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Audi rs4 icarros Videos

Veja os carros produzidos por universitários

Universitários deixam as pranchetas de lado e constroem os próprios protótipos. Conheça alguns modelos.

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Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series

Video criado e produzido para o portal iCarros. Teste do Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series. Filmagem//Edicão//Correção de Cor//Animação Direção: Rodrigo ...

Motores E AÇÃO - AUDI RS7 2014

Audi RS7 Sportback é vendido no Brasil por R$ 589.360. O esportivo é vendido no Brasil com motor V8, de 4.0 litros de cilindrada, sobrealimentado, capaz de ...

Audi S4 2003 Shootout - AWE S4 Silverbullet no NOS vs Ari's Blk S4 with NOS

AWE Audi S4 = 428 whp - Ari's Black Audi S4 = 429 whp.

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holy shit i had this car in forza 2 and i lapped people twice over in the hardest races so seeing this in real life just makes me wet my pants
@SickAudi Forza? Kid, are you serious... FORZA? Have you ever driven a car... in real life?
@fdation Not in america it was just about 2000 and late 2001 so we have 2000 to 2002
What size wheels and suspension are on the black s4? Also, GREAT F***ING VIDEO!!!
The silver bullet looks like an E39 5-series from the rear with those lights.
@fdation oh, gotcha. dont u agree that black one was super sexy?
these guys goin crazy over a 430whp audi? lmfao poor guys
i love it.... this is how i picture mines in the future
Nice Black Audi B5 nice Extrem nice.Ganz mein Geschmack.
@specop12 looks like SSR comp-c. I have them on my S4 :)
Anyone knows where to get the first audi rear wing?
@goatman5 these are b5s..so between 2000 and 2002
are these both 2003's? or what year are they
anyone know what wheels the black s4 has?
that black s4 looks like my s4 cool lol
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