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Mac cosmetics bhopal Videos

World AIDS Day Honolulu

Beware Beauty conscious : Counterfeit cosmetics seized, Surat - Tv9 Gujarat

Beware Beauty conscious : Counterfeit cosmetics seized, Surat . For more videos go to //www.youtube.com/gujarattv9 Like us on Facebook at ...

Blue Flame

Products used- NYX Jumbo Pencils in Black Bean and Milk Typographic e/s Contrast e/s Deep Truth e/s Blue Flame (limited, but may still be in some stores) ...

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aww thanks, well naturally this channel is about MAKEUP! all things makeup and cosmetics, so most of the time I will be, of course, wearing makeup, or showing others how to apply it, etc etc. I have a few videos of me wearing light or no makeup at all!
Aww thanks hun! So uhm you wanna hear something totally random, My husband was telling me he checked his myspace last night and Natalie from the BGC added him as a friend ROFL what are the odds of that happening, I wonder if it was really her
Beautiful!! Just wanted 2 give a shout out! I've learnt so much from you! Tried the lip technique the other day (concealer, lipstick, lipgloss) and was amazed at how the mixed result looked!! Thx hun! U r appreciated :) Luv from London!
It seems like I can wear any color but blue. Every time I try a blue look, it looks awfulon me and I can't understand why BUT I like this looks and the use of the browns and tan color so I'm going to try the blues one more time! lol
I followed your formula and got the look exactly!!! Yay, my eyes are an amber color incircled by dark grey and the colors just made my eyes pop! I love it, blues are gorgeous on brown eyes of any hue.
You are sooo pretty jackie! i defo want to use this look for my 21st birthday along with some traditional nigerian ankara material which i will get sewn into a dress!!! it should be great!!!
lol what that means is you don't want to have the blue eyeshadow all the way up to your eyebrows. you don't want to shadow to extend too far out past your crease or it will not look right!
I absolutely love this look and it looks gorgeous on you!!!! I can't find the blue flame eyeshadow, can you recommend another eyeshadow that would give me this same look? Thanks!!!!
So I missed out on blue flame eye shadow, but I did pick up she who dares from a recent collection. Can I use this instead of blue flame and get the same or a similar effect?
@lilpumpkinpie05 i just saw this tutorial and i rushed to my local mac store and they don't carry it anymore wat do i do or what do i use in place of that color (blue flame.
I was tryna have some hope that I would find blue flame but to no avail it was gone. I used another shadow that looks just as great. Great idea and beautiful look.
lol what you did? I have to see it to believe it! did you already send me the video response because I just checked and I don't see anythign from you?
love this look :) tired to recreate it as best as i could but don't have all the pigments...is there any way i can buy samples from the mac stores?

Makeup Tutorial : Traditional Indian look with Black Winged liner and Matte Brown lips

How to do a Traditional Indian Makeup look with some intense Contouring, Simple Gold eyes and a Black Winged eyeliner paired with a Matte Brown Lipstick.

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Hey...wow...nice video. Hope ur channel becomes famous.
+Simran Rane : awww sooooo sweet dear! thank you so so so much!! <3 <3 <3 xxx
+Miriam Marroquin : Oh hello darling!! Awww, thanks doll! I really really appreciate it! :) xxxx I have already subbed to your channel.... Looking forward to your videos in future and i will surely keep in touch darling! Love and hugs to you! <3 <3 <3 <3
SSOO beautiful! Subbed girlie, would love it if you checkout out my channel and subbed so we can be friends and keep in touch!
+cranberrydiva : Aww bless, thank you love! :) Will subscribe to your channel for sure !! xxx

Poisoned Workers in China Want Apple's Help

For more news visit ☛//english.ntdtv.com Last week, computer giant Apple reported workers from a supplier in eastern China were poisoned while making ...

Rant: Horrible Samsung Customer Service

Around 6 Months ago I purchased a Samsung Tab Pro 10.1 Tablet with 4G LTE. After a few weeks the tablet just stopped charging and I had to send it in for ...

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Screw Samsung and their gimmicky garbage
Oh yes
Got screwed By the Bastard Samsung company one last time 3 each bad tablets. and the runaround on them from Samsung With no help fixing any of them.... Apple here I come
+Chris Williams Thats a real shame to hear.
Ha! The exact opposite here in Korea, home of Samsung. Samsung customer service is AMAZING, and apple is just derp.
Interesting to hear how different things can be depending on where you live.
Great Video and im really impressed about your english... because it's very hard to show how upset you are about an issue when you a german speaking person and tried to say it in english. I agree with you, apple has the best customer support.
Thank you very much!
No customer service is perfect, but messing it up twice is just frustrating.
+Wiejeben Yes I definitely agree. Still have not received a reply to my email.
I pretty much had the same problem with Limo Studio Photography. They had sent me a broken umbrella (for a umbrella light) and a broken light bulb. I emailed them, and they told me to email somebody else. I emailed that guy. They told me to email the same person I did the first time. I emailed that other guy, and he emailed me a different email address. I contacted that one. They told me I could send the parts in to get replaced. About 2 months later, I got back the umbrella and light bulb. The light bulb was working fine, but the umbrella broke after opening it 2 times. I sent it back a week ago and they are still trying to ship me a new one. 
+TechCentury Yes it is. 
+FHDTV Oh wow what horrible customer service. It is a real shame that so many companies still don't seem to know how important good service is.
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