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Protein diet feeling tired Videos

Almond Coconut protein bars! Homemade, delicious and nutritious.

Are you tired of eating protein bars that are full of chemicals and preservatives? Here's my recipe for a yummy Almond Coconut protein bar that will rock your ...

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Jane, thanks so much for this delicious recipe! I have tweaked it with chocolate protein powder and added cocoa powder to make a chocolate variation that we LOVE.Also, Instead of making these into bars, I roll them into small balls and my husband likes to eat these while he is working around the house since he can easily eat them without touching them (rolls right into the mouth!)
+Helen Huntington Hi Helen! That sounds awesome. I've rolled them into ball as well and it's a great bite size treat. I'm so glad you found the recipe a great starting point for making your own protein bars/bites!
I've been looking for a good bar recipe, very clean, nice upload, thx
+Jane Barlow Christensen you're so cute, have a great day, off to the pool for a swim
+volcommerce Thanks for watching! And enjoy the bars - they are so yummy and good for you! Jane
Costco is selling something similar call Perfect Bar , but they are so expensive, glad to see your recipe, Thanks!
+Royden Cheung Hey Royden - Let me know how they turned out for you! Jane
Great! I will try it. Thanks for sharing nutritional snacks.
+Alvia Mckenzie Have fun! These bars are super yummy!
Good Job Jane!!! I was totally surprised at the end when you made these available from your website. Good idea! I will be placing my order. Tharon (Brigham)
+Tharon Valencia Hi Taron! You're going to love these bars...the ingredients are so pristine, nutritious and delicious.You'll have to let me know what you think! Thanks for watching to the end :)

How To Avoid Feeling Tired After Lunchtime!

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How To Avoid Feeling Tired After Lunch!

HowToTutorials01 - 100's of short and fun tips! Channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/HowToTutorials01 Playlists ...

Spiritual Awakening Symptom- Feeling Tired

In this new series I will explain the reasons for the different Spiritual Awakening symptoms you may be experiencing. If you are feeling tired while on your journey ...

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+AVERAGE JOE LIKES PINK I disagree with you
+Gage Lindner you watch cool vids though. You could totally be my best friend and not even know it.
bethany Lindner
I married her.......
how do u know bethany L re u old friends or something
Thanks for this information. I'm feeling super tired, I thought it was what it's like getting old. But I'm only 29! hehe The energy's been doing heavy duty adjusting of my shoulders and neck recently and it's been intense.. I guess it's all par for the course.
+imissu4886 I think It goes away over time if you continue to do spiritual work.
I've had extene burning from my left ear down my neck and right arm it lasted about two weeks. although I still feel my neck line is expanding.
How do you know it's an awaking and not mid life crisis?
+Lisa cheney Same thing
I went into a mental heath hospital whilst going through spiritual awakening i am angry that they put me on medication just because I was very moody with other people i have had terible trouble with my meds and being out of my job because of it. why do they try to treat it with meds I had sleep pARALYWSIS ALSO. i HAD VOICES TELLING ME LIGHT LOVE AND PEACE. I GUESS THIS IS A SPIRITUAL AWAKENING BUT THEY CALLED IT A PSYCOSIS AND SO MEDICATED ME.IS THIS WRONG?
Kundalini energy is demonic. People do your research! I had an experience with this. If you are feeling tired you are experiencing the first signs of demonic oppression. Please stop doing new age practices before it gets worse. I had intense pain in my chest, felt like things were crawling inside of me, itching, burning, horrible torment! Please be aware that this can be deathly!If you are going through this research a Deliverance Ministry in your area to rid yourself of it. Blessings
Thank you so much!! I have been experiencing being tired all the time and I just want to sleep. Now I understand that it's part of my spiritual awakening and it will pass. I love your video's and hope you keep them coming!
I will, thank you so much for watching and commenting. Much Love!

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Read Low Carb & Hight Protein Diet 20 Easy Recipes To Lose Weight Fast And Feel Great: (lo

Read Low Carb & Hight Protein Diet 20 Easy Recipes To Lose Weight Fast And Feel Great: (lo.

