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Extravagant wedding blog Videos

Blog Diary My Fabulous 30th

I am currently planning a huge extravagant 30th birthday party and the stress is just like planning a wedding if not worse. Stress definitely isn't good for the skin ...

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looking so fabolous! seriously! you look so much younger cannot believe you are turning 30. really nice and sexy nails as well. good luck for your birthday :) i send you a lot of positive thought
Thumbs up for the racktasic outfit!

Christmas Wedding Chaos - Episode 1

Y'all said ya wanted to see it so here it is, the chaos involved in planning a small wedding in two weeks time. Michelle and I are getting married on Xmas eve ...

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Christmas Wedding Chaos - Episode 2

Y'all said ya wanted to see it so here it is, the chaos involved in planning a small wedding in two weeks time. Michelle and I are getting married on Xmas eve ...

Elvis Wedding at the Wee Kirk

Marriage in Las Vegas

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