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Malala Yousafzai - getting better every day

The first part of the video is a Sky News report detailing the scheduled reconstructive surgery planned to be carried out on Malala Yousafzai at Queen Elizabeth ...

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If ever i had a chance to do something for the humanity, I would cut all the dicks off the mother fucking taibans and criminals and put them in their throats inside with an iron road untill the blood comes out and they scream for death. May the death be upon the talibans and all the terrorists around the world. Aameen.
we love you malala mysister we "ll include you always inour pray god bless you and go for head to fight for education and freedome all over the world with you
we love you malala get wel soon god bless you
God be with this precious young lady!!!
too much respect to her

Rush - Mission ( A Show Of Hands )

Rush performing Mission (live) from the Show Of Hands show. Recorded in 1988. This song is originally from the "Hold Your Fire" album. BUY THE DVD's ...

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"We each pay a fabulous price for our visions of paradise". OH MY GAWD that struck a chord inside me. I do want to be famous. Who doesn't? The price is heavy for that dream though
I don't view "our vision of paradise" as fame, necessarily, but rather following our own dreams at the expense of outside criticism, consequence, or misunderstanding.
haha I've never seen Neil make a face like that while drumming before. He seems to have mellowed out over the years.
+Ben Funk not exactly. watch freewill from cleavland. or look at my profile pic
Best live version of Mission they ever recorded.
+Johann Wilder You know it's even better than the studio recording. It's got more emotion, and the guitar solo is awesome and uninterrupted, and they finish the song better here, rather than the fade out on the album.
Such a great band. Save for (I think) two appearances on the cover of Circus magazine, they were virtually ignored by the music press in the U.S. in the '70's and '80's.
The press can kiss my ass. They cater to the masses who have no clue.
+Gavin Z "music fashion wankers"...you said it. And Rolling Stone Magazine had the nerve to put Rush on the cover for their 40th anniversary tour after completely IGNORING them for 39 years.
+pajasa62 They did get quite a lot of exposure in musicians magazines though, because so many musos love them! And I do remember dedicated Rock mags like Raw and Kerrang covering them. But the mainstream music press probably never did. But as a musician myself, I always pretty much ignored the mainstream music press, because it was full of music fashion wankers who couldn't play anything themselves trying to tell you what to listen to!
Sin duda uno de los temas mas memorables de la quiza epoca mas "despreciada" de Rush: la epoca de los sintetizadores.
+Carlos J. Molina Soto De esa epoca mi favorito es "Hold your Fire". Si bien muchos de los que se dicen llamar "puristas del progresivo" (los que se quedaron pegados con los discos de los años 70) aborrecen esa epoca, por mi parte pienso que si algo siempre caracterizo a Rush es el ir "tomando riesgos" musicalmente hablando pero sin perder un apice de la calidad musical que siempre mostraron en cada disco.
+Jorge Henriquez para mi su mejor época, mi disco favorito power windows
Genial music.Neil Peart is the best drummer in the world.
The sky is blue.
He truly is awesome.
Amazing how many people slag the 'synth-era' of Rush without even listening to songs as beautiful and complex as Mission and Marathon. Everything about this song is beautiful, the melodies, Alex's playing especially shines here, and the lyrics are some of Neil's best. 
Rush's BEST music came in the 1980s. Why? Because it was the most sincere and heartfelt. Unfortunately it was the most "uncool". Then again, sincerity is rarely cool. But sincerity connects with people in ways that trendy and popular styles do not.
+bassmanjoe I don't really agree. As a guitarist myself, I love the smooth heavily compressed reverb laden 'rack tones' that were common in the 80s. His tone during the Power Windows/HYF era was very thin, but I loved it. His soloing on Power Windows is sooooo smooth. It really suited those records, and Power Windows is one of the most awesome albums ever recorded, by anyone, anywhere.
Preach it, brother!
His worst guitar sound! The Grace Under Pressure concert is so much better sound wise

4 Allama Mufti Sheikh Gias Uddin Ahmed Dinarpuri, Waz Oldham England 1998

After the Liberation War in Bangladesh when it became independent from that time since today those who worked in the field of Ahlus Sunnat Wal jamaat all ...
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