Saturday Strategy - Food Combining

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Thanks for the video! I have been juicing now for 3 years and the benefits are many. I started having a little psoriasis on my knee but mainly affected my nails...not cool. I then started getting serious on detox and juicing. Cut all red meat, buy organic veggies and fruit when possible, whole grains and juicing. In 3 months the majority of the symptoms disappeared. On top of that, working as a personal trainer and training a lot myself, my energy levels and recovery improved so much. Less join
I've never had a juicer before, and I don't plan on getting one on a college student's budget but it would be nice to have one. Anyways, that's not the point of this comment. I would like to tell you, Drew Canole, that I've been trying to cleanse my body by drinking fresh squeezed lemon juice daily, honey to fuel my brain instead of reaching for coffee or caffeinated drinks, and eating fruits and vegetables instead of junk food because I believe that if I maintain a healthy lifestyle, I would
When you get the chance, look at "Food, Inc", "The Future of Food", "Chow Down", "Forks over Knives", or any of the other new documentaries that help educate us of the error of eating meat and dairy...and get off that beef you say you like to eat. As a raw food Vegan, I'm not sure if I will continue watching your youtubes. We seem to be going a different path to better health. Best of luck to you on yours, but regret some things you are telling others out there who may look to you for advice.
I started with Taoist food trophology which seems to be the same. I noticed similarities with the blood type diet I had previous success with. Your program seems to include similar principles. These two ways plus Tai Chi & drinking smoothies has done more for my health than anything. I suffered some injuries and depression and now trying to get my health back. Your program looks like it could help and keep me motivated. I already know the principles work, so I will share this video. Be Well.
I started the raw diet about a year ago starting with green smoothies. I noticed my brain fog went away on the very first smoothie. Seeing the awesome benefits I wanted to help my parents too. Three months later I found out about juicing. My parents and I started juicing and the benefits were simply amazing. My dad's high blood pressure went back to normal, acid reflux disappeared, and his numbing sensation that ran through his left arm to fingers also disappeared. My mom's bowel issue GONE!
Have you ever read the book "the tao of health sex and longevity" by Daniel read? If not I highly recommend it! That poached adrenal gland that goes squirly after fruit can be balanced and nurtured back to its original state. So many other system malfunctions that seem like life sentences can be rejuvenated. Food combing is the first key, then certain recommendations to eliminate toxins, strengthen vital organs, repair system and balance. Exceptionally good ancient and modern health nuggets!
Good video, Drew...for all of the whiners the chart is available if you Google it! It makes perfect sense and aids digestion. After watching "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" and "The Gerson Miracle" (both available for streaming from Netflix), I'm convinced that juicing is a MUST for good health! I bought a satisfactory intro juicer and am currently on my 3rd day and can't believe how much more energy I have! Thanks for your educational videos! I'm learning so many time-saving techniques!
I eat fruits on an empty stomach in the morning....I have lectures all day...so anything heavy, doesn't work for me. However I have noticed, that if my hydration is in check...I don't get as tired as I used to get.....on the days that I don't eat fruit..I do eat sour fruit in the form of juicing ..I make a green lemonade...lemon, green apples, ginger, celery, romaine and kale......good vid.....thanks for the info
I've watched them all. I don't eat normal meat. Only grass fed beef and wild fish. There is a lot of information out there about the negative consequences of "meat" and how bad it is for you. I purchase my meat from local organic farms that I've visited. I'm a fast oxidizer brother. You could be as well. Being a vegan isn't always the best thing for diff body types.
I do not own a Juicer, but I've been drinking juices prepared with a blender with excellent results already, and I was wondering which results I could get with a real juicer machine. I am a father of 4 year old triplets and want to be around them for a long time, so my future health really matters to me.
I never heard of only eating sugary fruits on a empty stomach.And the steak with leafy greens not the baked potato. We have been killing ourselves by the food choices we were raised with. Thanks for helping us see thing in a better way . now time to put what I am learning into practice.
Get a metabolic test and then talk smack. Just because your body does well as a raw vegan doesn't mean everyone has the same genetic profile. I'm from Ireland... my ancestry isn't all raw veggies dude.... anyone can become a raw vegan if you lose your stomach acid and only eat raw....
Do you have more videos on line? I've been juicing for 38 days and it has really made a difference in my healthy and energy. I DON'T want to go back to animal meat/fat. I will check out your website now. Forks over Knives is an excellect video to watch and so true.
I know that Pineapple has Bromelain which is combination of enzymes that digest protein, so having pineapple after eating meat will actually increase your protein digestion. However, maybe pineapple is an exception of what you mentioned in this video. Thanks
hey drew i have only been juicing for 1month and i feel my whole system waking up! i stay away from all junk food. started eating right and juicing daily. lost 15 lbs already and haven't looked back! thanks for the inspiration. stay fit !!!
I've been drinking green smoothies for about one month now- since I noticed that I was addicted to sugar. The green smoothies are my savior when i'm itching for something sweet while I slowly withdraw. I would love to win! Fingers crossed!
there is no conclusive evidence that insulin causes fat storage as long as ur taking enough calories to maintain ur body weight or in a calorice deficit by tracking all ur food u will NOT gain fat (moderation is key to everything)
So why don't you become vegan? I'm afraid you missed the point of my comments. Please see at least one of the films I mentioned and then tell me if I'm talking "smack".
Drew @fitlife.tv are you open to learning about restructured water ? many people aren't sick, they are thirsty....at the cellular level. what else is possible ???
Try pure maple syrup, agave, stevia or even pure cane sugar instead of the honey. You can also just use a blender to make smoothies. Some are 10 bucks only.
Great info ill definitely make sure I keep this in mind. And damn, these haters are ridiculous. He's giving advice, not telling you what to do lol
I did not know that sugary fruits in the morning could do that... I can't eat as much in the morning so I always just lightly ate some fruit.
You are amazing!! You are changing me to start making a difference in my life!! I woke up today and had a GREEN SMOOTHIE!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!
be able to maximize my mental and physical performance, thus doing more with my life and contributing more to society.
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