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Gardaí & students clash in Dublin at student protests!

There was disruption in the city centre this afternoon after protests outside the Department of Finance on Merrion Street and the Dáil on Kildare Street.

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@OnlineCashCoaching You, American! slagging of our national Police force? Rodney King come to mind no? L.A.P.D brutality? Oh and it's GARDAI not gardia. I can see that we were excessive in certain situations on the day, however, we are not like American police officers who in my opinion are trigger happy! We in An Garda Siochana value life and we unlike the american police still command a huge amount of respect from the community!
Location:Garden of Remembrance! Time:7:00PM Tuesday, December 7th i hope everyone that has angry building up in side them will be there ,to let our so called leader see that the people of ireland wont be walked on ....thanks
It's such a pity the police didn't have machine guns here!! ... would have came in useful! LOL :-D

Irish Student get the head kicked out of them in DUBLIN by gardaí on Merrion Row HQ UNCUT

The violent scenes followed a peaceful USI protest An estimated 40000 people marched to Merrion Square, where they were addressed by student leaders.

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@HealyEwan You've also kind of overlooked my point, whether you were drunk or not, what happened here wasn't a reasonable protest about student fees it was basically an act of civil disobedience. You can't blame the guards for using force, it's their job to restore order in those circumstances, they could hardly let it continue. The protest was horrendous, it wasn't managed properly and it became what you see in the video above. That's just not how you make a point heard. It's their own fault...
It's far too easy for you all to take out your frustrations on the Gardai and it's pathetic. The few aggro protesters who insisted on entering the Dept of Finance even though the main protest was over, are to blame for what happened.And not only that but they took all media attention away from the message of the protest.Now it's only gonna be remembered as a riot.I attended a similar protest in England and there was no such hassle.You can piss and moan all you like about the Guards being heavy
@mumia000 Sure but what did the students get for their efforts that day? I'm not saying student's shouldn't have gone out and protested, I'm in favor of further protests, and if you read what I'm saying (maybe I'm not making myself very clear) I'm actually trying to suggest that it should be a more regular event, and students should take to the streets to protest every type of injustice, not just the plight of their own pockets. If we took a more active role we would definitely be noticed.
@mumia000 My issue is entirely with the way the protest is managed. This kind of action does nothing for your cause, you hardly expect the government to concede to rabble who essentially threw a tantrum to prevent the increase in fees, and indeed they didn't. My problem is basically with the SUI, they did nothing to organize this. Okay, they tried to get as many numbers on the street as possible but it went beyond their control when too many turned up and it just turned to chaos.
@222jazzman Students in Ireland are an absolute disgrace. The "poor guy" was probably passing out drunk, he should have gone home when this started getting bad. The people who got hurt went out looking for trouble. The gardai did their jobs, and they're not fascists they're taking one of the heaviest tax blows of all employees in the state, half their wages go to the government. It's about time students thought about causes other than their own pockets. I'm ashamed of this shit.
@Jack10163815 Don't get me wrong, I am a student I'm hardly delighted they've decided to increase fees but I have a couple of problems with what you're saying. Firstly, student protests in a lot of other countries tend to involve more than just tuition fees, they're about civil rights abominations or political corruption, you want to go protest, why not protest in general at the Irish governments failings? If you read the papers there's an opportunity nearly once a week...
@PrincessMe1993 that's because you cant read subtext, like most retard fuc ks like you, you can't comprehend fucktards like yourself!!!!!! but hey, its not all your fault,!!!! your mum and dad are inbred too just because you a a student, it doesn't mean you know anything, im in management a long time, and not one person from collage could manage try real life,,, band having cops in my family, i hope they kick the fuck out of you all. peaceful or not ,
@HealyEwan I assume (I can't help myself) you're referring to what I said about probably being drunk, so am I to take it that's you? If I've offended you I apologize. Still my point stands you may not have been drunk but in that case you were sleep deprived and couldn't think rationally, you should have just gone home. And even if you weren't we both know beyond any doubt there were a lot of other people there who were drunk or out to cause trouble.
look,theres a big group of ppl there,why not hav 1 or 2 lads in the middle of our group,crouched down,takeing the petrol bombs outta there scool bags,and lob'ing them outta our group,smack right into the middle of the riot guards,why cant we be organised an sneeky like that,i mean the old i.r.a donw it,and we are irish,we are rebels by nature,cmooon,cop the fuck on,lets get stuck in people
