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Compaq presario sr2170nx desktop Videos

How the Clean your Compaq Presario SR2170NX

How the Clean your Compaq Presario SR2170NX.

COMPAQ SR2170NX Desktop Showcase | It lives! |

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How to make your computer run faster? Reset to factory defaults. It'll clear out the registry of any ghost entries from software that's been removed as well as updates that got replaced. Be sure to backup your user files first before doing that. 
IE 9? BLEH! Use chrome. IE is the browser you use to install other browsers.

My Aunt's Compaq Presario 6000

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I have a broken Presario that I found on the curb. (This comment was posted on Windows 2000 with the Dell Optiplex GX110.)
Thanks! I really want a Presario like this for use a s a media center PC.
Make a video of Win2000 on there! I really want to see it.
That looks awesome and the CRT looks huge! Nice video!
I will eventually. Don't worry.
Isn't it spelled "Presario?"
I did not think of that. ;)
That's what she said.
I have no idea.
That is nice
No Prob

How to take off access panel on Dell Desktop Computer

How to take off access panel on Dell Desktop Computer.

Compaq SR1750NX Acquisition

got this computer for free! decided to stick the heatsink back on the processor and that resulted in a working computer, so this is my new workshop machine.

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Can anyone tell how I can increase my fps its been really laggy and slow, I've tried the CCleaner program and the Defragler program but its still not doing the job...any helpful hints or clues to help my presario run quick will be greatly appreciated :)
Holy shit, I just got a very similar Compaq for free, too. I threw an ultra-low voltage 1.8GHz C2D, a 160GB 5400RPM Samsung HDD, and a 3COM ethernet card in it, pulled out the DVD-ROM, cleaned off all the stickers, and installed pfSense on it.
I have a Compaq Presario SR1151NX and it has the exact same case, but has a Pentium 4 and is a year older. It does have a PCI-E slot, which I put an nVidia GeForce 210 card in. It also has that exact same card reader, with SmartMedia.
is it just me or is every low-mid range prebuilt pc from around 2003 - 2006 ugly as fuck? plastic, way too many stickers, ugly color schemes, cheap looking, way too much shit going on up front etc
I have a Compaq SR1920NX from the original owner. Athlon 64 3500+, 512MB memory, 250GB HDD. I upgraded the RAM to 2GB. It runs Windows 7 fairly well as long as it's just basic tasks.
hola Imull3, una pregunta que marca y modelo es la camara con la que grabastes este video'? por favor dimelo yaque se ve muy nitido. Saludos y buena suerte.
Nice! I just got an SR1803WM Celeron D based and SR1616NX Sempron Based machines today. both work great! For a celeron d, it's relatively snappy
Im not sure if he does this, but I use UNetbootin, a free program that makes you able to put Linux distro's and bootable ISO's on a USB stick.
Ah I still have 2 939 pc's running. My 754 died and I replaced it with a 939 X2 3800. Pretty darn quick little machines for everyday tasks.
I would upgrade to 4gb if motherboard supports that and buy better graph card if you wanna to play some games on it - except newest games
you can use unetbootin or universal USB installer. i tend to like the latter a lot more. unetbootin i've had really stupid issues with.
Nice man, I had the SR1010NX a couple years ago....was not a bad little Intel machine. That is, after I upgraded it to a Pentium 4.
That Compaq looks identical to our SR1603WM that we had around 2005-2011 too bad the capacitors on the motherboard went bad.
Nice find.. might want to dump the card reader, I had mine go tits up and start EATING cards! ..the USB port blew first.
HP didn't wreck Compaq that badly. I still think the Deskpro EN was the height of Compaq awesomeness, though.
Oh, and the ATI Radeon Xpress 200 series is what I have in my DV8000. Pretty good chipset for its age!
the besttech ps is junk i would replace it and the cpu cooler fan is not factory hp uses cooler master
Awesome find! I've always liked those Compaq machines, they look like somewhat decent machines.
was at a computer job and the woman just gave it to me because she didn't want it anymore.

How to Replace Your PC's Power Supply - Mindpower009

In this episode of MindPower, Bryce explains how to replace the power supply in your PC. Here's where to buy your Power Supply: //amzn.to/xcNQK0 If you ...

