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17 day diet black olives Videos

My fave healthy snacks ♡

My favourite healthy snacks ^_^ @MISZMARIA My blog - //www.beauty-crush.blogspot.com Nature valley granola bars Hummus Wholemeal pitta bread Fruit ...

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I buy hummus because of you hum i mean thanks to you it's so GOOD. I eat it right now so good ! i want too eat more healthy so thanks you for the video. My fav snack during winter is clementine, favorite fruit so i eat a lot and almond. I know that almond has a lot of calory but i think it's like nuts good calorie and i can live one day without eat something crunchy haha weird habit. by the way i love too when you said chocolat, you said it like in france.
Olives! I love them too. When I tell people I prefer olives over cake or what have you they give me this look... whatever. They have healthy fats so they are on parr with avocados, good for you but you CAN overdo it. Not to mention they are high in sodium. On the jars I've gotten they usually list six or so as the serving, but if it's my splurge treat I will eat a dozen or so. A dozen is a major cut from what I ate in middle school!
Idk if my comment has been showing up because Youtube is being stubborn, but what I wanted to say that I loved this video and that health/lifestyle videos are a good idea to add to your channel if you wanted! Could you do a video on how to make your mum's recipe for vinaigrette? And some other ideas could be your favourite home-made healthy recipe(s)? =) Love your vids as always!
Scientifically an avocado is a fruit. As for the olives they are healthy but in moderation, because it does have the healthy fat. However do not forget that the olives are pickled so it contains a lot of sodium. Would love to see a video and recipe of you making the vinaigrette! I have been wanting to make my own but searching for a good recipe has been a bit of dilemma.
@byJessCh that was an extremely rude comment I have no idea of how old you are however I think you should read more and do a little research on things that you don't know prior to making ignorant comments. A lot of black people have hazel, grey and even green eyes and we come in different shades as well whether were of mixed race or not... God bless you
I know its totally off topic but I didnt think you would answer if i left it on an old video, anyway, as for those studs you studded your topshop jacket with: what size are they? and what exactly do I type in to find them on ebay? cause I cant find them :( and i have this lovely leather vest I want to stud out
Loved the video and i would definitely love to see your daily routine for health/fitness. I agree with what some of the other viewers have said about you making a video of how to make your salad and vinaigrette. (I'm not completely clue less when it comes to making those types of things I'm just curious)
hi, i am a subbie from spain and but im british and i buy olives here all the time they have no calories or next to nothing in calories you can eat as much as you like spanish people eat them all day as a snack and its really good for your health i love them they,re so cheap over here , love and peace
I think you were looking for morish (like when you want to keep eating and eating it) if you get me :P Love the video too, great tips! Also a little tip to tell if things are a fruit or veg, all fruits have seeds and veg doesnt except pumpkin and the obvious ones that are vegies :P
I love this! I think it would be a good idea to do health/lifestyle videos! =) Could you do a video to teach us how to make your mum's recipe for vinaigrette, or even your favourite snacks/salads/lunches to make? Just throwing some ideas, but love your videos as always!
Olives have quite alot of fat however it is oleic acid which is a monounsaturated fatty acid, a good type of fat that is easy for your body to process. However, as with all foods that contain fat, they should only be eaten in small quantities :-) x
I loved this! I health/lifestyle videos would be a good idea! Could you do a video on making your mum's recipe for vinaigrette? Other ideas could be your favourite at-home healthy recipes or something, but loving your videos as always! =)
Hey I don't have milk as well, instead I love coconut milk and rice dream :) what do you have instead? Xx Btw olives are good for you, they have good oils in them, oh and I would love to see a salad dressing video. Thanks :)
Want to hear something funny? I was craving a midnight snack (well is like 2:50am in florida right now) and i was gonna eat something heavy and i just went and picked up an apple and banana instead! lol
indian daal? omg my mom makes that almost everyday, i didn't kn ow it was good for you haha, my mom said it was but i didn't listen to her, i guess mommy knows best >.
I LOVE this video. Thank you so much for sharing your healthy food choices. Also, I totally think you should show us some graduation footage. With love, KaijaKetchup :D
'Why would you drink diet coke? It's not healthy!' - I agree with you 110% Haha it drives me insane when people can't see that it's still really bad for you!
why you say you shouldn't drink diet coke? it's like WAYYY less sweet thanthe original one, it's perfect, the taste may be different, but it worths it imo!
I Love olives too! But i think that since they're pickled maybe? that they have more salt in them so i think thats the only bad thing bad about them.

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Quiche made easy

One pack Square hashbrowns, 3dozen eggs, 2sweet onions finely chopped, one can black olives, one bag cheddar cheese, cubed ham. Enjoy.

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No problem, I also recently did the same reciepe with seasoned tatertots from Walmart it came out just as yummy.

My first time eating olives

Vegetarian 7 Layer Dip

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thanks I just found your video.

Eating olives "punishment " (via YouTube Capture.)

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can't even hear ya bru
+Meer Dog what
+Gamer KingND1 :L
sorry bruh

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great answers didn't have a chance to watch it will later after work. Glad that one question didn't surprise you like it did me LOL
Nope, you sufficiently prepared me!! Haha

The 100 Things No One Asks Tag

FREE RECIPE BOOK: //www.wholefoodspark.com/ CONTACT ME: [email protected], leave a comment, or message me here on Youtube!

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Hey you look great lately!! Have you lost some weight? It seems your face is slimmer. And your skin looks nice! You also seem a lot happier :)
Aww thanks. I'm not sure if I've lost weight, but I think I might have...
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