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Vassar college gay population Videos

CPAC 2014 - Can America Survive Obama's War on Fossil Fuel?

America's energy future: North American fossil fuel fortress? Is there a role for the federal government? Can we recover from Obama's alternative energy frauds?

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If we could clone 100 of Alex Epstein and place him in all the important spheres of human life, we could save civilization in 30 years.

Illegals in VA: Obama Administration 'Running Over States and Localities Rights'

MRCTV's Dan Joseph talks with Prince William officals and hears from residents about the federal transfer of Illegal immigrant Minors to Virginia.

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"Must we turn to ourselves?" YES!! Every county commissioner, sheriff, mayor that has received shipments of these illegals has done nothing but complain about it. They point out the fault of the Feds for not notifying them, but what are they doing about it? Talking about it....NOTHING! We must turn to ourselves in masses!
The sad part of all this, these "immigrants" are going to get lost in litigation and become a U.S. problem, one that the countries they come from don't want to deal with or can they afford to take care of. Congress should take a blanket to the whole problem and send them back, but it won't happen. MAA
Remember, these kids aren't going to be shipped to Reids, Pelosi, Obama, etc hometowns. Nope. They're either going to be dumped in the low class or middle class neighborhoods and left for our communities to take care of. This is nothing short of ethnic replacement executed by the Democrats.
The mainstream media is exaggerating the lies too American public about drug cartels! They and the Government have been staging this for some time... It is obvious that this is intentional and this is why I WILL NEVER PAY TAXES TO THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT AGAIN! FUCK THE GOVERNMENT!
Denver is trying to grab 350,000 to bring some kids in, I knew when Obama was here drinking and partying with Hickenlooper something was up and it isn't Hick's ratings! I say send them to the Hampton area!
Clearly, all these people are racist. Why don't they support Obama and his latest attempt to further push this nation to the brink of becoming another failed socialist state.
The last guy figured it out .... only have yourselves to reply upon. Now, they going to storm the center and shoot those infiltrators? That's their only viable option IMO.
Hither cometh the beast of hell. Whatever happened to state's rights? Whatever happened to 'We the people', no, who's the people now? The federal peoples...
The feds tried to send some illegals to a city near me (Vassar, MI), but the residents caught wind and were protesting the very next day.
A lot of these "unaccompanied minors" look to be "unaccompanied teenagers" or young adults, not exactly children. Nice shirt @ 1:10 ...
It's about time this NEW BLUE state realize what the democrat party actually does for them. It's CRIMINAL.
Time to lock and load...
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