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Atlanta falcons after bye week Videos

2015 Atlanta Falcons Midseason recap

Atlanta Falcons vs Colts preview 2015

NFL 2012 Week 6 - Oakland Raiders (1-3) vs Atlanta Falcons (5-0) - 1st Half - Madden '13 - HD

All-Madden CPU Simulation + Game Preview in Description! Preview and link, //www.rantsports.com/nfl/2012/10/13/raiders-vs-falcons-nfl-week-6-preview/ ...

Branch Report: Falcons Preparing for Hasselbeck

The Falcons return from bye week rested and ready to begin preparations for veteran QB Matt Hasselbeck and Co.

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She needs to loosen up. She still seems so nervous when doing this months into the season
+J. Erskine True, she may be reading off a transcript but to be fair i guess Jay has had more experience.
+Alpha Circle it just seems like she's reading a script or something. Watch her then watch Jay, huge difference
+J. Erskine Seemed fine to me.

Dallas Cowboys vs Atlanta Falcons

The Dallas Cowboys come off their bye week to take on the Atlanta Falcons at home. This is a must win for Tony Romo and the Cowboys.

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Yeah, some of the same fans were doing the same thing during the first couple of series with Dallas on offense last Sunday...lots of boos initially. I wasn't one of them, but a few games ago I must admit that I was getting a bit tired of making excuses for Romo...it's funny how quickly the bandwagon fans change their tune. I just want to see Romo grow...with no excuses or finger pointing. I'm supportive of him. I'm not in the camp that says get rid of him. We still have plenty of season left.
My allegiance has never wavered concerning the Cowboy organization. I'm a die-hard fan and they'll always have my support. As a matter of fact, we were at Sunday's game against the Falcons. It was a great day! I disagree with you because you can be loyal to the organization yet still have questions and concerns regarding the performance of the players. A "Hitler-esque" loyalty that doesn't question decisions from time to time isn't healthy. That's the difference. No banwagon here...
This game will say alot about the cowboys!!If they lose, and end up at 3-3, i will almost guarantee they will miss the playoffs! Man that would suck!! We better win this one!!I havent been this pumped for a game since before the green bay game 2 years ago. I wasnt even pumped for that giant playoff game 2 years ago because of how we had been playing late in the season, i k new we were going to lose that game!! Anyway, comeon COWBOYS!! Win this one for us fans!! We need to feel good
First.... Keith Brooking will get owned by Keith Brooking. Plz watch this matchup. Second... Miles Austin had a big game. **Hand Clap** But if you really study the game nobody on Kansas City could tackle for crap!!! Also... Austin drops to many balls!!! Last... I love Dallas' RBs but Falcons D has really stepped it up as seen with the goalline stands against Bears/Forte. You ARE optimistic... If Romo can get a sense of urgency and Wade can get some passion... u could possibly win.
anything other than a solid cowboy victory with a win on turnover ratio, few penalties, solid teamwork and good leadership means the season is over for dallas. personally, i get my football excitement from the vikings and college teams, but there is plenty of season left for dallas to turn it around. i'll probably get excited about dallas again when and if they win their first playoff game. it's been what ... 13+ yrs? i think the only team to have a longer drought is detroit.
Well TD, I agree we should run the ball, but if we get behind, and i mean by 10 pts. We will have to throw the ball no doubt, to keep up with the passing team Atlanta has. Thats when i get scared, cause Romo couldn't hit the broadside of a barn, and along with his romovers, he's the one that can make or break our chances for a W. If Atlanta gets ahead, watch the pressure come on Romo. Thats the tell of the tape in my opinion.
Yes, he does. We just expect Romo to get better as the season goes on. We expect him to get better over the years and become more consistent. It's that consistency that will help us to win playoff games and get to another superbowl. I expect Romo to grow and mature as a bonafide leader. If not, then I'm going to be on his ass again and again. Go Cowboys!
lol I know. I don't mind that loss so much. I pretty much knew we lost that game by the end of the first half. What was funny to me was during the first quarter Romo wasn't doin so hot, then he took that hard hit to the head and he starts rockin on offence. So yeah Cowboy's win big woot, let's see how they do for the rest of the season.
glad to see you back on cowboys foot ball espically cowboys. brooking will be a monster spencer may show up nobody has beat us down miles has never had a chance with out starting pat watkins we also need barber to block on third down you didnt mention haveing rossom now which should help time to turn the season around
romo did good don't you think? no interceptions and he was only sacked like twice, they can turn the season around and become a playoff contender, but thats my opinion, im a dallas and san diego fan. but dallas comes first so yeah haha i know that what your opinion so im not trying to start a arguement or anything
they r givin us a +3.0 vs ATL, i would think it would be +3.0 4 ATL but watevr, i dont think we win but we give em a game, imma go 31-27 ATL, i would like to say us 31-27 but i just dont see it happening, i said we would get killed by Tx Tech and A&M beat em so imma ride the underdog train lol.
Agreed. Cutler was facing the blitz for most of the game last sunday and on most occasions got hit. The Bears did manage to put up 300 yards passing though with maybe less talent at the reciever position and add in Witten,I see Romo getting at least 300 with 2 tds.

