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Alyssa gypsy wedding facebook Videos

Titanium by: Alyssa (soprano) ft. GianC. (Bass) tone mixup

Sorry for the bad mixup of the both tone XD remember !NO BAD COMMENTS PLS I love u XD GianC. https://www.facebook.com/endismybeggining.


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Dragon Con 2013 Debrief - All the Feels

Rob's Claptrap: //rjcosplay.blogspot.com/2013/09/claptrap-untz-untz-untz-untz.html Volpin Props: //www.volpinprops.com/ Bill Winans: ...

User Comments

D'aww all the feels! We've been too busy since we came back from Dragon*Con to have the post-con feels but NOW WE DO! DAMN YOU!! Seriously though, it was awesome hanging with you guys.Your costumes were AMAZING! We are super lucky to be able to call you guys friends. I can't believe it will be a whole year until we can hang again :(
UGHHH all the jealous feels! I wanted to go so bad but I'll never have the funds to go to a con that far away XD you met all the people I've been dying to meet in person too UGH BILL I BE SO JEALOUS OF YOU. ontop of it all, I missed seeing you Monday of PAX because I had already left by the time you got there!
This was my first Dragon*con and my first larger than 30k con so it was a whole new experience. The level of craftsmanship was amazing and I only hope that my ME3 N7 armor made from Worbla was up to par to everyone else! I wish I could have seen you guys in your Draugrs though! Oh and twins are awesome!!!
I have seen so many wonderful outfits!! So many different people!! so awesome!!!!!! I love it how people can all get together and have fun!! the professional outfits and the not so much. AWESOME!!!!!!!! THAT is so cool about your brother!!!!!!!! MY mother liked your costumes!
Very amazing costumes! I started doing my Iron Man gloves just because of you and all the amazing people you brought me to, but because of university I haven´t much of time...Hope it gets better :) Thank you very much for all the motivation!
Amazing work Bill!! really inspiring! :) A question though, what happened to the Mk 42? I would realllyyy like to see it fully painted and weathered...
All of the feels! Great to see ya and get to talk shop again this year Bill! If you're ever flying through Nashville please do stop by.
I saw that claptrap...loved it...and also I knew the guy looked a little familiar (even if it was your brother).
Dragon Con is always pretty cool. Didn't get to go this year, glad you had fun.
Thanks! That's on a back burner for a while. My brother may finish it actually.
Next year baby! My goal is to be there for the first time ever.
I would have lost it if you went face down on the floor. =)
Oh yes. I started cultivating my gray hair in my twenties.
Watched your performance in NSFW, absolutely hilarious.
and couldn't not think... sneaky nuts.. just saying..
Or will it... dun dun duunnnnnn *starts scheming*
I only regret not doing push ups after you.
dude i was at pax i totally missed u lol
I was only at PAX for a couple of hours.
I didn't get any myself, unfortunately.
Wooohooo congrats on the win!

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