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Audi rs4 owners manual pdf Videos

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Audi Service Redwood City - Bosch European Presents - New Audi Q7 review

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Audi S4 B8 2010 wild ride

Audi S4 B8 2010 Avant S-Tronic (manual gearshift) ; wild ride on country road; Temparatur: -7,5°; Bereifung: Winterreifen (max. 210km/h);

User Comments

@mrpink188 you may think so i am a audi guy, and a fan of european only cars. this 2011 mustang was redesigned from the ground up with all new engines and transmission. not to mention revamped suspension and active assist steering which outmatches audis system. the quality is now just as good. ive owned audis before same with volkswagens bought brand new and they would rattle and squeak in the dash and the door panels. my mustang does none of that, and it out performance the s4 and the s5 easily
@mrpink188 @cheaniggachea fuck all of your audi's/vw's and especially FORD. My grandmother used to have a mustang just like every other bitch and guy whos borderline gay. I'll smoke both of you fags with my 2.0L all motor RSX-S and I only spent a quarter of the price of these POS's your discussing. Honda for life. Japanese cars for life. and since youll probably call bs My mods are cams, intake, exhaust, hondata tuning 4.13 gears on street tires and pump gas 294whp in a 1300kg car....bye!
@cheaniggachea You know i actually drove the new 2011 mustang, I drove a 5.0L convertible with auto, and i was extremely impressed with the quality, it was a huge improvement from the earlier ones especially the interior trim. I haven't driven this but I've driven the earlier ones and I have a VW, and the quality in those is still impeccable especially the Audi's. Plus, i love VW and Audi, always have always will lol
@mdscownz audi really is one the best manufacturers out there no doubt, very impressive machine. i was going to get this s4 in a sedan format but instead i went with the 2011 mustang gt. 5.0 L v8, has 420hp stock, for about the same price as this, a little bit less.
@danny51981 asia just will never rival germany and italy and who the fuck cares about ford and 294 whp doesnt impress me most euro tuners would shit on you
@cheaniggachea i own one and yes... it really accelerates like this stock, its the funnest car to drive
awesome acceleration! is this the avant or the saloon version?
awesome acceleration!! is this the avant or the saloon?
@cheaniggachea Well that wasn't a smart decision......
thats fucking beast as fuck, please tell me its stock
you rely kicking the shit out of your car man
@danny51981 ...and then you have to turn.
this is the avant version
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