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Soup diet blender Videos

Chunky Chicken Tortilla Soup recipe made using a Vitamix or Blendtec commercial blender

Print Recipe and Meet the Babes at //www.blenderbabes.com/?p=395 Learn how to make raw vegetable Tortilla Soup in a Blendtec or a Vitamix commercial ...

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Then don't watch the video. If you really think this is advertising the blender with sexual themes then you should learn how to read their Youtube channel : Blender BABES! Hmm I wonder if you got the hint. Not everyone believes in god, I hope you know Jesus isn't the only god to everyone, there are many mores gods to other religions. I and foremost don't care if she's using sexual themes, I have more common sense then to fall for that kind of material. I buy items because I MADE the choicetodoso
yeah I know no babes come with the blender "total bummer" I recently bought a blendtec, the thing RULES! I'm constantly inventing new recipes I've discovered that the ABSOLUTE MOST pERTINENT ingredient in any smoothie is Kiwi it really just sets off the FLAVOR explosion all about makin a party in your mouth right!
This is the first video I've ever seen of this channel and I'm so confused as to why the chick is in her bikini BUT I don't care. You taught me how to make soup in my vitamix and for this I am grateful! :)
Been a while since I made this one. Made this for my wife and I today following this recipe on my Vita. Bomb!!! Thanks blender babes!!! Super healthy too! I need to try the wAtermellon cocktail next...
Thanks for the question :) We have made this soup without bouillon before, however we like the flavor that tomato or chicken bouillon adds. :) Hope you enjoy it! Let us know if you try it. xo
Welcome Blender Babe! :) We're shooting with our first male Blender Babe next week! Printable recipe on our website, or save to your Ziplist recipe box! xoxo ~Blender Babes
We love kiwi! And were really surprised how much flavor those little pieces of fruit add! You should try Dr. Fuhrman's delicious Got Green Smoothie on our website :)
So glad to hear that, thank you! It's one of our favorites :) Feel free to SUBMIT YOUR BEST RECIPE to us from our website, we might make it a video!
Fantastic!! Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to be notified when new video recipes are uploaded :) Luv, Blender Babes
Nope :) Males Babes coming soon! Visit our website for more healthy blender recipes.
You should get a Blendtec or Vitamix blender! Blender Babes not included though ;)
This is an awesome theme! I just bought a vitamix and I love to cook anyway.
Why do you have to use taco seasoning AND bouillon?
it sure looks amazing the soup was nice too
did anyone see the soup she was making ?
LOL :) Let us know if you try it!
Blenderbabes? Are you kidding me.
I'll check that out thanks :)
The HOT Soup :)
What Soup??

Hot Veggie Soup in a Blender!

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Cooking vegetable soup with Tefal BL900 Soup & Co - Appliances Online

Buy the Tefal BL900 Soup & Co blender here: //www.appliancesonline.com.au/tefal-blender-soup-maker-bl900/ The Tefal BL900 Blender and Soup Maker ...

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Did she say 2.8 litre container (at 28 seconds)? It's 1.8, sufficient for 6 reasonably-sized servings.

Andrew James 7 in 1 Soup Maker & Blender

Buy this product here: //bit.ly/1UXafyB The Automatic Multifunctional 7 in 1 Soup Blender is a fantastic kitchen gadget to assist you with all your cooking ...

BLENDING Tortilla Soup using a Vitamix or Blendtec blender - Costco Blendtec Roadshow

Print Recipe and Meet the Babes at //www.blenderbabes.com. How To Make Healthy Tortilla Soup in a Commercial Blender such as Blendtec or Vitamix.

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Nice! I added tortilla chips and sour cream once it was serve.
+SgtOli Great idea!! :)

Raw sweet potato soup in the Optimum 9900 blender

This hearty sweet potato raw soup recipe comes from this great website: ...

How to Blend Hot Soup with an Immersion Blender.wmv

//www.natural-juicing-remedies.com/immersion-blender.html Immersion blenders are very useful small kitchen appliances, upgraded versions of hand held ...

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A video on how to blend soup? Really? If someone couldn't do this already they'd be better off staying out of the kitchen. Not Impressed.
WOah that video was BLooDy amazing I have subscribed and Im checking out your other videos peter
Looks very delicious. Best thing about this blender is that it`s so easy to handle and clean up.
thumbs up this comment if you think there should be more content as good as this one
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An immersion blender how-to set to Napoleon Dynamite music. I love YouTube!
Wow! Youre really good at this! I can see you know what youre doing ;)
I dont comment that frequently on here, but I really like your stuff.
I liked, favorited, and subscribed and I encourage others too aswell.
Lovely, I cannot see one single flaw in this video, it is perfect!
This video should definitely have more views! Its great! Wow! :)
Thumbs up if you watched the video and will watch it over again!
This is the best thing ever, downloaded and using right now!
Calm down you are overwhelming us with your awesomeness!!
ROFL i? just crapped my pants cuz this was so funny!!!!!
bin durch zufall hiergelandet, echt hammer beats hast du
LMAO ROFL my chest? hurts cuz im laughing so much!!!!!!
Hihi, awesome video! I would like to see more coming!
Let me be the 1st to say,I think it was informative.
how much did you practice, this is amazing!!!!!!?
Best soup blending instructional video on youtube!
7 - I must have seen this like 1500000? times xD
I just watched all your videos and love them!
what program did you record with? look good
Nice video, definitely held my attention :D
I got an epileptic seizure when i saw it 8D
Well,its official Im a fan of yours now :D
woww!!! :O how did you think up of this??

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