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Lexington ma kindergarten age Videos

Leaving Harrington

Montessori - Looking back on 100 years with Biff Maier of Lexingon Montessori School

William "Biff" Maier is the Director of Faculty and Curriculum Development at the Lexington Montessori School (LMS) in Lexington, MA. In this presentation, not ...

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As a Montessori alumna, I am so proud and impressed!

Learning without Boundaries - Alan November - 2012 Leadership 3.0 Symposium

April 20, 2012 - Alan November kicked off the 5th Annual Leadership 3.0 Symposium in San Mateo, CA. The event is jointly produced by ACSA, TICAL and CUE.

Schroeder - You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown (Lexington School for the Deaf)

"Schroeder" performed by Nour Ellakis as "Lucy" and Amos Fletcher as "Schroeder" in Lexington Drama Club's 2014 Deaf musical: You're A Good Man, Charlie ...
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