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How to learn basic urdu Videos

Learn urdu- lesson 1 (basic conversation)

This is my first lesson for beginners where I tried to described basic conversation and greetings. Write below your feedback about lesson SUSCRIBE FOR NEXT ...

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sorry you talk to fast and I cannot get the words of urdu I have stop the video a few times which is not good
You should stress more on the right way of pronunciation, liveliness, and the empathy of your speech! Tumhara awaaz sun ke mujhe bohot neend ayi!! LOL. Hope i said it correctly!
thanks for watching... sure I will in notice what you said in next lesson you won't feel sleepy. lol
Thanks for this wonderful lesson
thanks :)
I love your urdu lesson , please make more language :D ?
+Roxette TheCigaddict ...remember roxette...you must study Urdu everyday...watch a pakistani movie called "Zinda Bhaag" on "Netflix"...you learn a lot from that movie
Hey I'll make soon. Thanks
can you pleasepost more Urdu lessons. I want to learn how to speak this language
Hey sure, I'll do second lesson soon. Sorry I was busy a lot that's why I couldn't do it. Anyway for further help even you can email at [email protected]
hii do you YM?
I didn't sorry
I didn't sorry

Urdu Language - basic information and most common phrases

Check our blog: //www.easy-languages.org Visit our website: //www.theglobalexperience.org We asked Momal to introduce us to her native language ...

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i would love to learn urdu i can help you with english, arabic or french :) thanks
+Avatar be do u have a real name and where do u live maybe we can arrange sth..
Yes. I really want to learn French. Please do!
Lol I'm trying 2 learn Urdu, can really help later on, but I'm Pashtun so your in luck
Why is she speaking English and Urdu in the same sentence? It would be better if she taught pure Urdu instead of this Hindi/Urdu/English hybrid.
+Casa Nova In India and Pakistan, speakers often shift back and forth between their native language and English. This is quite normal--and makes it easier for a foreigner to understand. If she spoke "pure Urdu," it would be helpful for we who speak english. It's VERY HELPFUL to see the connection between the two languages.
+Casa Nova They talk like this. When I learned to say "Measure/calculate" I used the word "رقبہ" and I said "رقبہ نکالنا" I was told to say "Area" instead of "رقبہ". So basically "Area nikalna".
Please, help me, I'm a little ignorant to cultural differences. Why are there separate sentences for male and female?
+Ashly Daze actually most languages of ethnic origin creates a difference when pertaining to a male or pertaining to a female Hindi does it too... if you actually learn basic hindi you will always understand basic urdu Hindi has a rougher tone to it and urdu is a politer version as it borrows heavily from the arabs and turks, as the muslims of indian origin made conscious efforts to create a language that could not identify completely as hindi as hindi is the language of the kaafirBy doing so, they built an improvised version of the hindi language ...... its simply an amalgamation of hindi , tiny bit of punjabi, arabic, persian and turkish ....whilst the sentences are essentially hindi( prakrit to be precise) the language was an improvisation of the then spoken language within the indian subcontinent
+Ashly Daze It originate from Arabic. I am NAtive Arabic From Morocco, and we use different Words for Male / Female for both Living and non-living things.Per Exemple if i want to say you're good looking in ENG : ( Beautiful : Female / Handsome / Male ) In Arabic i would say : ( Jamila : Female / Jamil : Male ) I can Also Say ( Zwina : Female / Zwin : Male )For Adjective it's easy : for Males : Neutral form of the Adjective / For Female : Neutral form for Adjective + the letter A at the end.When it come to things. Let's say Telephone.In ENG : Give her the phone ( ii'Tiha telephonha : For Females ) ( ii'Tih Telephono : For Males )Same things for Verbs : Is Ashly Asleep ? ( Hal Ashly na'ima ? ) / Is Nanda Asleep ( Hal Nanda Na'im ? ) [I am a male !]TL;DR : Add " A " At the end for females / Neutral for MalesFor Verbs : Add " i ' for Females / " o " For Males !PS : when you speak using " I " in English ( I am Thirsty ) Either you're Male or Female, in Arabic it's pronounced the same !Hope i helped and sorry for the long text, tried to explain everything.Another PS : there is LITERALY no Arabc country who use GENERAL ARABIC n Everyday conversations, although EVERY COUNTRY, Can speak and understand, General Arabic, Each country has a Dialect of it's own. Some Are VERY Close to General Arabic, Such as Middle East Countries. But Noth African ones ( Morocco - Tunisia - Egypt - ... ) Tend to be a bit harder to understand from NON-Native Dialect, because they're Faster, and use kind of different Grammar.Overall the words are the same: How Are you Doing / Ha'w Yu Doing / Ha'Wayuu duun / Kind of like this !Have a nice Day.
How to you say" Water"?
+Ruqayya K thank you!
+Michelle Montano Paani (pronounced like paw-nee)

Learn basic Urdu greetings

Globalist contributor/Pakistani Journalist Muatasim Qazi shares some basic Urdu greetings and questions.

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( Alweda ) as you pronounced it is actually an arabic word (الوداع ) ( madad - مدد ) ( shokryah - شكريا / شكراً ) which is in english farewell or goodbye - help - thanks / and most urdu vocabulary specially the basic words are derived from arabic or has an arabic origins, like those which has two syllables, even the Words that you by mistake thought are farsi , are in fact arabic ! And the urdu plus to farsi and the genuine turkish are all written in Arabic script or alphabet , and are influenced by arabic language by way or another But you didn't mention that at all or referred it to Parisian language , and that is weird to me !! I don't know if you have any intentions ! That was disappointing, by the way your name ( kazi ) is an arabic too which means ( the judge ) Other examples : ( guard حافِظ ) (بخير - good ) ( معاف - excused) ( قيمت - price ) and many other words !
hello xo.

What is Computer? Learn Computer Basic Info in Urdu

Subscribe to My Channel to Watch Upcoming Tutorials*** Computer is a programmable machine which receives data from the user by the input method and ...

Basic Tajweed (Urdu) Qari Zaka Ullah Saleem (Episode 1)

Learn how to recite the Qur'an with tajweed. www.facebook.com/greenlanemasjid www.glm.tv www.twitter.com/greenlanemasjid.

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inshaallah it will help you quite a lot and if you still need more help than use other videos you can find on the internet also there may be a few lessons missing which we wernt able to record
Assalamoalaikum akhi .just wanted to enquire that will this course be enough for us to turn our recitation proper inshaAllah ? and JazakAllahu khair for this help!
Assalamoalaikum akhi one more question . is it complete course or we have more videos coming in near future?
It does say In brackets (urdu) and also my friend It Is NOT pointless many people had benefited from this..
Urdu or no Urdu please appreciate the actual subject and the benefits of the contants
Apologies I do not mean that as bluntly as it sounds.
Pointless.. I do not speak Urdu.
جزاك الله حيراً 
jazaka allah

Learn Basic PHP/MYSQL in urdu Lecture No 1 to 5

Learn Basic PHP/MYSQL in urdu Lecture No 1 to 5.
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