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Audi rs4 throttle body Videos

Audi S4 B5 Throttlebody makes strange noise

Audi S4 B5 -99 , throttlebody makes strange noise.

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Mine is doing through same thing and it won't turn on did u figure out what it was?

DIY Throttle Body Cleaning & Decarbonizing CAMPRO

Do It Youself : Throttle Body Cleaning & Engine Decarbonizing using ProfessoR (Xpress Decarbonizer) from Oilyman Technology. Some people call this carbon ...

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saya pernah pakai kat moto saya wave 125s..moto saya masa tu dah 5 tahun xpenah obohol..pada suatu hari saya tukar clutch dan pomen bengkel tny saya " pernah buka enjin x? " saya jawab xpernah usik, enjin standard..dia tny sebab xdak lapisan carbon pada kulit enjin..
bro...macam nak beli?boleh contact aku 0193357862 putra
berape harga ni boh?
Melaka ada dealer ?

Sprint Booster Display with working throttle body ! (via YouTube Capture.)

2002 Audi S4: Ep. 24 - Torn throttle body boot

We finally track down the issue with the B5 Audi S4. A torn TBB was the culprit. This was causing major issues under any boost at all. We replaced this boot with ...

corsa c20xe on throttle bodies

my corsa c20xe running on qed direct to head throttle bodies & high lift cams on sold lifters etc.

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it should be around 260bhp when its mapped out i just haven't had it mapped yet cos its been smashing gear boxes so im building a quaiffe straight cut gear box to take the power then i'll get it mapped and ive got direct port nitrous to go on with a progressive controller which will take it to anything up to 450 to 500bhp. Its really drive able i was going to go with a c20let but decided to opt for the more usable N/A method of power hoping to break some record on the 1/4 mile :-)
engine cost quite a bit, over 10k but its bomb proof ive got accralite forged pistons, arrow forged rods, opc forged crank, arp bolts through out, the heads got 1mm over sized valved with wasted valve stems and bronze valve guides/double valve springs etc im running q450 cams on solid lifters & shims. the engine ecu hasnt been mapped yet and i had the engine limiting quite low on this video as it hadnt done many miles since the build but ive got the limiter set to 8750rpm now
Snobs like mdmarks crack me up, they're jealous because they wouldn't have an idea how to put work into an engine. They will forever be forced to pay massive amounts to buy something off the peg, they couldn't dream of owning an engine with such internals without paying £60k for it. Yeah it's just a corsa. Is he having more fun than you, hell yes.
Probably the only Corsa I can say I genuinley do like the noise of it. Not really a fan of the noise these C20's make but fuck sake this one is schaweeet. Also loving the ease of overtaking. Gotta get 260 outa my B20 y0. Nice work pal.
I heard your accent n i was like yerrr yorkshire lads, then i wa like hmm i recognise those roads then i wa like fuckin knew it! Thats right near wher i live :p Sounds mint n goes like shit off a shovel! I like!
its good to look back at these cars as this is what i started with little corsa's great wee things but ive got a 300zxtt 340rwhp now so into the big boys cars now but respect none the less
not being horrible but you could of bought a better car and put all that in would of been alot better saink thats all ready hitting 350-450 bhp you could have a shit load in it ahaha
I've got a mk3 astra gsi with the standard c20xe (early one with a dizzy). Want some throttle bodies n cams to give it a bit more oooomph. Any recommendations? Thanks! :)
10k engine build? Not yet mapped properly and ragged like that? Lol how long it last before you wrapped it round a tree or engine went pop?
you don't get it, the whole point is that it's a small car that challenges big cars like subarus and mitsibushi's. fool
nice job man. Throttle bodies give so much better driving feel than turbo does. People don t understand that.- I do.
wow thats awesome i want the X18Xe supercharge it but thats when i have money for it one day lol hehe awesome nice
hey for what an exhaust system you have under there? and it is a normal engine c20xe? sound to me like it :))
fuck you, dickhead! i beat you in my corsa no matter what car you drive you fuck! eat my pans - du muschikopf
dont look no where near as quick as a LET, 500bhp xe? lol pics or engine spec when its done please...
haa i think i know were that is is it near deer farm inbetween birdwell and barnsley x
is it nose heavy now or ok? best to do this at night, u can see whats coming then.
Go LET power then you realy start having fun :P nice sound though m8 top job :)

Audi 1.8t throttle body adaption voltage

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This is from a working throttle body. I posted it for someone troubleshooting.

2002 Audi S4 Throttle Body Coupling Replacement

Mercedes e55 AMG w210 vs Audi rs6 c7 v8 biturbo

Mercedes e55 AMG w210 m113k swap engine from w211, replaced crankshaft pulley to 172 mm and throttle body to 82 mm, without chip. Audi stock.

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