Falcons LB Stupar checks in before facing the Colts - PROcast

Nate Stupar and the Atlanta Falcons are back off their bye week and ready to face the Indianapolis Colts.

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Wait so even at home games you have to stay at a hotel? Wtf is this shit?
+Panther ASAP They probably live a long distance from the stadium.

Madden NFL 16 Season 3 Week 6 Buccaneers @ Falcons

This week your Atlanta Falcons host the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. How will the Falcons play after the bye week. Week 1 - https://youtu.be/bzIcWRRHoug Week 2 ...

Falcons Set to Recharge, Reload

The bye week is upon the Falcons following Sunday's loss in San Francisco and quarterback Matt Ryan and his teammates are ready to refocus and recharge ...

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let me say this clearly Ryan, Romo, and Stafford all got 100mil contracts and none deserves them. All the deals should have been Kap's. He will never bring us a championship. Now to Quinn he wanted an OC that was terrible ever where else he has been. The stats show his offenses all stall inside the 40 he was worse in the league with that. Ryan is so stuck on Julio he won't throw the ball nowhere else. Roddy was wide open the last 2 weeks and the announcers who were calling the game even said it during both games. Why isn't he throwing to Roddy he has been open all day. He is regressing each week forget the comments about the play calling the play calling doesn't make him throw picks he should have had 2 more yesterday but the Niners dropped them both. When he stands up there he reminds me of Coach Smith says the same thing every week.
+Eugene Harvey Agree 100% he will be and will eat us alive.
how do you expect to win when the only receiver your targeting is Julio Jones?!...the play calling is predictable and matt Ryan is just plain sloppy
+Mike Smith Bro our recievers aren't open. Roddy open all season? Then why everytime we have thrown to Roddy he get's tackled immediately. No Y.A.C. Or Matt throws into coverage and get's int. I never said Matt was any of those guys, Matt is a great Qb but he's not Manning, Brady or Rodgers.
Man please you think Brady, Manning and Rodgers and Brees would do that. Real qb's would throw to whose open and that has been Roddy all season. He is so in loce with Julio he is killing the team. I like him, it's just the same as Vick neither will ever get us a championship.
+Mike Smith So disrespectful, we were in the NFC championship game in 2012 and would have been in the Superbowl if we had a pass rush and O-Line. Matt Ryan holds both Atlanta records for single season yards and tds. Yeah he only throws to them because that's what Kyle Shanahan calls. It's not Matt it's Shanahan.
+SportsLiveInTheAtl  Get off Ryan's jock.  The man has threw multiple interceptions each week for the past few week he would of had 2 more yesterday if San Fran didn't drop them in there hands.  Fumbled many times.  Threw the ball at the receivers feet many times each game the past few weeks and yesterday.   Missed open receivers all day yesterday and the weeks before.  Deion Sanders, Rodney Harrison, Coach Dungy and all the announcer's say the same thing.  He , Stafford and Romo didn't deserve 100mil deals.  He is average and will never get this team a super bowl.  They also said he is regressing more and more each week.  I couldn't agree more.  He only throws to Julio, Tamme and Freeman we will never win like that.
Where have my good ol Dirty Birds gone?
+Truggins Kyle Shanahan is predictable.
how you not run the ball in the red zone, Freeman would have made that play. Play calling is simple as it get.
+9Thoth eventually sure, but 4th and goal isn't the time to give it to him, replying made me realize though you didnt say that you just said in the red zone so yea I agree. my bad
+The Cheez you don't abandon the run. Eventually he was gonna get loose.
+9Thoth Freeman had 12 yards on 12 carries. It's a lot more complicated than run, run, run. They're pros for a reason!

Atlanta Falcons versus Philadelphia Eagles NFL Pro Football Pick Prediction Odds Preview

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