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How to eliminate vomit smell from sofa Videos

Stain Removal Tips : How to Remove Cigarette Smell From Upholstery

Remove cigarette smells from upholstery by applying baking soda, carpet powder or upholstery spray and then opening up the windows to air out the room.

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@toyota4life94 A wet dry vac would definately work, I'd recommend leaving the filter on, If you'd like to use a spray or freshner, most vacuum dealers have odor removers, the one I used to work at which was powell vacuum allergy center here in san antonio,texas southside, had some of the best stuff ,it would remove odors on contact from source. you can try rid z odor , that should work. if you're in the san antonio area it's carried at powell vac.
@toyota4life94 oh ok well as long as it's not picked up by the normal house vacuum it's fine since it can corrode motors overtime, you'll just want to clean the filter off really well afterwards since you usually lose some suction with the fine powders.Other than that glad you found a good solution haha. it may also help to use a hot water extractor.
That vacuum needs to be way better haha because as far as I can tell that vac left alot of powder on that chair and being that i'm a vacuum expert I can also say that powders like that can corrode the motor after enough time passes.
@toyota4life94 Oh ok well that might work lol but yeah if you've got any vac dealers near you , you might wanna check out some of the air products if the glade doesn't remove it all.
*****ZEP Smoke Odor Eliminator ***** People I promise this will work!!!! U can get this @ home depot it's only like $4.00
@toyota4life94 It shall do the trick indeed haha, is the stuff your using not like a powder or what?
Get Vamoose at vamooseproducts . com Its easy to use and works permanently. Good luck! -Natalia
Now I am going to watch the next video.... "how to remove backing soda from furniture"

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