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Marriage proposal gimmicks Videos

will U marry ME? - Bowling Alley Proposal

My wedding proposal gimmick for my dear Cathy - Paeng's Bowling Alley - Alabang Town Center - March 9, 2008 - 4:00 p.m..

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Congratulations, Cathy & Ghigs! Cathy is a friend & team mate of mine in Neo Jeremiah. I haven't met Ghigs personally but after hearing your love story from Cathy (way before the proposal) nasabi ko talagang I'm a big fan ninyong dalawa! Kayo'y mga inspirasyon! ;> God be with you always!
ei, kinda weird nickname ha! hi there.. thanks for the comment and the well wishes.. I didn't know we already have fans.. bka nxt time there's a fans club na!! haha.. kpal din noh?.. anyways, m lukin 4ward to meeting u someday, somewhere.. God Bless!!
Nice vid!!! Congratulations and best wishes to the both of you!!! I will not forget this, coz you proposed to Cat happened on my birthday. God bless you both.
That was great, good preparation there, and very romantic, I loved the 'down on on knee bit' brought a tear to my eye. Hope u are both happy and well.
OMG! i cant get over how sweet ur proposal was for cathy! so creative and romantic.God Bless u guys!:) im more than happy to sing at ur wedding:)
yah..sure! basta let me see your blog too.. ok? why do you wanna post it anyway?? thanks for appreciating the vid!!!
hi.. who's this pare?? I have no idea who you are.. identify yourself please.. hehe.. Thanks for viewing...
ghigs30! wow! what a lot of thought and work put into the big ? philipino huh, great and beautiful people!
A million thanks for viewing and appreciating my wedding proposal.. wish us well in our wedding preps!!!
it was beautiful... an amazing effort.... hope both of you have a happily married life... god bless
Thanks for the appreciation... and most of all, thanks for wishing a happily married life for us..
It's here in the Philippines.. Thanks for appreciating my labor of love!! Where are you from??
yes mayet! i do agree! :-) feeling ko ang ganda ganda ko tuloy (kahit hindi naman)... hehe!
Uy tlga??? HAPPY BDAY 2 U PLA TOL!!! HEHE... thanks for the comment ha!!! Godbless You!!!
thansk jipes! miss u!! :-) mark our event ha! di ka pede mawala dun, kayo ni rona. :-)
aww you showered her with gifts! what a sweet guy! best of wishes for you both!
well..gnun tlga pag in-love.. hehe.. thanks for viewing!!! pkibalita sa iba ha..
ay, inggit naman ako jan! I have watched it na teary eyed pa huh! great video!

Amazing way of Proposing to a girl l Asian Style (Real Video)

The guy has got some decent brains though he is kind of shy. I really loved the video. I hope all you who watch it will too...:)

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l don't even read memes but the people who do enjoy them so enjoy what you like and just ignore the memes not like its hard and how come I'm a idiot? and I don't mean to be mean but your name is RIPb1b and you have a pic of a cat and I'm the pathetic one? seriously you're one of those people that no one wants to get along with because you feel the need to put others down because you have nothing to do with you're pathetic life, go make a few friends it will benefit society.
oh okay you probably hang out with the anger management kids or the retards and I'm almost 100% sure of that because you need to take a chill pill, I don't even know you but judging on you're comments it seems like you have some personal issues that you should deal with because if you get mad over memes on the internet you probably have a lot more problems in life, if you don't then i apologize but if you do good luck because you're going to need it lol
Because idiots like you come and fuck the internet up for a year or two and move on. It's irritating. I don't have to pretend this isn't horrible. I don't have to sit quiet and "watch and enjoy" nonsense. Memes are a replacement for jokes and actual intentions. Pathetic.
You're the one that called me pathetic first. Grow up. Bluntblunts with rapper avatar is not pathetic? I've got plenty of friends and because of that I don't feel the need to make you approve of me. Your psychoanalysis is a joke.
wtf why are you waiting for this internet fad to roll over? does your life revolve around the fucking internet, you seem like a sad pathetic excuse for a human being lol
Memes are fucking cancer. 3rd world meme sites are even worse. This is just horrible. I'm waiting for the EPIC internet fad to roll over. Shut your fucking mouth.
If I don't like it I'm allowed to express my opinion. This is a cheap proposal based on unfunny jokes and gimmicks. I hope their marriage falls apart in a year.
too bad i watched love actually so it kinda make it lesser sweet but i like the meme thing lol
Yep. Till you bros that let women define your existence finally get over the meme fad.
they got married on 28th July :D watch the video :) /watch?v=W5xvWRqoCps&feature=plcp
Hey, if you don't like the memes. Just don't watch it. Don't waste your time ;)
So what happens now? She takes the ring right? HAHAHAHHA LOL
where is the wedding video? are they merriage now and kids??
That was so sweet & cute I was crying!
at least not me, i just see two soul mates in love :)
bitch please, REDDIT: no dull moments so many feels~
this is really awesome man... happy life o.. heheh..
nice wants :) soo sweett :) i wisshh tooo be too :)

Fizo Omar Melamar Mawar Di Panggung Wayang

Fizo Omar Melamar Mawar Di Panggung Wayang.

