
don't watch this . Rhymer is not accurate with big words & no one wants to use baby vocabulary words. get a real dictionary and educate yourself.
yall sayin you even got talent or dont but these rappers that are famous half of em dont, soo it looks to anyone who dont have it its that simple
bullshit in oreder to start rapping 1St find a beat you like 2nd lets the words come out you dont need shit but your mind and lips
nope not at all. its ur mom!! lol jp...i think if you would be lookin at this vid u would probly know who eazy e is lol.
Ok why is there a photo of Easy E. up here. I mean Easy is cool (R.I.P.). but he wasn't known as a freestyle master.
do you rap??? nah you too 6usy sell'n skyllz you aint got...hang it up mane you either got talent or ya dont...1
This is bullshit. My freestyle has improved a ton without rhyming dictionaries. I just create rhymes by myself.
regular dictionaries define words, rhyming dictionaries just show you what rhymes with the words you look for
what is the difference between an ordinary dictionary and a rhyming dictionary? Or are they both the same?
wut da fuck its not dat simple you just cant sart sayin some off da wall shit you have it or you dont
@MegaAyis no, eminem used dictionary aswell in 9th grade. all he did was reading in dictionaries:)
`yu cant TEACH a person how to rap...yu either RAP or yu TRAP.........or yu sit on yo ass...haha..
lol when i get stuck with the flow i turn to thesaurus. how ever the fuck you spell it lol.
@strictlybusiness713 dude anybody can rap just look at wayne he sucks and he is famous
yo yo yo yo yo yo, uh im a actual ill diss you out like im a super natural
Nice Tutorial..But Pleasee Check Out My Music.. Yuh Will Be Satisfied..
@JaYCoLeMaN100 you obviously cant teach a person to spell either lol
or its called gods gift tht was givin the most 2 eminem...duh?????
are you recording this on an airplane runway???
isnt a rhyming dictionary cheating
Wow this dude realy stereotypes
Is that eazy e in the picture
post up a freestyle rap, fag

How To Improve Your Rapping Every Day - Record Yourself

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Really good tips, keep going, hope you go big.
+Mateus Ramalho Thanks! It's only a matter of time! I hope you do too, if that's what you are aiming for. Idk Idk ^_^
Thanks bro :D
+Spxncer No problem ^_^ Hope this Helps!

How To Improve Your Music Production Tips | Hip Hop Beats, Quality, Mixing, Sequencing, Arrangement

In this video, I explain the #1 tip that has helped me to progress my overall music production - from the mixing, arranging, and overall sound quality. Download 2 ...

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Before finding this video most of what you said I can relate to, regarding analyzing music rather than just listening. Great vid, bud.
Thanks for your comment!
Travis. Thank you so much. ive been making beats for the past 7 months and been a fan of your videos for about a year, You are a huge inspiration and incredibly helpful. Next beat stream ill submit something i cant wait to see what you think!!!!!
+Dick jonson Awesome, glad it helped out :) Look forward to seeing you at the next event
This REALLY helped. Very very important reminder to analyze and listen to my favourite tracks.
+kimmortal music Awesome, appreciate the comment!
Really good advice bro. Thanks for sharing I will try this in my production!
+phillip sherrill Awesome, glad it helped out Phillip!
Dope Video. As an aspiring producer I definitely should do this more
+KeithFingers21 Glad it helped out
Bro your video helped me alot! "The music you input is the music you output". That's something I really never considered as a producer, that I'm now going to apply to my craft. 
+716 Beatz Great fam, glad it helped out!

Wheel of Freestyle with Lin-Manuel Miranda (from "Hamilton")

Lin-Manuel Miranda (star of Broadway's "Hamilton") and Tariq from The Roots are given three random words they've never seen before and have to work them ...

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White boy has rhymes :o
+Haris Berat He's Puerto Rican actually
Anyone here after that JJ Abrams remark?
I'm here for the same. Now I need to see Hamilton.
+TruncaTech lmaoo yeah just finished the jj abrams vid :D
+TruncaTech lol me
JJ made me come back here
+TruncaTech Yes...
+TruncaTech Yep. It's funny that he got "Darth Vader" lol
+TruncaTech Yep...All I'm saying is please, please, PLEASE!!!....Please don't let there be any rap music in the next Star Wars movie.
+TruncaTech yup
+TruncaTech here
+TruncaTech Never heard of the guy until that Abrams interview, had to copy-paste the name, still couldn't tell you who it was without scrolling back up to look.. impressive, but not really my kind of music =P
Raises Hand
+TruncaTech came back to rewatch after i was pleasantly reminded by jj how great this was :)
Yep. Can't say I'm not impressed



