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21 weeks pregnant on slimming world Videos

Slimming World | Weight Loss Diary |Weigh In | Week 9 | Jadeybabs

Just a quick update for you all, sorry about my sniffing and blocked up voice!

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Well done keep it upx
Thank you :) x
I start slimming world on Monday,so nervous & got at least 7st to lose... Will keep watching your videos for inspiration And well done hun xxx
Have you had your first weigh in yet? if so how did you do? :) x
Well done Hun xx
Thanks lovely! xx
Well done jade that's great xxx
Thank you Sophie :) xx

Slimming World | Weigh Loss Vlog | Weigh in | Week 17

Up on time, as promised :) Facebook: Jade Anne Instagram: @jadeybabs_sw.

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Well done on the loss hun!
Thank you ☺️

Back to Slimming World - Weight Loss Update 29

Yes, I'm re-starting SW once again! Really hoping that I can stick it out this time :)

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You fail time and time again because you have a food addiction and because you don't move enough during the day. If you were highly actively you *might* be able to lose weight despite while ignoring the food addiction but that's unlikely because the foods you eat because you are addicted can make you sluggish and not want to move. Since dealing mentally with my food addiction, I've lost 35 pounds and going :-) Weight loss is as much mental as it is physical.
My advice to you is ditch your home scales! I re-started back at slimming world group last Friday, and haven't weighed at home at all, they have been confiscated, and I had THE best week ever on slimming world. Didn't realise how much me weighing daily was actually sabotaging my other times on slimming world. Good luck xx
your vid really touched me. I'm starting agian with my slimming world journey. its the only thing that worked and that i can feed the whole family with the same meal. may i say thst u have a beautiful complection. you can do it just one day at a time
It's great to see a new video from you, Wishing you the very best of luck! Stay positive, it can be done. I am a fellow serial weight loser and gainer. It is a pain but keep focused and you will be fine, :) x
Lovely to see you back. I'm in a similar situation, losing a few stones, gaining them all back and a bit more. Starting back next week (again). Good luck to everyone trying to maintain a healthy weight x
This was a while ago now. How are things going? I have just started my own journey (Day 2 today!) with slimming world and would love to hear how you got on with your group meetings since this video. 
There is a group of us that have joined the halfsizeme community. You ought to check out the site. Heather has lost 170 pounds and been maintaing it. Just go to half size me Good luck, Hannah
Good luck! It's great to see you back. I loved your previous SW videos I found them so helpful and you are so inspirational,. Looking forward to sharing your journey.
Good luck :) I rejoined 3 weeks ago, loving it so far. So much easier now my husband is coming to group with me :)
You Rock! Really miss you when you disappear. How is your sister? Let her know she's missed too.
Glad to see you're back with your videos! I could use a few new recipes. Good luck this week!
You're filming yourself with one hand whilst driving?! Not on & quite illegal
Good luck and welcome back, I can't wait to follow your journey. Xxx
You have been missed guapa, happy to see you back...abrazos!
Great to see you back. Looking forward to your vids xxx
glad to see you back :-) good luck this week :-D
Woohoo! Glad you're back! Missed your videos!
you will make just hav e faith
How are you doing now?
you can do it xx

Weight Loss Vlog 36 - Slimming World Results Week 35

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That is so true about eating the same things. I never thought of it like that, I was worried about eating the same meals on SW but then when I go off plan, I always go for the same things anyway so that's a good thing to remember
I'm sooo pleased for you lovely! Xx 
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