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Someone help ok so I. Got a r7 250 and a i5 4690 I getting a gtx 970 I only, got a 500w so I'm getting a corsair 750w 80+ builder series cx750. And here is problem If I get a bigger psu the 750w my i5 has a fan on it and if I get a bigger psu I'm sure it's gonna block it idk I have novatech galaxy 3 gaming case how can I tell if it won't block or to big idk what to do ? Link to case. Ignore the psu it comes with this is just the case I got //www.novatech.co.uk/products/components/cases/cases/cas-408.html New psu. Link. //www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B008RJZR40/ref=twister_B00I5LYCI2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 Card link. //www.aria.co.uk/Products/Components/Graphics+Cards/NVIDIA+GeForce/GeForce+GTX+970/Zotac+GTX+970+4GB+%28Maxwell%29+Nvidia+PCI+Express+Graphics+Card+%2B+1+FREE+GAME%21+?productId=62032&source=pcpartpicker 
you will probably save money and get better components if you just buy them yourself and put it together. as far as power supplies go, you really dont need to worry about atx, matx ect, you can run into issues with oem cases but its not likely to be an issue like it could possibly be with a mobo. manufacturer and power ratings per 12v rail are important as well as sli/crossfire abilities if you ever want to go that route. also whether the psu fan is on the top or bottom can be a thing to conside
in theory, yes it would work but what we need to know is what power supply you have. You can't judge a power supply by its wattage. you need to research into it. First thing is that if your pc a a prebuilt, i can guarantee it's not going to work without blowing up your pc. E.G my good quality 500w power supply has a 6pin and a 6+2. Add those together and you get 225 +75w from pcie +more for the cpu. If i plug every connector into something, My psu wont handle it even though it is good quality
hey my psu only has 1 8 pin for pcie power. i want to get the radeon hd 7950. it requires 2 6 pin. i know 8 pin can supply max of 150W while 6 pin can supply max of 75 watts. i ve found a 8 pin to dual 6 pin splitter on ebay. my question is can i use that splitter to power the video card? because half of 150 is 75. it should be the same thing isent it? so at the end of the day wont the card get the same wattage as it would from a dual 6 pin? Someone please reply and thanks in advance!!
Hi! Then maybe you can tell me the solution of my problem. I bought a new power supply, and I put it into my PC, but it didn't work. I turned it on, and pushed the button on my PC. For a little moment the fans started working and then stopped. I connected the 24 pin cable and the 4 pin cable to the motherboard, and I connected my CD player and HDD. My videocard doesn't have any power supply slots, so I didn't connected it. I don't know why doesn't it work.
What u did is pretty cool and all but i'm scared that there is a chance that i'm gonna mess up my PC. I only want to do this for installing a geforce GTX560(graphics card) and it requires 500W power supply. Can u tell me if i replace my power supply to more than 500W power supply, can a pci express X16 slot alone provide more than 500W for the graphics card or do i also have to connect the graphics card to the power supply.
The gfx cards usually have whatever cooling they need built onto them (although some would say it isn't sufficient) As long as the PSU and card will FIT into the case (most times the PSU will, but the cases of most of the HP PC's I've seen are pretty tight, it might be tricky to fit one of today's huge cards into it), it should be fine
It's not exactly the same one, as my particular model was discontinued before I put that link in. It's very similar though. Most power supplies are very similar. Just read the instructions, and remember to plug in everything you unplugged. You might put labels on the plugs or write them down or something so you never forget.
so im thinking of ordering a computer online. it comes already with a 600w supply but im not sure if its a quality one. are corsairs compatible with pretty much any system? my budget can cover the power supply and a hd 7750 card. theres a computer with those in them already but its 1000$, thanks in advance
No, but they're very similar. You should probably measure yours and make sure you get the right kind. Most are ATX power supplies, and while older power supplies won't give you all the right cables for most modern computers, newer PSU's will provide most of the resources you need for an older computer.
You are correct. You would just go out and buy the PSU that meets the needs of your system. I always like to ask the geeks down at ENU (the best nerd shop in my town) what is best for my CPU and my GPU, and they haven't steered me wrong, even though I don't always buy it from them.
If a GPU requires a certain amount of wattage can you buy a PSU that just meets the requirement? Say the GPU requires 600W, so you buy a PSU with an output of 600W and it will work? Constantly afraid that I will either fry my system or just not have enough power |:
Geez why can't other YouTubers make uncomplicated tutorials like this one. Straight to the point. Loved it and thanks for being real about having problems at the end. Btw my blinking red light went away after using this video to replace my power supply. Thanks!
Hi, I have an HP Pavillion desktop PC. I currently have a 300Wpsu and Radeon Hd 6570 gfx. I'm thinkin of upgrading it to 6870 and get a higher psu to support it. Is it possible to do this for an HP desktop? or do i need sum kind cooling, or new case etc.?
The room was very noisy because of the bathroom fan. I've often thought about re-doing the video with a voiceover, but it has gained a following of its own, so I've just left it alone, besides, it is still a very effective video for people to learn from.
Probably, most of them are the same size. It just depends on how many watts your system needs. Make sure that there are enough watts to supply the computer. If there are more watts than needed, the computer will just use only what it needs.
As it turns out, it does now. After about 3 years, I've finally rebuilt the computer with an i7 3.4GHz and some other pimped out components for video editing. So I took that beefy PSU and put it in the new tower. :) Perfect.
I have another video replacing a graphics card and hooking up to this power supply.... Might help you figure that out :) You can have a P/S unit that's way more power, that's okay because it will only use the power it needs.
You can usually see it on the back of the PC, but if the info is not there, you might have to open the PC and look directly at the PSU, maybe you'll have to google the model once you can see it on the box.

Compaq Presirio SR217ONX Vista To 8 Upgrade

I got this computer back in the summer, it was virtuly brand new! a very basic mother board, how i know this, no driver disk or any thing is needed to aquire all the ...

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I've seen some good deals on refurbs and out of lease confusers at MicroCenter. I've dealt with them since the late 80s, but it's been years lately, I sinned and got my last couple of PCs (Gateway and Dell) from (wash my mouth out with soap for this) BEST BUY. A word of warning - do not pay BB extra for their software packs and Geek Squad, IMO, a ripoff! I've heard that BB service sux, but I fix my own confuser anyhow. (BB beats Amazon, Tiger, Sam's, WalMart, and Ebay for price, and it's local)
my first good computer was from bb, and they didnt do us right at all, like you said, all the sw packs and stuff, AGH!!!
Ur room is filled with computers
omg theirs a crunch bar
Great pc you got there.

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Replacing an HP dc5750m CPU Coolling Fan.

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Troubleshooting a faulty Laptop Battery.
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