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I came back to this video after a couple years to see the comments. Everyone saying Improve sucks is ridiculous. This was the kids 3rd battle ever and went up against an opponent that was obviously more polished than he was. BUT i'm guessing you fuckers didn't understand some of improve's bars because some were cold as fuck. "For thinkin your a G-Emcee (GMC) You-gone (Yukon) in that XL (excel) when i (windows) open up your files and expose that hard drive!" A little forced but UNDERSTAND THE BARS. "Yawl remember that Smooth vs G-Jet battle shit where he landed that Venus back hand Smack rap? Well, let me bring that back fast, Verse you a "TBLU" cat, Get off "BT" (Battle Tactics) dick, cause thats where you need to stay at! Fuck with our "Grind Time", you gettin lined up for a "Body Bag" (body bag battles), You came to a "Dangerzone", my whole team "Kind of The Dot(s)" "WeTheFuture" over everything thats what I call "AHAT" TBLU - Battle league BT - Battle league Grind Time - Battle league Body Bag Battles - Battle league Dangerzone - Lubbock Battle league King of the Dot - Battle league We The Future - Rap Group AHAT - Battle league COLD!!!! "You from the 918? Well for me, your bitch being to impulsive, so I call that hoe Yukmouth (rapper) She "barely legal", So when I put that "9" to that "18" that leaves "2" in this ring and thats how I remove A-SLUT (18/9 = 2, 9 -> 18 Barely Legal porn shit lmao, ( 9 -> 18 918 area code, A-SLUT Tulsa backwards) out! BARS. You no FACTOR, filled up with the same gas that X-ON (exxon) YOU break down where your CHEV-RUN (Chevron), that ford taurus collision afterwards leavin your ride totaled! That Machine gun, leave you in a "100 BULLETZ (rapper)", no Shells (Shell), and your car UN-MOBILE (Mobile gas/oil) - Factor - X on - X Factor = Battle Rapper Same GAS X on = Exxon Break down when your chev run (Chevron GAS) Machine Gun/ 100 Bullets = Battle Rappers No Shells (SHELL GAS) CAR Un-Mobile (MOBIL GAS/OIL) "... You in a texas battle league university Well these battle tactics, send you a 100 bullets with urgerncy, no emergencies, turn your body to SKULL AND BONES no Fraternities." Skull and Bones is the top 1% fraternity at Harvard (maybe Yale). Yeah I DO AGREE THAT HIS DELIVERY WAS NOT GREAT THIS BATTLE, BUT YOU CANNOT SAY HE SUCKS. GTFOH WITH THAT. THE DUDES 3-0 SINCE THIS BATTLE ANYWAYS. GOOD SHIT THOUGH VERSE!
You no FACTOR, filled up with the same gas that X-ON (exxon) YOU break down where your CHEV-RUN (Chevron), that ford taurus collision afterwards leavin your ride totaled! That Machine gun, leave you in a "100 BULLETZ (rapper)", no Shells (Shell), and your car UN-MOBILE (Mobile gas/oil) - BARS "... You in a texas battle league university Well these battle tactics, send you a 100 bullets with urgerncy, no emergencies, turn your body to SKULL AND BONES no Fraternities." You dont get that look itup
"No Intervention when you relapse Since I've been sneaking your parents artifical synthetic mucinex tabs made in L.I.s Meth lab!" lmao.. L.I. does look like a meth addict. "You from the 918? Well for me, your bitch being to impulsive, so I call that hoe Yukmouth (rapper) She "barely legal", So when I put that "9" to that "18" that leaves "2" in this ring and thats how I remove A-SLUT (18/9 = 2, 9 -> 18 Barely Legal porn shit lmao, ( 9 -> 18 918 area code, A-SLUT Tulsa backwards) out! BARS.
Young Verse had BARS! But, Improve had a lot of bars that went over peoples heads. Verse won 3-0 But these comments saying Improve sucked.. Are hating bad. I'm just new to watching Verse, and decided to check this out. He had some tough bars. But, Improve said some things like 1st round- "For thinkin your a G-Emcee (GMC) You-gone (Yukon) in that XL (excel) whendi (window) open up your files and expose that hard drive!" pfft.. .. Excel, Windows, Hard drive.. GMC XL Yukon. Shit was clean. As
well as.. "Yawl remember that Smooth vs G-Jet battle shit where he landed that Venus back hand Smack rap? Well, let me bring that back fast, Verse you a "TBLU" cat, Get off "BT" (Battle Tactics) dick, cause thats where you need to stay at! Fuck with our "Grind Time", you gettin lined up for a "Body Bag" (body bag battles), You came to a "Dangerzone" (DZ Lubbock battles/BT), my whole team "Kind of The Dot(s)" "WeTheFuture" over everything thats what I call "AHAT" (A hat) RAW.
THIS MATHEW PERRY signed up to be a 'medic' cause if he ran "THE WHOLE TEN YARDS" he would have been the "FIRST DOWN!" "I will leave you 'Scarfaced' after '1 Blow', but my "Hitman (holla)", will leave the scene a suicide like "Marylyn Monroe". Like I said Young Verse won 3-0 but people saying Improve sucks are just hatin on the cat lmao. I'd quote some of verse too, but Im tired of it now lol.
"You know im an activist, so freedom of speech is what im all about Since Verse like those "KODAK" moments, its nothing to pull that CANNON out" - Over everyones head "Verse you are just an actress! You hot? No General Consensus! Tryna be a "Lone-Star" in "our state" your heart is where our "techs-is" (Texas)
this improve dude delivery sounds like shit, its like he's reading out of a notebook
how does it feel when Americans are on some terrorist business! Hooooaaahh lol get it
it's been almost 3 years... i hope improve has improved cuz he aint got no flow
shouldn't you guys be playinn banjo's and kissin your sisters or somethin?
Young verse has a new fan in n.c. Keep up the good work
just to be clear, Verse crushd Improv.
improve needs to improve for real
Damn dude straight crushed round 2!
chik-fil-a been protestin this fag
Is that Tyler the Creator?......
Well fuck who won? U rapped tulsa
You all have some issues.
Round 2 young went hard a.f
improve sucks so badly
Improve sucked dick
I took the win
Okie!! Lol
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