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13 weeks pregnant heartbeat 158 Videos

My baby's heartbeat at 13 weeks!

Here is a short clip of my baby's heartbeat at 13 1/2 weeks. I used a fetal doppler for the first time, heartbeat is 158 bpm.

baby #2 heart beat 13 weeks 4 days pregnant

16 week heartbeat 158 bpm

My blacked out video of baby's heartbeat at 16 weeks! 158bpm.

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12 weeks - 170 bpm 16 weeks - 148 bpm 18 weeks 3 days - 146 bpm IT'S A GIRL!!!

Baby's heartbeat at 13 weeks

Baby's heartbeat at 13 weeks on sonoline b

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I used to love that sound when I was pregnant with my twins, brings me back (they're 10 months now). Congratulations how wonderful! Xx
Thank you and congrats on your twins :) xxx
Congratulations on reaching the 2nd trimester! 13 weeks already, it's flying by :)
thanks hun yeah going quick now im past the forst 12 weeks they dragged so bad lol had scan on monday just passed and have another this monday :D xxx
Beautiful sound :)
amazing eh was getting worried i hadnt heard it before now everyone else was telling me they found it at 9 weeks so glad finally managed to hear baby xxx

Baby B's heartbeat! 158 bpm

Pregnant with Baby #3 - 13 weeks

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Awww yay for feeling the baby move! I can't wait for that stage! I'm glad your feeling well! I don't see much of a change yet either. Thought you would look bigger by now since this is your 3rd but hey the smaller you are for a while the better lol you will have plenty of time to feel huge and uncomfortable lol thats how I see it.
YAY for feeling the baby!! SOO exciting! :D I am glad you are feeling better hun! :D You look great hun! :D
Yeeeeey, baby moved? That is awsome. I am so jelous right now, hehehe.

My miscarriage at 13 weeks story. Part 1.

This is my story of my miscarriage back in December 2014 at 13 weeks .
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