@Frankieireland 2rite man the day of respect for the priest and the guard is going down .Finnaly people are losing that false notion of upstanding members of society.The garda today get their kicks from bulling the weak and piss themseles at hardened crimanals who are free to prey on the decient citizens of Eire. They need to be reminded WE ARE THE BOSS. We need changes.
I was on Grafton Street when a group of protesters were gathered around a garda van and five gardaí. Two of them got into the van and sped downt the street, not waiting for people to move out of the way. One guy had to jump out of the way to avoid being knocked down. I was able to keep about a foot away from the van by squashing into the crowd. Fucking cunts.
getting right in the gardaí's face is completely antagonistic. it's the political equivilent of "not touchin, cant get mad". and when I tried the "not touching,can't get mad" trick, my brother used to slap me. the gardai are decent folk doing a job. fucking grow up.you got a small nosebleed cause you ran into a riot shield. cop the fuck on.
@Coltaculuss German fees are over 1000 euros, if your studying through German. If you're not studying through the native language and wish to study through English you're raped with extra fees. 200 euros wouldn't get you a primary education in outer Mongolia - now fuck off back to Cephian IV and play your stupid fuckin' video games
@Jack10163815 But secondly that is not the only way to get your voice heard. Don't give me that kind of crap, just look at the Senior Citizen's silent protest outside Dail Eireann in 2009. They managed to have their point heard without vandalizing public property, and they even got what they wanted, it was fully effective.
if anyone realy care's about brutality, and the way that garda behaved, then there is a simple solution at 0:22 you can clearly see his badge number, go to the carda station and file a brutality comlaint. refer to the officer as C153, soon get what he deserves then!! actions speak lowder than words
@ITSTHEMONKEYS Not all gardaí ar pricks. A lot of them actually do a good job, but some of these guys just wanted an excuse to hit somebody with their batons. You can see in this video that these guys were just standing there and the gardaí were ramming them with their sheilds. Fucking pricks.
@Celt2121 The official protest may have been over but that doesn't mean that people can't still protest. I don't think there would have been trouble if the gardaí didn't come in and start pulling people out and hitting people while they were sitting on the ground. We have the right to protest
C153 is nothing more than a scumbag to protect and serve,YA nooo way some help, more oh look im a big boy mammy. respect my authority!!!. hope your kids drop dead in there sleep and your family sees the kind you are and you suffer for the suffering you caused the irish student and people.
@37zeus37 €200 still gets you an education is most of Europe. As for Germany, some universities charge as little as €50 in registration fees. You are wrong about Ireland having the lowest 3rd level fees in Europe, just accept that and move on.
Irish Student get the head kicked out of them in Dublin by gardaí...and rightly so..cunt probably deserved it ! ..trust me people dont know how nice the garda are compared to most other countries ..In greece them students would be shot at
Do those police thugs not realize :No man can put a chain about the ankle of his fellow man without at last finding the other end fastened about his own neck. ~Frederick Douglass, speech, Civil Rights Mass Meeting, Washington, D.C., 1883
corkgirl01 nice comments, very articulate and totally relevant.NOT.You need to grow up, get a job or at the very least an education.I really hope you never lose a child, something you readily wish on others.Your Mother must be so proud.
Irish Student get the head kicked out of them in Dublin by gardaí...and rightly so..cunt probably deserved it ! ..trust me people dont know how nice are compared to most other countries ..in greece that student would probably be dead
@hasdrubal121 It's a garda who is half facist, half kitten. They're lovely lads when they're playing intercounty hurling for longford then when they can take off their garda number and pick up riot gear they think they're in die hard.
I don't see ANY guard kicking the head of the students in this video!!...as your title suggests. I also know that there was acid thrown at the guards on this day...what person of sound mind would do such a thing to another person??!
@ElysianKing yeah but who are people going to take more notice of? our elder citizens or the youth of the country. Sometimes the only we get our voices heard is to take action like the students did on that day in Dublin.
@37zeus37 Hold on a second, since when does Ireland have the lowest fees in Europe? France, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark all have annual fees lower than €200, so what the fuck are you talking about?
@37zeus37 Wow, you are extremely ignorant. To assume under absolutely no bases that I am studying arts and then expecting that to be an insult? Neither of which are true, you simpleton.

Students Riots outside department of finance dublin 3/11/10

Students occupy the department of finance then are forcefully removed by the garda then a riot ensues as garda force people down stephens green with force.

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C'Mon hippies lets hear ye sing it loud. "I fought the Law and the Law WON"
Those student protesters today will be gardaí tomorrow.

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