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Ikot sgt cara org kafir..pastu bile Mati nk duk dgn org soleh???banyak cantik
Who are you to condemn people like that? Semua tu ketentuan Allah utk letakkan manusia kat mana tempat dia nak. Ingat, siapa yang maha Esa.
+jahn firdaus rilek la brader.. rilek...blajar fiqh islam lagi.. read more..
Aku pulak yang meraung .
+Adele Adine ksiannn
tinggai budak kecik tu tepi jalan sorang2 camtu ja? dafuq?
lek ah ni berlakon je pon haiyahhh

Marriage Proposal at FLASHDANCE

CGI Animated Shorts HD: "Taking the Plunge" - by Taking the Plunge Team

Check out this fantastic CGI animated short film... When a young man's ideal marriage proposal is put in jeopardy he is forced to dive into unknown waters to ...

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That octopus was the cutest part of the whole thing.
The octopus is so cute! I want to Squeeze it!
looool who dont want :3333 so adorable
So... you guys work for Disney yet?
the octopus is so cute
I'm dying of cuteness
3:40...the only time I have ever in my life laughed about a fart joke... Seriously this octopus is just too adorable.
+Yalisa Oteman ah, ok :)
+Hidden Shadow yes u do and its annoying :P
+Love_My_Random_Fandoms Yeah. also, we need a name for him. i mean, fan names are sometimes made canon by a show´s creators (for example MLP, where many background characters with fan names got these as canon names eventually). maybe a backstory, too. and some other stuff. i mean, we didnt see how the guy´s ring got to the shark´s plate-thingy. maybe the octopus placed it there to have whoever searches for it defeat the shark and free the lake. maybe he even has some friends in some sort of rebellion group who helped him. do u think im getting waay too into this? :)
She said yes even if he didn't have the ring. Now that's true love.
+Yalisa Oteman well, i would, but i dont know how to animate. but if u know someone who can animate, i would appreciate some help. :)
+Hidden Shadow it's alrdy good like this so shush or make ur own animation :3
+Dominick Triolo Well, he jumped into shark infested waters to get the ring back, so yeah. also, when she fainted the first time, it was sorta ok. but when she woke up again and was like "wow, great nap. i think i buy some of these boards for home. wait a second, there was something..." and then fainted again, i was like "ok girl, how often did u pull that one off already? your guys is about to get married to a squid and/or eaten by a shark, DO SOMETHING!!"
She said yes when he didn't say anything

DJ Khaled Opens Up About Nicki Minaj Wedding Proposal

Remember to rate, comment, share & SUBSCRIBE!!! //www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=SelfMade2Maybach Power 106's DJ Felli Fel ...

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im gnna be 1hunna with all ya'll and not tryna strt nun but ya'll need to stop all this hating khaled said he was just bein real so stop tryna hate and stunt on his grind ok? and last just b/c he big dont mean nothing he might be one of the finest men who will treat his woman right or treat her like a pure queen and now a days you can't find a man who will do that for his woman!!! so to all the haters thanks for hating b/c it will only make him stronger to: @djkhaledvevo
RIGHT? Ain't her man that Hypeman she hang with? Like really... She front as if she's a Mistress to Little wayne or Drake when reality she's dating that guy since day one. All that lesbian-bi-sexual shit is just for show. Apparently this is some publicity shit or these folks are just that clueless.
what type of response is that why the hell do you care about her naked body do you have agirl or man whatever your sexual preference is and why woudl you be worried coz she on her grind so is khaled so dont worry bout it!!
All this stupud goats can´t see the beautifull and faithfull girls arround the world? Instead of a worthless fuck face like nicki what ever and so on..just blc of some kinda shit lucifer
yeah exactly..... hes always hangin around and she clearly just wants to keep selling records making it look like everyone is thirsty for her and shes mad sexual with it.....
i heard rumors that she been fucc'n wit Khaled on the low At the end of the day shes gonna say no but theres probably something to this besides the publicity
he keep sayn she fine n sexy nigga thas all u want ha fa bytch ass nigga u sow af fraind zone azz nigga lmaoo she goin let u b the bestie probly lmaoo
Nik is a fame whore..... bet she marry this nigga then take the money and run in a few months on some Kim shit BWAHAHAHAHA fat fucking moron
how niggas is so thirsty to look at some plastic! ass, nose, tits is FAKE!!! aint nobody wanna see here "before" pictures lmao
thank you i agree with you plz tell people to mind they damn business and stop hating b/c tht shit redic.
Felli went way on him I would'be asked him about the restraining order she filed against him in New York
lmao no jerk material? what you expected a video about khaled speaking to have Nicki going topless
He likes her!? He Only said love one time!? But either way I wish them the best.....
Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, I came here for the thumbnail, And so did you
She don't want his fat A#@ lol she ain't desperate! He can't even talk right .
SMH you mad late to the party..... errybody knows this shit is fake as Feb 30
KEEP IT 100...to sell a single...has it got that bad for cash money?!!

Nach Baliye 6: Krushna Abhishek proposes to Kashmira Shah

Last year, Ravi Dubey proposed to his ladylove Sargun Mehta on the dance reality show, 'Nach Baliye' and they tied the knot on December 7th, this year ...

Smackdown vs Raw 2008 Walkthrough ep: 30 Marriage Proposal?????

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