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The World We Eat In * Colleen * justacamera * 07-10

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i always wondered why such a rich country eats from the gutter. i havent liked fast food since i was a teenager. all fast food disgusts me; other than pizza from a local place, local places i support, but cant eat like that anymore. i like real food. i reduce portion if i eat out or order salad like you said. some places make great salads; um i like to eat the food i make more actually; even when i was overeating. buying groceries making your own food is great cuz you control portion/ingredients
Deep Fried Lasagna? Really? thats wrong Portion sizes are ridiculous which is why when I go out I split plates with friends. I am horrible at portion control. I am the type of person that if it's there I will eat it. Even if I am absolutely stuffed and I am waiting for someone else to finish I will continue to pick at the food. Self control on knowing ok I am only going to eat so much is very difficult. But then again it's up to the person to choose something healthier than deep fried lasagna :)
You made alot of good points on this one. I do have to say im not to the point where those heavy foods gross me out , they actually still look pretty good sometimes. But i am feeling a sense of peace within myself that when i do see those foods even though i know they look good, I can now see how bad they will make me feel if I eat them. And I am realizing now I dont want to feel bad so I enjoy eating a healthier meal. And for me that's a huge stepping stone. Thanks for the great vlog.
I get grossed out thinking about the sheer volume I used 2 eat at one sitting on a regular basis. I now eat very small amounts of food at one sitting b/c I get full so quickly. I don't like 2 feel over full anymore & it used 2 B how I spent every moment of my life. It's not so much what I 8 but HOW I 8 it that makes me cringe. I would also much rather eat natural healthy food rather than that fast food stuff which is what I used to live on. Good topic. Helps me see how far I've come!
I feel exactly the same way when I see some of the nasty stuff they come up with at restaurants now..B4 I would have wanted them. That commercial for the Hardees thickburger with the chick eating it and its dripping goo..uuuuggh. nasty! lol I am reading "the end of overeating" now..read that and you'll not want to eat that crap anymore either LOL ..its really good.I used to do the EXACT same thing with pizza..with wings AND cheesy bread..and sometimes cinnastix too LOL
I order a mixed grill with veggies no potatoes. They are kababs so very small pieces of meat. This is at the Olive Garden, that is what it sounds where you are talking about. I won't eat anything advertised on TV nor buy anything advertised. Just me and my militant ways. I didn't spend two years getting healthy to ruin it that is for sure. Deep Fried lasagna, yuk. Heart stopper for sure.
Just a note on the KFC layerd bowl- I used to get that every so often .. seems like a lifetime ago.. and It Literally Made Me sick every single time!!!! Deep fried lasanga sounds discusting.. along with alot of other things i find discusting now. and when i think ohh i'll have a few frys .. i think they are gross and taste like dirty oil.. Great topic Collen!! :o)
Temptations are always going to be there and they are not going away, its all a market ploy for fast food and families on the go. Use portion control and you can enjoy most anything. Restaurants and fast foods advertise with subliminal messages.."mouth watering" gooey cheesing, heavy pasta sauces and so on...good thinking on your vlog.
unfortunatly there is NOTHING i wouldn't eat, tho i've only been on my insane diet for about 2 and a half months. At my worst i'd happily go to KFC and eat a family meal bucket to myself. I don't know the calories, but i would eat the entire thing, be satisfied i'd done so, and enjoy every minute of it.
okay good.. serously, i thought maybe i was still behind thinking that those things still sound sooo gooood! like... i wouldnt mind right now, running to mc d's and grabbing a big ol mac!!! mmmmmm but.. as u said.. i think about how bad they will make me feel.. and ill usually make a better decision!
Deep fried Lasagne? now thats the kind of thing i would expect to see here in Scotland! we do love to deep fry things. One of my old favourites from the chippy would be a pizza that they coat in batter and deep fry!!! i loved it at the time, now the thought of it is disgusting.
Great pointers. It seems like we don't pay much attention to what is in our food. Fast food has become a part of everyday life which is kinda sad. Knowing what is in your food is so essential in this weight loss journey. Take care and see you next week!

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I want to join a gym that offers this!! Is there any in CT or RI?! It looks like so much fun and a great workout!
Thank you so much! I think there is one near me I'll have to check that out!
Not sure if there is a Gold's Gym in those areas, but I'd check into it. 
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